Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Xray in Centre Medical and Angels of Paris

It's a good idea to have the French Larousse App on your i-something or other so you can tell the Doc exactly what's wrong with you in Paris. It's also a good idea to have an Angel in Paris.
Where to go if something goes wrong, but not too terribly wrong that requires a hospital?  Every arrondissement has several Centre Medical. Just Google and add the arr. i.e. 75004, 75019 etc. Et voila, Google provides addresses, hours and a map. My Angel in Paris, author Rosemary FLANNERY, told me this. She suggested I come to the Centre Medical she used and she could give me a 'canne Anglais' to walk with afterwards.
Rosemary is in 75009. I am in 75004 but 2 buses later I was there. Or rather another, swankier clinic, Centre Medical Auber at 9, rue Boudreau since it was a tad closer I waltzed in like I owned the place. I had no appointment by the way. Believe me at 8:15am I pretty much did.  
I waited all of 10 minutes. Then showed my passport and insurance papers(no good for anything but hospitalization). I explained/read the words above that my cheville/ankle was sprained and paid 23 euros.
Then I got to see an adorably funny doctor who made endless jokes and gave me the paper below to go get an ex-ray downstairs in the radiologie department. Et voila! Easy peasy!!
Aside from the sex change tout va bien. New York was never like this bebe!
I decided to take the ancensor rather than the stairs with my sprained ankle. It helps to know -1 is sous sol or downstairs.
Ta Da. I had to wait for reception to open at 9:00 am. I had been warned I would have to wait 15 minutes? Y'all come to NYC folks and find out what waiting is like in a doctor's office.
Do all radiologie offices have faux pink cherry blossoms on the ceilings? They had them at St.Vincent's when I got a cat scan for sciatica. Is everyone getting them from the same source? My French friend recently went to Japan to see the cherry blossoms. She could have stayed home and gone to rue Boudreau.
At 9:05 reception called my name, looked at my papers and asked me to pay 24 euros for the x-ray. A woman got me shortly after, helped me on the table, took the shots of my ankle and asked me to come back Saturday morning for the results. Tomorrow is a public holiday. THAT WAS IT. I was out of there by 9:15 am. !!! 
A short hobble over to the stunning Illy café to meet my angel. Admittedly some of the décor would have looked quite cheery at spartan Centre Medical Auber. No snacks were offered at the Centre as I recall but look nothing is perfect.
Enfin, my angel, Rosemary FLANNERY. Don't ask me why she spells her last name in all caps. This woman can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.
I wrote about her book here. Please PBers take a look. It's a heavenly book in my humble opinion no pun intended.
I would like to say I hopped onto the bus but that ain't so. Still having the crutch (from darling Rosemary) gets you a seat fast.
A pit stop at Monoprix Opera to stock up on my favorite salad (on the left) for the holiday. I bought three.
Waiting for the next bus, I wanted to yell at this French girl (putting on her new shoes). "Get HIGHTOPS for goodness sakes", but you can't do that sort of thing in Paris. In New York you could get away with it. I went home to make tea for my afternoon guests at the Salon Parisbreakfast. C'est comme ca


  1. Take care!!! Heal well!!
    Everyone should be so lucky to have such an angel..
    These are things one never forgets..

  2. The Angels of Paris is a grand book. I am glad you had an angel. I hope you will be healed soon, but this made a wonderful blog post.

  3. Yes that's hardly waiting,in fact apart from the sprained ankle it sounds like a day out. Get better soon.

  4. Carol, I've always loved that Wim Wenders movie Wings of Desire with the angels living in the Berlin library. How wonderful to know that you've got some caring angels in Paris also.

    Best wishes to your ankle being restored to full motion soon. Shopping and style might have to take a break. Time for drawing and painting.

    Hoping the test results will be kind. xo

    1. Shopping NEVER takes a break.
      R U kidding?
      Ask me to stop breathing. Easier.

  5. Heal well, I hope the X-Ray results turn out as well as your doctor visit. Will def check out your angel's book!

  6. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I am so glad you had such a GOOD Parisian experience at the Medical Centre! I can see you are taking good care of yourself( the pastries and tea ). If any of your fair readers are going to get a sprained ankle, they should wait until they come to Paris! Non? Best Wishes, Leslie

  7. Thanks for the HOW-TO get treatment in Paris for minor ailments. Very helpful to know!

  8. Barbara W.11:35 PM

    I can't believe how easy and CHEAP medical treatment is in Paris? And no throngs of people waiting hours and hours WOW

  9. What a great experience at the medical centre. (Although I am still just a tad worried about the "monsieur" thing. I mean, really?!) Hope your ankle heals quickly! Meanwhile, I'm sure Bear is taking good care of you!

    1. Ah yes Monsieur Bear gets to visit next !!!
      He has a pain in the neck...

  10. Alli in NYC12:05 AM

    Your medical treatment sounds way superior to ours, with the prompt attention.and minimal fee.
    Did the doctor recommend any treatment before Saturday?

    1. Yes the doc recommended:
      Very unique. No pills...not yet.

  11. I sprained my ankle last Christmas time. I also went to a doc-in-the-box here in Savannah rather than a hospital emergency room and was pleased with the treatment.
    When I went for follow-up the doc stressed the importance of physical therapy for several weeks. This meant ice alternating with heat (15 minutes each) and stretching, side to side, up, down, etc.
    Keeping the foot and ankle elevated when not walking is important too. I was surprised that she advised to do the therapy (even go to a PT clinic she said but I didn't) for at least f4 more weeks (this was two weeks after the injury) and maybe 6. She said it was easy for the ankle to stiffen up and become chronically achy/tight if I did not do the therapy, so I did,

    1. Interesting!
      I should have gone last week and not waited
      I will get back to the pool to exercise soon as I can.
      They do plastic surgery at this particular clinic!!
      Medicine Esthetique...maybe I'll get my nose fixed next visit or a haircut :)

  12. Louise B1:12 AM

    Next time I break an ankle I'm doing it in Paris.
    Terrific service!

  13. I could not believe the "Monsieur", and then I read further. :) Since I only know a few French words I could not believe I picked up on that. And, then I read "Get HIGHTOPS for goodness sakes". Is it true you can take the girl out of New York, but you can't take the New York out of the girl?

    I hope you feel better soon.


    1. I'll ALWAYS be a New Yorker.

  14. Sorry to hear you are still hobbling. But so pleased you got such good attention so quickly from our French centres. Take care & rest.

  15. You need to be a foreigner in Paris to know about these places!!!!!
    Big bisous
    Take care

  16. Rosemary F6:02 AM

    Great post! by the way, I live in the 8th, not the 9th (although my street goes through both arrondissements). and I don't always spell my name in caps

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      LOL, i actually would love to know what the last name in all caps thing is about, I often see email signatures from French clients set up as such but I would feel like a clod to ask. Feel better soon, Carol! Best, anne-craig

  17. Wonderfully useful info here, Carol. And shared delightfully. Thank you.

  18. Joanne9:23 AM

    What to get the girl in Paris who has Everything?
    A jambon sec salad from Monoprix

  19. i hope your ankle is better soon … my dentist here in nyc has the same cherry blossoms in the ceiling of his office as does the dermatologist i see … however as good as the French doc-in-a-box (what we call those medical outposts here in nyc) are .. a two day wait for an x-ray read? what if your ankle were actually broken?

    1. French Holidays Sweetie Darling come first.
      Today is a biggie and a 'bridge' weekend.
      I'm sure if they saw bone sticking out and I was in dire pain screaming blue murder, things could have been different perhaps.
      Glad I wasn't :)

  20. Well, Mr. Carol, it's good to see you so cheery!
    Good thing that you had the angel to smooth things for you. I hope that you keep looking on the bright side, and I hope that you heal quickly!

    1. yes yes
      "the best of all possible worlds" as Voltaire put it so well.
      yrs truly

  21. Switchboard1:00 PM

    Good Afternoon Mr. Gillott,
    So glad to hear about your visit to the clinic. It seems to be a wonderful service, and they are so efficient and
    quick! We could use something similar here. I assume that the results you get on Saturday, will confirm your own
    diagnosis of a sprain, and nothing more serious. I’m amazed that you were able to get there and back on public transportation!
    Perhaps when you return for your results, they will have gotten your gender back to “Madame”?
    Take care, and STAY OFF OF YOUR FEET!

    1. I Just came in...I needed a break from being OFF my feet/foot.
      It's a holiday here and the streets of Ile St.Louis are thronged with ice cream eaters.
      I had a faiselle(cottage cheese I think) ice cream.
      Trés Yum

  22. Christianne2:44 PM

    Great post. So glad your French health care experience was positive

  23. love your post
    très pratique d’avoir le mode d’emploi :)))

  24. Carol,I'm sorry to hear that you are still having pain from your ankle.You certainly did the right thing to get it x rayed!I'm impressed with the medical center and even more impressed with your great attitude!You even went home and prepared a gorgeous tea for your friends.Your service and those pastries look beautiful!

  25. Funny you should post about this subject today - my friend who recently went to Paris told me today that her traveling companion had to have emergency gall bladder surgery and spent 10 days in the hospital, with his wife working to translate the French with a dictionary! All is well, whew!
    Back in the day - when I was doing rad rooms, my favorite was the magnolia ceiling. :-) There are not many manufacturers of these specialized ceiling tiles and if you choose a custom image instead of one of their standard images, your cost skyrockets.Voila! Cherry blossoms and magnolias.

  26. Excellent post! I must thank you for this informative read. I hope you will post again soon.

  27. Yes, excellent post, Carol, thanks for the info. I'll steal the topic for my site, as really a public service. BTW I am a huge walker...3 miles to the store and 3 miles back is nothing to me. Broke my foot, crutches, knee-hi cast when living in San Francisco on the hills. Wasn't healing until got fizzy calcium at health store...then was healed by the next xray at the UCSF Sports Medicine place. Just FYI "in case". Sending healing thoughts!!

  28. TEN minutes wait? Wow, that is great going. Sounds a super clinic. So sorry to hear about your cast. Hang in there, keep cool and use the time well - somebody's perhaps just trying to tell you something, like take it easy ;-)


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