Thursday, September 01, 2016

Milano snapshots

I was surprised to fall in love with Milano. Its changed a lot since I was here. Or maybe living in Paris now I see more. What a beautiful city!

I walked around the rooftop of the Duomo

The lines to get inside were too long

Not to be missed inside or out.

Egg yolk yellow and melon and add dome jambon for the color of Milano's beautiful palazzos

The museum Brera is exquisite

Everyone else is shopping I suppose

Carpaccio or Bellini. I forget but many masterpieces.

Another Italian masterpiece.

Colazione or breakfast standing up in a cafe. All the time I worked in Italy designing shoes, I never did this. Why? So much fun.

Always galato

From cafe Savini in the Galleria

Italian women have simple elegance nailed

More style than copy-cat Parisians IMHO.

But then even the baby clothes are eleganza. My high school Italian has come back.

Thank you Mr. Capauldi! Inside the divine Galleria. Everyone is shopping da corso.

The monstrous statione Centrale train station.
I'm off to paint in Tuscany at Volterra. More soon.
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  1. I love your commentary. And the fact that the gelato server is wearing a suit and tie.

  2. I found everyone so elegant in Italy's large cities..and even in the countryside..women in dresses..all ages..
    the men were positively exquistely dressed too..
    in Perugia..the men..stunning!:)
    One thing that struck how many elderly couples are also beautifully turned out..walking hand in hand.
    And the fancy auto stradas on the interstate..great espressos..and cornettos..and fancy pastas.

  3. Dear Carol, these pictures from Milano are very beautiful and help me to see a place I have never visited.

    Whenever I see or hear the word Milano, I immediately think of the lovely, eccentric little lady named Luxor whose shop Paracelso on West Broadway was one of the original SoHo boutiques. She is from ... Milano. The shop is still there.


  4. Anonymous11:09 AM

    I WANT TO GO THERE - NOW!!! hahahahaha Oops...just woke up (must've been dreaming!)

  5. Italian gelato!!!! Like nothing else!
    I was lucky enough to visit Venice and Verona in July, and agree the Italians are relaxed and stylish. Now I want to visit Milano. Can't wait to hear about Tuscany, I've never been there either!

  6. After France, I love Italia & do agree the Italians are very elegant. The shop windows are always stunning & I yearn for authenic Italian Gelato. Had pine nut gelato in Rome once & I still dream about it.

  7. Anonymous9:03 PM

    OK, I am sending this link to a friend who is visiting Milano in October. She will appreciate it!

  8. On my list of places to visit, thank you Carol for this lovely post. Look forward to seeing what you see & paint in Tuscany.

  9. You had me at "Milano" but for all the wrong reasons: one of my favorite supermarket cookies😀But no matter, the city looks enchanting

  10. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Oh Iam italian and i live in Milano ,why did not say to me You where in town ? I could show You so many beautyful places around.. and go to eat a super ice cream ..Savini is a chic place where to stop but its not he right place where to have a cone time ! Have fun in Tuscany and thank You for visit us .

  11. It is so stylish in Milan. The shot of the elegant woman dressed in white with the orange tram coming round the bend is like a scene when I was there.
    Love the beverage bottles, too.
    Have fun in Tuscany.

  12. Anonymous2:34 AM

    the most elegant italians are not at tram stop but in the shopping area or in the financial district ,the night out .only there you can see beautyful people well dressed so chic and perfect

    the lady in whyte is just a common person nothing of special sorry

  13. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I'm going to share your blog with my art students. As teenagers, I think it they'll enjoy your artistic renderings, photos and verbal "sketches" of life outside of Boca Raton. Your world opens the door to possibilities. Thank you for sharing and offering your work for sale.


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