Friday, March 18, 2016

A Suitable...Bunny

Apologies to readers of the eminent Indian novel, A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth...
Last week in the midst of a wifi blackout and a looming visa appointment, I went in mad pursuit of a suitable chocolate bunny to draw for the March Sketch letter.
You would think in Paris, abound in chocolate bunnies at this time of the year, this would be an easy task.
You would be wrong. Many of Paris' witty bunnies are unsuitable for painting, decked out in only skivvies.
This Bon Marchรฉ bunny had possibilities.
But the ears were disproportionately enormous in my opinion to fit into my tea time still life.
These Bunny ears were too askew in my opinion.
Bunny ears sans bod would never do.
There were many suitable rabbits in London, probably dressed by Savile Row,
The Fortnum Masons bun was a dream come true, perfect for my still life setup. I wish I'd taken more pictures.
Another pretty British bunny. Evidently the English are not so inclined to go off the deep end when it comes to creating Easter bunnies as the French. Quelle surprise!
I went looking in children's shops on rue Cherche-Midi.
At last a suitable bunny even if not chocolate in Marie Puce at #60.
But my bunny light sketches were not pleasing sadly :((
Finally I gave up on the bunny idea and decided to go with a macaron watercolor that only required re-doing since I couldn't find the original. The original art naturally turned up once the re-do was done and printed out. Isn't that how it always goes. You can see the March print on ETSY.
Want to see more Paris Easter windows?
 Let us know.
Someone came out of the mad bunny pursuit best pleased.


Jill @ Teatime in Paris said...

Sorry to hear about the internet being down Carol but glad to see you've been hopping around Paris on that wonderful bunny hunt! Love your sketches. Been overwhelmed this year with what's in all the windows for Easter. Amazing.

La Table De Nana said...

I wish they would keep bunnies looking like the light:)
Une charmante veilleuse!
My dad would buy me the biggest chocolate bunny had colored parts too:) Your photos brought back a sweet memory..
Love the pic of Bear w/ la veilleuse!

Frances said...

Funny that the British chocolate bunnies are traditional bunnies that Peter Rabbit would recognize, and the French versions seem a bit more in the Bugs Bunny school.

I do love the photograph of Bear in electric bunnyland. What a team! xo

abcqdg said...

I find much of the French holiday treats to be rather gaudy and unpleasant! Love your macaron design.

Mary said...

i'd love to see more paris easter windows!
love your blog!
love your artwork!
lifts me out of my humdrum world in cape may, nj
thanks for sharing

Parisbreakfasts said...

Interesting comment. One would expect more elegance but then the kiddie population is huge in F rance and perhaps grownups wish they were'nt grownup...

Eugenia said...

Yes, please, more Paris bunnies! After all, Easter bunnies, like Christmas, only come once a year. The Brit bunnies were a charming addition to this blog.

Lynn S said...

What a lovely conclusion.

sukicart said...

The bunny lite is adorable and a perfect companion for Bear. Yes, more bunny windoows please.

Bev said...

Congratulations on your visa renewal.
How is the atmosphere in Paris? You delightful letters continue to keep me pleased and happy and I thank you.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Funny, the bunny lite is from London and very correct he is too

Kathryn said...

Oh, yes, more bunny window for sure! Happy almost spring. xo K

Chanterelle said...

Plenty of bunnies in Germany! Maybe a road trip before next Easter?

Marian said...


Parisbreakfasts said...

I would Love to!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your Easter bunny! Now that I am going to be a grandma for the first time in September, I can start collecting such things for the new baby! Fun, but I must control myself.
I was happy to see your reference to Vikram Seth and his wonderful books. I have to admit that I need to start "A Suitable Boy" over. I got bogged down in the enormous family tree and got very confused. Also, that is one book that can't be read in bed since it weighs enough to give you a bloody nose if you accidentally drop off to sleep and the book falls on your nose.
I just finished reading "Two Lives," a lovely book about Vikram's Uncle Shanti and Aunt Henny, a holocaust survivor. I also loved
"An Equal Music." Have you read other of Vikram Seth's books?

Jeanie said...

LOVING bunny and Bear together! In fact, every photo in this makes my heart sings. I'm a bunny girl and I can't resist them. Your drawings are wonderful and I love seeing the works in progress.

Vivian Swift said...

I love your fat bunny drawings. Very cheerful to see, especially since we are bracing for another little snow storm here on Long Island on the first day of Spring.

Unknown said...

Love your blog!