Saturday, April 02, 2016

Poisson d'Avril sketch letter

This morning when I got up I stepped on chocolate fish first thing.
It's total immersion around here. Yesterday was the annual French fete, Poisson d'Avril. You can buy an entire school of chocolate seafood if you like.
Gerard Mulot is Fish Central in my opinion at Easter. On the right praline-filled milk chocolate lobsters, crabs, oysters. Milk chocolate is nothing to sniff at by the way. Its harder to get the balance of milk and sugar right than straight old dark chocolate. Give it a try and forget the percentages.
Mulot has perhaps the biggest range of moulages or chocolate molds. Even Sturgeon for caviar-lovers.
Big fish are filled with little fish or fritures. Yum.
I thought at first it would be a snap to paint chocolate fish with a little help from the Aquarium. Ha
And what a mysterious and stunning place it is. Especially the 10m deep, three-million litre shark tank.
Hurry up and apply for a free overnight Airbnb is offering to sleep with the sharks (35 of them). Airfare included.

The children's 'petting pool' is a delight.
I brought Bear along but I was so enthralled I forgot to take him out of my bag until the gift shop.
Naturally he wants a stripped clown fish toy. We're giving it serious thought.
Clearly it wasn't going to be so easy to capture these exquisite fish in watercolor.
I wished I hadn't thrown away the wash doodle I'd done after visiting much smaller Aquarium de Porte Doree.
First go was a no-go :( Was I inhaling too many chocolate fish to see straight?
Enfin les fins d'Avril c'est fini!
By the way the Aquarium de Paris is near the Eiffel Tower in Trocadero parc, a 5-minute walk from Metro Station Ilena.
Bugs emailed me,
"Loving your French children fishing - they look like they popped out of a children's story book".
Umm...c'est moi


  1. They both look like GO s to me..

    So cute.well done..

    Now I feel like I need a fish mold for next year;) daughter turning 40..Feb 2017..her husband wants to take her to Paris..which month?
    I know I can count on you;)

    1. I love Spring or Fall
      You can't go wrong in September-October.
      Tell her the fish mold (moulage) will be waiting :)

    2. Carol..I never saw the pics of you yesterday..Oh so cute!Is the oil of you also?I'll tell her:) I promise I can find a fish mold here..BUT THANK YOU:)

  2. Bugs here3:57 AM

    Ha! Who knew?
    All your scrumptious fish look edible by the way.

    Delightful PB Breakfast as always.

  3. Miranda7:26 AM

    That Aquarium is almost as fabulous as you painted chocolate fish!
    Love your kiddie photos too!

  4. Love those photos & would love to be nibbling on some chocolate fish about now.

    1. And i would love to send you the dark choc fish Suki but they might melt...ahem

  5. Oui, I loved your fishing Bear and friends as well, Carol!

  6. M in Oregon3:46 PM

    Wishing I didn't have to wash my car so I could think creatively and send in my contest application for a chance to sleep with the sharks! Merci, encore for your wonderfully touristic messages!

  7. I'm coming to Paris the end of April, first of May. Will it be too late to find chocolate fishes??

  8. Bonnie in CA11:51 PM

    The photos of you are awesome!
    Love the dresses.
    In the 50's?

  9. This post makes me want to eat chocolate right now. Love your drawings and your childhood pictures; adorable! :-)

  10. I want to eat chocolate April fish! Love your aquarium painting, cute childhood photos too :)

  11. I've made a little tribute post to Paris Breakfasts on my own little blog...


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