Monday, February 23, 2015

Salon de l'Agriculture 2015

February is Salon de l'Agriculture time.

And the winner is...

You have 10 days to meet this lovely creature.

Or these baby lambs.

I was assured that these sheep

Made this Corsican Tomme Sardanaise. They were standing right beside the cheese so it has to be non?

I went with Solli,a vegetarian opening day to Porte de Versailles Metro #12

We shared many tastes but no jambon..

These tempting Alsacien cheese and ham-covered pretzels were off limits.

We did share a Bretonne crepe. No problem.

And half a dozen oysters(7,50).

Non-stop shucking on the spot.

We each got our own sheep (brebis) ice cream cones (3 euros) - coffee and rose flavors. Utterly delicious.

And champignon de Paris (4,50 kilo) from Marianne of Ile de France. They taste so much better than anything you'll find in stores or the marche.

Having a companion keeps you from making a fool of yourself over Alcasien pain d'epice cookies.

Or buying a whole kuglehoph and wolfing it down.

Temptation beckons everywhere at the Salon. Food from every region in France is here for tasting and buying - a unique opportunity.

Wild horses couldn't keep me from buying Clementine jam from Corsica.

Chunky Clementine confiture. You'd have to go to Corsica to find this. Heaven.

The Salon is nothing if not educational.

We inhaled huge truffles but did not take them home.

This is just Halle1 with all the farm animals.
I'll be going back for a pet or two.
If you're in Paris Don't-miss this event!


  1. The vegetables, desserts, canned jams look very inviting...

  2. What fun!

    I would ixnay the oysters and go for the pretzel!
    I am dying to tatse a Kouign Aman..never ever had one..
    Love your art.. and the lovely animals:)

    1. Not so hard to make Monique.
      I will send you a boatload of butter from Brittany.

  3. Even if YOU were my companion, I don't think it would stop me from scarfing down a whole kugelhopf!

    1. Yes I could. There is so much to eat there.
      A banquet of food.

  4. It's like an indoor State Fair, French style, minus food on a stick. What fun!

  5. Allison in the snow12:49 AM

    I am.nostalgic about agricultural fairs--always enjoyed them as a kid and even worked at one as a teen-ager.

  6. What wonderful fun. I'm not sure I could have resisted as well as you did; the selection of food
    is amazing.

    1. It takes practice and several visits to build up resistance.

  7. Loved this post! yum!

  8. To eat and get educated..that is heaven to me...thefood looks so beautiful..they take more pride in their food

  9. Rather be there than the frigid Northeast!

  10. Too much fun !!!!!!

  11. Makes me think of State Fairs, but much more interesting.

  12. I love the opening watercolor, Carol, & the baby sheep - then it just gets overwhelming :)
    Oysters, ice cream, veggies, pastries - you're very lucky!

  13. The cheese and ham covered pretzels look sooooooo good.

  14. How does one stay slim in such an amazing place with such amazing temptations?

  15. I love agriculture (it is the industry that keeps us alive), and I would love to visit this fair. What a show! Thanks for posting this for all us country gals.

  16. Love your drawing of the cow! Oh, this would be a favorite of mine to see. I would have to bring a red flyer wagon to haul all of the goodies home:) So enjoy your delicious/delightful blog. xo judi

    1. Why didn't I think of that or a granny cart at the very least. Thou it does keep you from buying everything in sight.

  17. Foodwalker12:40 AM

    Love your painting the lovely cow's face. You know, they really are mean. We've been chased by them when trespassing/hiking through fieldss here and in England. Those signs you see about cows ahead. They are HENRIETTA THE ATTACK COW!


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