Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fantin-Latour - musee du Luxembourg

Tuesday I was thrilled to attend the preview of the new Fantin-Latour exhibit at musee du Luxembourg. A lot closer then trouping off to an F-L retrospective in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2007.
This exhibit, subtitled 'under the skin' shows all aspects and obssessions of Fantin-Latour. He did a great many self-portrait. Who else is around to pose endlessly than yourself. He seems to be intensely glowering but if you're looking up at the mirror and then down at your paper I suppose its bound to happen. He did have lots of hair to contend with.
Portraits were one of his mainstays.
His family took the honors till the public recognized his talents.
He also did monumental imaginary homages to Delacroix and Berlioz (note the background large painting).
But its his still lifes I'm mad for.
Here's an early painting.
He painted 500 still lifes.
I would have been pleased just to see them but no one asked my opinion.
Whistler encouraged him to come to London and paint still lifes and they took off.
My sketch of F-L's lovely apricots above are not so hot.
I felt like this portrait of a painter gazing forlornly at a delicate bouquet. Note empty canvas.
I'm doing better with watermelon. (Cocomera or pastaque if you're Italian or French). 
Back to flower still lifes.
Breath taking no?
This glassy water jug with roses is one of his finest.
And the piece de resistance was painted as an engagement gift to his fiancee. They did not marry until eight  years later, which speaks volumes about Fantin-Latour. Too busy painting I guess..
You'll find lovely floral patterned scarfs and floral scents in the Luxembourg museum gift shop. This is a painter worth discovering if you dont know his work. The exhibit is on until February 12, 2017.
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  1. Geesh I beg to differ..your apricots are gorgeous..such rich colors..the glazing..I love them!
    And I love his still lifes..the peonies are beautiful.So humbling and peaceful visiting museums.
    Your melon d'eau too..♥

  2. I wouldn't be so quick to diss your apricots....the top left apricot looks like the perfect peach to me! Incomparable blush!

    1. I know. I hit on a scrape of paper that wasn't supposed to be good...
      You always spot the good ones J :))

  3. Carol, I do want to see this exhibit. And like the earlier folks commenting, I think your apricots looks scrumptious, ripe, and ready to leave the painted page and to find there way to one's hand ...ready for slicing, or just biting.

    I've been putting together a little list of autumn or early winter treats in Paris and also across the channel. When I get a bit closer to actually booking a trip, I will let you know. It seems to me that anytime is a fine time to see Paris, non?


    1. Hurry up for Oscar Wilde, Herge, Rembrandr, Fantin-Latour in Paris.
      The big Turner show opens in Margate OCtober 8.
      I am going!!!

  4. Anonymous2:46 AM

    wow amazing a very good painter i like his job.

  5. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Oh my, I am so out of my mind jealous! What a lovely dream to see Fantin's work up close. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  6. Good job on the watermelon…sweet!

  7. Cyndy S.12:43 PM

    Ahhh I lived one year on the rue Guynemer... On one side of Luxembourg Gardens.... So nice!!

  8. Lynn C.12:45 PM

    The artwork is magnificent ....the rose leaves are perfect...thanks

  9. Kathleen12:50 PM

    Lack of artistic education (mine)...never heard of him but quite wonderful - merci!

    1. You and many others Kathleen,

      F-L is not a big name but still an exquisite artist.

  10. Sarah N.12:51 PM

    It was wonderful to wake up this morning to see these beautiful paintings! I didn't know
    about Fantin-Latour. Thanks for introducing us to him

  11. Susi M.12:54 PM

    This was such a beautiful post! To see such beauty I would never have
    seen, otherwise. Thank you so very much for bringing good things into the lives of so
    many! The world news is so crummy, and your blog helps so much.

  12. 1. You made a big choice to leave your homeland and be adventurous and have the world's greatest art in your reach in Europe.

    2. You are prioritizing your time to soak up these exhibits as they come around.

    3. Your blog allows us to be part of all this.

    4. Do you KNOW how much we love that?

    5. I love the apricots you painted!

    1. Thanks Bonnie!
      For the check list.
      Its always good to remember why you came.
      I'm taking in more art these days and less pastries.
      There are benefits all around :))

  13. I wasn't familiar with the name Fantin-Latour but love those still lifes - they are all magnificent. Thanks for introducing him into my world. I also think your abricots are perfect. This was such a nice start to my sunday morning.

  14. Sylvia B.1:09 AM

    Stunningly beautiful! Thank you so much for showing these . I had no idea!

  15. Carol, you've no idea how much I loved this post! I so want to visit this exhibition - 500 still life paintings? I love all of his works - and your sketches are wonderful and descriptions make it all come alive. Thanks for the pre-visit. Fascinating character.

    1. Look there are Not 500 still lifes in this show.
      I wish!! But enough to keep one very happy.

  16. Astonishly beautiful art, Carol.


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