Thursday, March 31, 2016

What I did on Easter Monday and a Fish Tail

Easter Monday in Paris it poured all morning. It even haled 'petit peas' and then the sun came out briefly mid-day. More about that later.
It's pouring right now by the way.
The sun came out when I went to the pool for a swim (without my umbrella). When I left it was pouring again. Public pools are open on national holidays in France by the way.
I went off to a different aquarium for some fish research. This time I brought my umbrella. Naturally the sun came out.
Aquarium de Paris is not in an art deco building. It is underground, huge and spectacular.
A winding labyrinth takes you from one glorious tank to another. Wow.
Later on I was invited by my landlord to attend a glorious concert of Russian orthodox chants by Les Choeur des Nouvelles Voix de Saint-Petersbourg singing Russian orthadox chants. Out-of-this-world gorgeous!
Sung in the very beautiful Église Saint-Louis-en-l'Ile.
Immediately after I ran to get fish of a different matter.
Chocolate fish (or fritures) to give my landlord, concierge and kind pool attendant.
L'Atelier du Chocolat has closet-sized shops all over France with 3 in Paris. They started in Bayonne, France's original chocolate city and their specialty is thin leaves of flavored chocolate (citron, ginger, pimente, noisette, etc.). You can buy bouquets of the various flavors. You can also pick up an excellent cup of hot chocolate while on the run.
I discovered L'Atelier du Chocolat created the crazy hen-sailors sitting on life preservers I saw at Bon Marché. They have a nautical theme for Easter. Clearly it was a special order. Hmmm...
I bought some of their fritures for myself as well to draw for the April Sketch letter.
Naturally none are left by now...
The sun came out mid-day Easter Monday. You would never guess what a wretched day it was weather-wise even if glorious in every other way. Here's a corner of the April Sketch letter. It's going out today after eating too many chocolate fish and tearing out my hair a bit comme d'habitude.
More fish tails tomorrow!


  1. Anabel7:21 AM

    Leçon learned. Never leave the house in Paris without yr spoon or yr umbrella!

  2. Another charming w/ breads:)Although it has been years since I set foot in a public pool..I can still hear it..there's a sound..sounds:)Must have been very moving to attend that concert Carol~

  3. Dear Carol, sorry about that Easter Monday rain, but truly, your water-based post is a gem. Paris looks beautiful on a rainy day. The underground aquarium is fabulous, the giant swimming pool inspiring, and ... those chocolate fish look so scrumptious! Your painting of Bear and friends going fishing is superb...pleasing to children of all ages, I think.

    Here's a funny bit from NYC. On my way back from the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade (where I'd taken photographs for my blog) I stopped by Erik Kayser and bought a chocolate egg to break my chocolate Lenten fast. When I got home and took a closer look at the egg's wrapping, I discovered it had been made in ... Brooklyn!


    1. Ha ha
      The French invasion Frances!!
      I wonder if he is importing to Paris? Brooklyn is HOT!

  4. A wonderful PB post today.
    Sophisticated and entertaining, with brevity.
    Be proud.

  5. ha ha Bear est la peche avec du pain!

  6. Yes, we all felt a bit like fish today under that continuous rain this week. Love, love that painting! Looks like the April sketch letter will be swimming with subscribers. Bravo!

  7. Love that the children took Bear fishing with them. I don't think there is anywhere in the world except Paris that you find those glorious blue, blue skies with big white, white puffy clouds that make for extraordinary photos.

    1. Anonymous3:46 PM

      Those gorgeous clouds and skies are found regularly in New Mexico & Colorado in the Western U.S. And all along the US Gulf Coast, especially in High Summer. Those chocolate fish, however, are another matter entirely!
      Diane in Denver

    2. We def didn't have these dramatic skies in New York.
      Constantly amazing!!

  8. When we visit Paris, it is always for a month at a time and we stay in an apartment on Ile St Louis. So, I instantly recognized the interior of "our" church where we attend Sunday mass and the occasional concert. This beautiful gem of a church is my favorite concert venue in all of Paris. We were just there in November, but it seems so long ago. I need to plan our next visit. I sure miss Paris! Your blog feeds my soul!

  9. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Chocolate fish, miam miam. A thoroughly entertaining and delightful post, thank you!
    What a gorgeous swimming pool and it's public? Magnifique.

    1. Piscine Pontoise is at 19 rue de Pontoise
      Anyone can attend. Do come and make yourself known svp.
      Not too many Anglos there

  10. Annabella Bray9:15 PM

    Est-ce que je vois un petit pois sur le balcon dans le photo premiere....? ;)

    1. Ha ha Sharp eyes Annabella.
      Probably just some kitchen rug residue.
      Monday was the first time I've experienced hale in Paris.
      Sounds like a good book title...

  11. Leslie H11:19 PM

    You DO Get around girl!

    1. It's either total seclusion holed-up creating sketch letters while simultaneously tearing out hair.
      Or racing around like a mad chicken trying to catch up.
      You pick.

  12. Cyndy S12:10 AM


  13. Kerry A12:19 AM

    How wonderful, you make me smile :o)

  14. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Spectacular, Carol!
    Happy Easter and Spring greetings to you + Bear!
    Patricia and Eric, Minneapolis MN

  15. melt the polar ice caps into the atmosphere and lots and lots of rain and snow and hail and ice is inevitable. That which goes up...must come down..Love your blog and your talented art work.

    1. Oh dear :((
      I had no idea it was related to global warming.
      Though March is famous here for its bad weather. Hope yr wrong about the cause and effect.

  16. It still looks like a great Easter weekend. I wish we had lovely indoor pools like this one. I look forward to my chocolate fish letter :)


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