Monday, March 21, 2016

Salon du Livre 2016

Saturday I went to the annual Salon du Livre out at Porte de Versailles.
Every year it appears bigger and bigger
Or am I shrinking?
So many people. So many books.
So many authors a-signing books.
Most fun are the elaborate drawings some illustrators do for young readers.
French kids learn to love books early.
I too am in love with French kids books. Very free illustrations. Lots of wonderful nonsense.
The cookbooks are especially enticing. Picture books will always win the day for me.
I got to taste a terrific giant scallop at the Ecole Ritz Escoffier demonstration.
La Mere du Famille has a new kids book out
With fun Paris pop-ups.
Loved this book umbrella
After 2 hours I needed to run away. Too many people. Too many books to looks at.
Loved this old gastronomie illustration when my eyes could still focus.
And this tote bag, probably a freebie from the Maison Object show.


  1. I love looking at books ..and that umbrella..

    I am reading Susan Branch's book and while visiting London w/ her then husband..the skies open and she buys a beautiful umbrella in a store called Paris:)
    That pop up:)

    And YOU should be there signing your book.
    Qui sait? Salon Du Livre 2017?

  2. Nothing is better than a book fair! This looks like a terrific one!

  3. Looks like such fun, but overwhelming. Love the kids pop-up books, the umbrella and the cookbooks.

  4. Of course you can't have a book fair in France without a chef from the Ritz. And what pop-up book would be complete without a cat on the tin roof?

  5. So lovely to see so many children looking at books. Thank goodness they still love books and not looking on the internet.

  6. I would love that book fair. However, as I have gotten older crowds are starting to bother me. It gets harder to focus. Your pictures are great. See you in two months.

  7. Kathryn10:17 PM

    I am grateful. Your letters and PB blog keep my spirits lively on the greyest of days. Thank you for your exuberance and constant curiosity, and of course your ART!

  8. Loved your post today. Here's a demo of the Si Paris Etait un Gateau from YouTube.

  9. I love that you went to the Salon du Livre for us, since it's exhausting. Been there in the past and didn't have the courage recently so thanks for the tour - and like you, I'd also gravitate around the delicious cookbooks. What cute pop-ups!

  10. Oh Carol, the Salon du Livre would be heaven for me to visit...a very large heaven, for sure. I agree with you about the charms of picture books.

    I agree with earlier comments that it would be grand to see your very own book there next year! xo

  11. Trying again: i had read this post, went right to Sketchbook Wandering to sign in so I could comment, & voilà your comment. Thanks for sharing this. Excitement & overwhelm, I get it. The ones you showed, LOVE!! Here, I had a show @ my library, now all these new open doors & connections. I teach, art journaling, & French to little kids, still study French. You are now fluent? I think of you when I go to Rockland from time to time. I LOVE this Maine coast, but do hope to visit Paris again someday...

    1. Boy are you busy. All wonderful endeavors too!
      I hope you do come to Paris again some day rita...

  12. What an amazing book fair! At Versailles too! Would love something like that here in Australia. Though in my home city we do have a smaller but fabulous 'Writer's Week' each year (though I'm working so can't usually go!). Two hours of that many people is a good effort :)

  13. Now that I've been to the Salon du Chocolate, I think that the Salon du Livre is perhaps next on my hit list- and it would be around Easter so win, win. I admit to falling pretty hard for that Si Paris était un gâteau. I must have it! Assiettes completes are all the rage here- although they're just called bowls in Aussie English.


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