Sunday, February 01, 2015

National Croissant Day, Chandeleur, Lingerie Salon, February Paris Letter

While some of you are busy chopping onions for chili and popping corn for the big game, in Paris we're doing other things.

Who knew, for example, that January 30 (Friday) is National Croissant Day? Please raise your hands if you knew.

I did not know. There is a lot to keep up with in this town food-wise.

I do miss the days when I painted strictly from Japanese Re-Ment minaitures.

Totally calorie-free.

This was painted from...

This tiny teapot and cup were kindly sent to me by Japan blogger Kat sent me. Pretty swell no?

Yesterday I went out looking for croissants at a local no-name boulangerie and found adorable mini bakery tableaux.


Their croissants look lovely but I did not celebrate.

Moving right along to Chandeleur (Jan 3-Feb 6), it is now time to eat crepes in Paris. A never ending feast here!

Please do not ask me how Parisians stay thin.
I am clueless.

I love that the Bretons, crepe creators, call these dentelles(lacy). I am meeting Swedish Solli today for crepes at lunch time. I hope we share.

Speaking of lace, I hit last day of the Salon International de la Lingerie on Monday.

Thank you Lise Charmel for the much-needed black fur ball key chain and tiny black lace-covered notebook tied with a black ribbon in my goodie bag. What every girl needs now! I just wish I could fit into your divine lingerie...This is always an inspiring show.

Very inspiring to get one's booty back into the pool again...where I'm headed once this post is up!!!

Chocolatier Patrick Roger has valentines in his window.

And I have a new February Valentine letter for subscribers.
Err...please do not be offended if a few lingerie souvenir postcards are amongst the recipe cards...

I've gone all rosey for the February letter.
Plus I've added your names into the artwork with watercolor.
*(I must contact Mathew and Howard to see if they want their names on a pink ribbon).
THANK YOU all PBers for making 2014 an absolutely wonderful year. The letter subscriptions started just a year ago last February, make it possible for me to stay on in Paris.
Nothing delights me more
Enjoy your Super Bowl US PBers, while I munch on a crepe :) 


  1. darn I missed croissant day! will have to catch up :) thanks for the shout out!

    1. Yes one can catch up easily everyday of the year and many times during the day

  2. Look at all your envelopes:)♥
    Love your Croissants and café watercolors always..but your pink w/ the ribbon in a heart shape♥?
    Adorable..and the minis too..
    I used to enjoy Victorias Secret..La Vie En Rose etc..
    Now I buy it all at Costco;)

  3. That model in the Infinity lingerie ad certainly isn't French with those boobs! Is she? Forget the lace - I'll take the chocolate!

    1. FYI It's an International show so who knows where she's from and what PhotoShopper helped her get there. Ahem

  4. Swooning as usual. I remember your miniatures paintings well...especially those featuring the yellow bird. You once again deftly juxtapose ... Yummy foods and tiny figures ... Human and otherwise!

  5. You are such a lovely artist!
    My art teacher said look at Pintrest
    for inspirations.
    I had no idea about little things!

  6. Croissants are my absolute favorite breakfast treat. It is near impossible to find a proper croissant in ME. Many wanna-bees fill the cases. They imitate only in shape, but finally, Atlantic Bakery on Main Street, Rockland has fit the bill!

    1. Oh dear Atlantic Bakery...

      pass the lobster roll please!

  7. Kathryn12:39 PM

    Thank you for the croissants, crepes and lace! I think I'll head to the gym as well.

  8. Carroll12:40 PM

    I love receiving your handwritten envelopes through the mail, and I plan the opening of the envelope at a time I can savor it over a cup of hot tea. Happy February

  9. I will NOT be watching the Super Bowl. In fact, I may go out and buy some croissants and ready myself for a good read by the fire tonight. Hugs, K

  10. Karroll1:36 PM

    I'm raising my hand, as I found out about (from Starbucks, of all places) National Croissant Day just in time to take croissants to my French group on Friday morning.

    1. Maybe it isn't even a French holiday?
      Can that be?

  11. I am betting the Super Bowl will go much better with croissants!

  12. Oh, this is the most yummy post! Can't find croissant here like the ones in Paris. '-)
    Love, love, love the February cards. Can't wait for the delivery. I love getting these little treats from you. I think it is time to renew shortly. '-)
    Are you still looking for a pair of the round tortoise sunglasses?

  13. Round frame tortoise sunglasses.........;-)

  14. I love miniatures & all of those look delightful. I think the first thing I will eat when I arrive in Paris is a crepe, limon & sucre. Miam.

  15. I am not a football person and I envy you for your options today! I can't wait to get there and taste some of the goodies you have shown. Enjoy!

  16. The croissants look great, but I like seeing so many of your watercolors, more! Lots of paintings today........
    The lingerie, of course, was quite interesting!
    Your exterior shot of the building where the lingerie show was being held has a nice eye-grabbing tilt to it. Who needs football :)

  17. I did not raise my hand on National Croissant Day, Carol, but your lush water colors, delicious subjects...edible and otherwise...are a visual reminder of all that seems romantic, chic, and oh-so-over-the-top "French."

  18. Susan J12:42 AM

    I adore your Feb artwork - I can't think of a more lovely combination. Beautiful x

  19. Hello from icy NYC to you Carol. Last night's snow made a most unpleasant transition. Slick sidewalks are getting the chop from folks wielding shovels of all sizes, and even hammers.

    I mention this, because otherwise I would have already gone out to buy a croissant, to belatedly celebrate the special day of the flakey one. No super bowl viewing in this household.

    Your watercolors look very great to find those miniature tableaux at the bakery.

    Bravo dear Carol, for your continuing exploration of the treasures of Paris. xo

  20. Merci!! From the U.S. :)

  21. Carolyn1:53 AM

    hahah, the chili was great with all of those onions:) I have room in my life for football and wonderful croissants. In Seattle we have great football and a few good French bakeries. I am so looking forward to my next letter from you. The watercolor looks fabulous! (as always!)

  22. The February letter looks soooo pretty! And I adore those little Japanese miniatures! Kowaii!

  23. Waiting for the new letter is so hard but now I am extra excited! (I think I may have to go out and get an inferior croissant to celebrate. I'd get a superior one, but hey -- I live in Michigan! (I loved the extra with my renewal -- thank you -- it's framed in the kitchen!)


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