Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Red Tueday, Au Pied de Cochon

Yesterday became red Tuesday. On Saturday I fell in love instantly (again) with a huge Tintin shopping bag (like I really need another shopping bag(cabas) but it was a mere 3,75 euros and such a cheery red) seen in the window of Album Librairie (a comic book shop) 67, bd St GermainHeading out the door a poster announced a Tintin exhibit. Ah ha! I must investigate.
On Tuesday I went to Musee en Herbe, a small children's museum (rue Herold 75001) you've probably never heard of. I hadn't.

It's Tintin's 40th anniversary. Bet you didn't know that either...ahem.

The museum is celebrating with a special gallery of foreign art objects (borrowed from the Louvre and the Branly) that duplicate items from Tintin's adventures around the world. Put on your caps and grab a magnifying glass folks.

I was about to shoot artist Herge's Tintin sketches when a kid got there before me and shoved her magnifying glass on the drawings...hmmm.

It's French school winter vacation time in case you didn't know. Who knew?

The place was packed with Tintin detectives puzzling out this and that. 

You can buy this Tintin jigsaw puzzle if you want to drive yourself crazy. Or you can figure out the joke without reading the French.

How's your French SVP? Translation anyone?

Post-exhibit I needed some refreshment. Au Pied de Cochon is nearby at Les Halles 6, rue Coquilliere

If you want cheery red on a grey Paris day this is the place.

The staff don't mind a bit of you only order a bowl of their famous soup a l'oignon (8,50) and then run. They couldn't be nicer is my experience.

Maybe next time I'll order it sans(without) cheese and bread and just slurp up the lovely beefy, onion broth. Who needs to fly to NYC to Brodo?

By the way if you read David Lebovitz on Monday, he's got the scoop on French sardines. I ate them regularly in New York, but stopped here. There are so many to choose from and they look fishier. Yesterday I went into Franprix and picked up this pretty red tin of Connetable Sardines a l'Ancienne (what ever that is? Who knew there were vintage sardines available?). I'll report my investigations later.

Not far from the kids museum you can doll yourself up to look like a tres chic Tintin at Yohji Yamamoto 25, rue de Louvre. Note the Tintin style cap.

I spied a redhead with Heidi pigtails carrying her Yamamoto booty exiting the doorway...
Can you find the French little red riding hood lurking in this picture PBers? Get out your magnifying glasses!


  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Hi there,
    I would translate Hergé's sentence by something like : If he is strong enough to believe in his dreams, a man can make them become reality.
    Edith (

    1. Thank you Edith!
      I deduced as much but didn't care to make an error...

  2. I loved Tintin of cousre..what fun your first shot ..I spy amongst your art my fave Red Riding Hood pin..and your Red street walker..
    I would have bought that bag too.You have been getting cute bags.
    It's not like you are buying Fabergé go for it when the desire strikes..they are fun..useful(don't know if I would use them;) )and very artistic.
    The above translation by anonymous.. works very could probably come up w/ a few more twists in the translation by asking different people..but ..why?:)
    You are living these words.
    I spy the real red riding hood too:)
    Jacques loves sardine.. A French blogging friend.. showed ud to was the tins.. leaving the top on but rolled back.. ans serving hummus..etc in them..cute cute presentation.So if you can get them sparkley and scent have a cute serving vessel.
    I love French Onion soup..and btw..we have an Au Pied De Cochon here too..Different owner..
    There I think I have said everything.

    1. How interesting Monique!
      Well the verdict is in - Too fishy.
      I'm going to try David L's fancy brand from le Epicerie.

  3. Kathy H9:52 AM

    Way cool - my grandson loves TinTin and the French onion soup looked delicious!!!!

  4. a great wake up on this gloomy, foggy, cold day...
    I have always loved Tintin and couldn't find the Tintin shop the last time I was in Paris.....since I wanted to buy a Tintin watch......Loved this. Thank you

    1. There is a good shop at the museum
      The Tintin watches are on Amazon,,,?

  5. Thank you for taking me to Paris with you. 40 years of Tintin is a wonderful thing.

  6. cyndi from SD10:49 AM

    You always make me smile.Thanks

  7. Forget Red Riding Hood - love that Chow! My first dog!
    As for the Tintin museum with the hats and magnifiying glasses: When I was in elementary school, I remember my parents telling me over and over, NEVER wear anyone else's hat or you will get the dreaded RINGWORM! That, and other advice like, don't play with sticks-you'll poke someone's eye out. These things are so deep in my psyche that it's the first thing I thought about when I saw the pile of group hats!

    1. Hahahaha
      What a deprived childhood!
      Although I did hear "Don't walk with a pencil in your hand. You'll knock out someone's eye"

  8. This is not the first children's museum you have shown. I have two grandsons I would love to take to all of them. However, I would really like to take them to see Tintin. As I have said in the past, it is all about red.

    1. The doll museum is more girly than this one Marilyn.


  10. Here’s my best guess:
    “if you believe in your dreams, you can make them real.”
    Bonne journee!

  11. You're quite right Carol, I'd never heard of Musee en Herbe either. Which is rather disappointing for me, but I'm very glad that you sniffed it out for us. What a great Tintin exhibition they have. I was a bit confused about the 40th anniversary though, Tintin was first published in 1929. It seems it's the 40th anniversary of Musee en Herbe. Another place for my wishlist... Sadly I won't make it for their Tintin exhibit.

    Your soup a l'mignon looks great, a perfect treat for a winters day.

    1. Oupla you are correct.
      I read somewhere else the wrong information.
      ThanksI like your soupe à l'mignon better ;))

    2. Oops. I'm sure I typed soup a l'onion, ah well, mignon does sound better!

  12. I was looking all over for Red Riding hood in the picture with the woman with orange braids. All I could find was a picture of a rather large half dressed .

    1. In the Last picture is RRH !
      Where is yr magnifying glass and detective cap?

  13. The opening watercolor is fabulous, Carol.
    Then Tintin, a character that I never really got into, but I do love the drawings.
    The closing shot is perfect!

  14. Normajean2:58 AM

    That is some serious cheese in the French Onion!!

  15. Carol, so you have rediscovered sardines!! They are great for quick lunches right out of the can with crackers. Fast and you are back out on the street with your sketch book in just minutes! They are great mixed into a tomato sauce over pasta. The brand you bought, Connetable, is my favorite. I love that they put the name of the boat that caught the sardines on the label.

  16. I would have bought that bag in a minute -- AND been thrilled to enjoy the exhibit with you. The drawings are so free, they truly make me happy. And oh, that soup!


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