Friday, February 20, 2015

Meert Lille

How is your weather?

Paris has been relentlessly grey, gloomy and overcast this week. I know one mustn't grumble. We don't have snow or extremely low temperatures but the greyness can chip away at you.

I'm taking you to Lille with me two Weeks ago and my visit to Meert with Solli.

Satin ribbons anyone? Yes please. Meert is nothing if you don't immediately think of satin ribbon after thinking waffles(gaufre) of course.

Meert in Lille is quite possibly the prettiest confection shop in Europe if not the world.

The interior dates back to 1761 and perhaps before.

You're walking into a time machine.

Don't forget to look up at the balconies.

Eye candy everywhere.

Mad about the antique touches.

Their most famous patron Lilloise, General de Gaulle keeps guard in the window. He received his weekly dozen gaufres(filled waffles) at the Palais Elysees. I believe I forgot to show them . I ate the 2 citron confit I bought yesterday at the Paris Meert at 6, rue Jacques Callot 75006.

Everyone leches le vitrines at Meert.
The pastries eagerly await on Saturday mornings.

If you're in Paris, pastries are shipped up on Saturday mornings so do run over!

Solli and I arrived early and decided to take afternoon tea.

A good idea since it gets very crowded later on with long lines.

Solli ordered a marron glace waffle. Still recovering from my Brussels excursion where I ODed on chocolate I abstained.

Their cookies are so special and the flavors change from week to week.

Yesterday at the Paris Meert I discovered their adorable feve (favors) - tiny golden chefs clutching the famous gaufres.
Remember (like in Paddington) dogs at Meert, must be carried.
I hope you're duely cheered up no matter the weather where ever you are PBers!


  1. I would love a teapot and cup and saucer..M

    Hahaha..What a beautiful endroit to have tea..and their packaging so pretty.
    Love your artwork of the experience.
    Who cares dull and grey when you can sip tea in such a pretty place..This too shall pass..Like my winter.

  2. The sun is actually shining here in Southern Michigan today, but the wind chill is -10 and there is most definitely snow on the ground. I would gladly spend a few gray days in Paris right now. That aside, I simply do not understand why the French aren't obese. I gain 5 pounds every time I read your posts. Oh well.

    1. Haha and what about me? The torture I go through for you. You've no idea...

  3. I am swooning!!!! The Meert building is a treasure chest. That iron work outside is exquisite! The ribbon, the atmosphere, the presentation is so perfect. Thank you so much for sharing so many photos. This definitely brightens my day.

  4. William Ternayhttp://postcardsfromphilly.blogspot.com11:23 AM

    If only my cold kitchen had some of those baked goodies I'd feel just a bit warmer inside as I indulged, accompanied by a big mug of coffee.Great post; wonderful colorful collage at the top.

  5. Our weather is dreary and cold and overcast, but your wonderful pictures and words of Paris and Lightheartedness makes me smile and I think I will go out and take a walk. Thanks for cheering me up!!!!!!!

  6. Weather same as in Paris
    grey but with rain in Seattle!

    1. It started drizzling and turned into a nonstop rainy day today.
      It is nice to hear the tap tap on the roof if you're inside...

    2. I look forward to that tap tap tap:)

  7. Your posts always cheer me up! I can't wait to get to Paris.

  8. What a treat for those stuck in the North East, surrounded by snow and ice! It’s great to look at all of the colorful food, boxes, candies, and architecture in Paris, while we wait out
    the deep freeze here.

  9. Carolyn2:13 PM

    Lovely shop! A citron confit? Not sure what this is, but it sounds delicious. Beautiful ribbons. Great post to brighten our rainy day!!

    1. Hmmm...citron confitnis preserved lemon with bits of peel. Better than it sounds. Very lemony.

  10. What a fantastic place, both for the treats and for the architecture. My goodness, how does anyone in Paris get any work done when there are so many wonderful places to visit such as you share with us?

  11. Thanks for sharing . What a fabulous shop , now I know a place to go to see when I next go to Lille , not sure when though.

  12. An amazing store, I love the table area - it's kind of hard not to like Everything!
    Sorry it's grey there, but at least you're not here!
    Have you bought Bear a hat, yet?

  13. It may be grey and gloomy in Paris, but we crave the gorgeous
    pictures that you share with us.

  14. In my next life I must live right next door to spectacular in every way..

  15. It's saying a lot to declare this is the most beautiful store of all the wonderful stores you've blogged about, but it is oh-so-true! Even love the scripted "M"!!
    My condolences on your gray skies - we've been very lucky this year and haven't had much winter but we had a couple of very gray months, and I don't care how much snow or cold we have as long as the sun shines!

  16. I'll trade my sub-zero for your gray any day. But oh, what lovely colors you've found to brighten your days. Looks like a terrific excursion!

  17. Bindy Barclay1:32 AM

    It looks freezing! sympathies for the grey malaise! I have been looking for word that means "sharp intake of breath when seeing something beautiful" . Those balconies elicit that!

  18. Oh regrets, I have a few. One is that while I have walked past Meert in Paris I have never ventured in. Still that always leaves something new for next time. And all those pretty ribbons and pretty confections would be enough to brighten any grey day?


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