Saturday, May 03, 2014

May Day, White Flowers, Spring Green, The White Rabbit

On May Day everyone is walking around carrying the obligatory bouquet of muguet.
It's the one day of the year you don't need a license to sell on the street in France
Every Tom, Dick and Mary is out there selling bunches of lily of the valley brought in from Nantes.
Most shops are closed for May Day, but florists are open of course.
The little pots are selling at all price points.
One of the things I love about Paris. There's something out there for everyone and everyone participates. Whether it's foie gras and champagne for Christmas or trench coats or bouquets for May Day all Parisians join in.
The Spring green pot of muguet decorates a beauty care shop window.
Perfect decor for a perfume shop in the Place de Vosges.
Not trees but muguet shade these mini Paris buildings.
A fancy florist on rue Cambon doesn't dare snub the wild flower.
Back at Place de Vosges an artist sketches on May Day
With Bach playing in the background.
Little girls are selling their chalk drawings of muguet.
You know I bought one.
What to wear when you're waltzing around with your bouquet of muguet? Not these shoes.
Kate Moss has a new TopShop collection at Galeries Lafayette. Maybe you could wear this traditional embroidered frock...
Grazia magazine goes for a more contemporary look.
What about May makeup? Think SPRING GREEN !
More Spring Green flower heads at Printemps.
Worn with cutoff jeans.
Every year Printemps brings out their flowery white rabbit.
What about these darling white rabbits and Alices at the N2 Néréides counter in Galeries Lafayette. You know I couldn't resist. I got some Spring Green nail polish too. I could have been dans la rue selling my Lily of the valley Sketch letters next to those little girls...
Maybe next year?


  1. Adorable little French girls!
    very enterprising

  2. The girls' drawings, so good, & their confidence to be out there at their age! I am curious how much they sold them for. Music, artist sketching, muguets dans les rues, even in the rain it's so alive out there. Thanks again for sharing your views!


  4. Hi Carol
    I did find my Muquet , as I thought it was hidden under the weeds, and a good thing too as it stopped the rain from battering it to bits.. It certainly looked like there is competion out there, from those sweet little girls.

  5. What an enjoyable post ... I'm going to try to schedule a visit for May 1 next year .... absolutely love Muguet. It must be so exciting to be there all the time for every little fete.

    Have fun .. love your blog.

    Karen in VA

  6. Those cute girls..Bravissimo!

    Even the street vendor..I'd love to have the courage.I find it hard to take pics in public..
    But thought of you yesterday..went downtown to meet our dear friend and went to a tea room for lunch..I took pics..:) and outside too..and thought of u!
    I love those Alice things..I am happy you bought one and the art..

    "This Lily of the Vally will never fade.."

    She's a real marketer too!
    Yours are charming w/ the nail polish..My eldest had turquoise on at Easter..she wears those colors beautifully.

  7. Years ago when I visited Provence dans le printemps there were people giving women passersby free petits bouquets de muguets...such a lovely thing to do.

  8. So charming! Makes me want to come to Paris for my May 1 birthday sometime!

  9. Love this post! What is the name of the color of the Sinful Colors nail polish?

    1. No name on the 1" room I guess. I got it at BHV in their perfume dept on the gound floor.

  10. I knew you would buy a little girls chalk drawing~ and you got the best one !

    1. They were all equally adorable but it was the thought that got me,,,very sweet.

  11. Suzanne1:42 PM

    Love your Blog! And i really love those cherry earrings! How can i buy them??? Any suggestion appreciated!
    Gosh ...... To be in Paris through your eyes,
    thank you!

    1. N2 Nereides

  12. how did you DO that?
    your May letter and muguet illustration arrived exactly on May 1! perfect timing --
    and the postmark was just 2 days before -- that's faster than I get mail from other parts of the US! enjoyed the mailing --
    Jolie Mai a vous aussi!

  13. So many great photos, Carol!
    I love the street scenes, the lighting, and the colors. And the people - nobody seems to be distracted by the camera. Everyone is just acting so naturally! Great shots!

  14. May day muguets- oui!
    White rabbits? - I'm not biting.

  15. What a gorgeous post. I can be jealous of your spring weather, even if it is raining- it snowed here yesterday! The earliest snowfall I remember in 15+ years. I think one of the (many) things that makes Paris so wondrous is their appreciation and celebration of the seasons.

  16. Kathryn9:11 PM

    I love every Tom, Dick and MARY. I enjoy the humor you infuse in your postings. You don't miss much.

  17. The girl posing like a bunny is hysterical !!

  18. Carolyn9:29 PM

    Love the lily of the valley in your photos. Want some. It brought back memories of being there in May last year! Flowers that are so fresh and pure. September will be a totally different look in flowers. I love your HIP green fingernail polish!!!! It is such a fun color for spring.

  19. I bet the Bach sounded wonderful bouncing off those ancient walls. No wonder everyone is always walking in Paris!

  20. I just love those little entrepreneurs selling their drawings. Lovely May Day post.

  21. Today for the first day, my pips of lily of the valley were spotted. Rick's are far ahead of mine. I suppose that means I can enjoy them all the later. I love how you have a holiday pretty much dedicated to spreading all that super sweet smelling joy!

    1. It's ze French who've gone and done it.
      There are Celebrations for EVERTHING here!!

  22. Carol, could there be a better place than Paris to be on the first day of May? Impossible to imagine one!

    Thank you so much for letting the rest of us share some of that glorious spring spirit. The little girls' drawings are lovely. I admire the idea that May 1 is the only day that allows such street vending.

    Bet a lot of us are marking May 1 on our travel calendars for next year. xo

  23. It is amazing to me what I miss when I first look at your photos. I go back later and look at the comments and there is always something I have missed. I love the little girls with there drawings. I have started taking my six year old grandson to different art classes - just an hour. It is due to following your blog. Cannot wait to get my May newsletter.

  24. Your May letter just arrived and it's over-the-top wonderful! Love the envelope pairing!

  25. I grow those flowers in my garden. My very weedy garden. :) they even grow in the cracks of my bricks. I would fit in there. :)) I love that you bought a a picture from the girls. Nice to support the next generation of artists. Fun post.

  26. Jacquelyn9:56 PM

    You keep my spirits up. Had my own chocolate chaud this am...thinking ot Angelinas...but with my own CA blend.


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