Friday, March 25, 2016

Paris Easter Chocolate Parade and an Easter Letter Special

Ta Da. The promised Paris Easter chocolate parade.
 Abstract chocolate bath duckies from Eclair de Genie. Do they melt in the bath?
Wild looking egg tins from Galler chocolates hide mini chocolate eggs inside.
Larnicol always has the craziest chocolate chickens every Easter.
Arnaud Larher features a whimsical chocolate circus this year.
Bon Marché's hens are dressed as sailors adrift wearing mariner T-shirts sitting in life preservers. Hmm...
Michel Cluizel has classic French goofy chickens  every year.
Jean-Paul Hévin takes chocolate chickens to new heights. Hens in the moon?
Gold hens and fish atop chocolate bells.
I love his colorful button chocolate eggs though I can't think what buttons have to do with eggs or Easter.
At Bü you can buy giant decorative eggs and fill them yourself.
I caught the master of Paris' chocolate jungle, Patrick Roger setting up his Easter window.
He was in the middle of a shoot but look at that chocolate gorilla sculpture! And those chocolate 'fried egg'.
My favorite Paris Easter window - Patisserie des Reves...a don't miss.
Please don't miss La Table de Nana's wonderful post on my Paris maps. 
Mille merci Monique!
And don't-miss out on the Easter Letter Special. Subscribe for 6 or 12 months and receive an extra previous Easter Sketch letter from 2014 or 2015. Plus an original chocolate bell watercolor.
Joyeuse Paques tout la monde!


  1. Love your Easter chocolates. Remembered the story of the church bells flying. Went to see Le Table de Nana's post. She is so right about you publishing a book. I see a travel book. I love the maps. Inspire all of us to want to go to the neighborhoods. Happy Easter.

  2. Fun to see Easter in Paris..I still wish for the more traditional :)
    And still love your hand painted ones..MORE.
    Patrick Roger looks so sweet!
    And that giant decorative egg:)
    We're all clamoring for a ...what are you waiting for?:)

  3. Bonnie L9:17 AM

    How serendipitous capturing Patrick Roger in his window, Carol! And, he took the time to "pose" for you. Makes me love his chocolate even more. Enjoy Easter (and the chocolate!) in Paris!

  4. Kathryn10:35 AM

    Thanks Carol. Happy Spring! xo Kathryn

  5. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I love that chocolate gorilla! Imagine the patience and creativity that would take! At first I thought it was a baboon or orangutan.

  6. Happy Easter, Carol. It would be such fun to put together Easter baskets with all Paris has to offer but I'm sure also tres cher.

  7. I love seeing all the chocolates, Carol. Visiting the chocolate shops in Paris is a daily activity when visiting. '-)
    I agree with Monique. You should publish a book. Love, love, love your work!
    Happy Easter!

  8. Brava! I look forward to your Easter posts every year. Hope yours will be a joyful
    day with some warm weather.

  9. What a beautiful and delicious post this is....

  10. Good to know. The Paris chocolates are so unexpected!

  11. I love all of your photos, Carol; but the first 2 are especially good - fabulous :)

  12. Absolutely love your capture of Patrick Roger in the window! Great surprise. I saw him inside his Madeleine boutique a few weeks ago and couldn't resist popping in to say hello and ended up taking a selfie - I hope you took one, Carol. Yes, these hens on the moon are great fun!

  13. Love the flying bunnies. You must have got that image in a dream, the one where you and Patrick Roger waltz under the Eiffel Tower made of chocolate. Very nice.

  14. Wow!!! Look at all this wonderful Easter chocolate! I need to come to Paris at Easter to eat some chocolate hens etc. A book would be awesome à la Vivian Swift :)


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