Friday, May 16, 2014

Caillebotte at Yerres, reflections and shadows

My old friend Ali is in town for a few days before heading off to paint at Arts In Provence and spur of the moment we took off to see the Caillebotte exhibit

At his family estate in Yerres
Just a short 20 minute train ride from Gare de Lyon. Or take RER D headed to Melun
Once there the route to the estate is clearly marked out with signs
And silver disks embedded in the pavement. Another 20 minutes.

Et voila! You can take the F bus from the train station too.
We should have brought sandwiches
A lovely setting for a picnic.
Artist Gustave Caillebotte lived half the time in Paris (1848-1894) and half at his family's country mansion so his paintings reflect the best of both Impressionist worlds at the time. 
The Yerres river runs through the property
So there must have been endless boating outings
great subject matter for painting non?
Did I say we had glorious weather to view all these outdoorsy paintings
Caillebotte had a penchant for watery reflections (this is a detail)
Another motif repeated over and over again was this red floral oval from the surrounding gardens
It does brighten up a rather greenish-grey painting..
The main house shows up
Time and again 
In his paintings.
A dog would have been nice here but he didn't ask my opinion unfortunately...
Shadows and the red flowers
Very bucolic and relaxing the good old days seem if you look at them through Caillebotte's eyes.
We followed the yellow brick road silver disks back to the train station and Paris.
At Gare de Lyon I thought Alison should have the pleasure of a Perrier at Le Train Bleu. Shouldn't everyone?
More green, more reflections at the pond in the Tuileries gardens. Then home and some bridge reflections on Pont Sully with Notre Dame on the horizon. We hope to pop in early at Notre Dame before the crowds descend. 
Bonne Journee PBers!


  1. I fell in love with Caillebotte in college. This post shows another side of him at home, I have always studied his Paris years. Thank you for the smile this morning.

  2. Love Caillebotte---both his paintings and his constant support of other artists. Good luck with Notre Dame. Sometimes it is better late in the afternoon, too many tour buses in the morning.

  3. That is an outing I would have loved:)

  4. Carol, it's been such a pleasure to tag along with you all. What a glorious day!

    Those shiny directional disks are a fabulous idea...particularly on a sunny day.

    Funny, I know Caillebotte's work (always think of water) but really did not know much about his bio. Thank you.


  5. What a wonderful outing. I ADORE Caillebotte. Was going to say love the rowers painting in particular but that last painting you show looks just incredible, too, even without the dog ;-) I must head out there one day. Looks like the perfect day out for a bita cultcha.

  6. I've always loved his work -- this looks like a magnificent exhibit, a real treasure! A perfect day!

  7. Had to tell you It could be my all time favorite!
    Great sequence of pics. They call it "cadence". Maybe you should write a novel?! You make it look easy breezy. And Fun. Love the people stretched out on the lawn.
    What a life back then!

  8. Carol S10:12 AM

    Nice. Guess I'm not so familiar with Caillebotte, probably know him if I saw his pictures.

    1. I didn't show his Parisian pictures like the couple with the umbrellas in the rain from Chicago Arts Museum...

  9. I really enjoyed how you showed the actual images today paired with those in his paintings. What a wonderful outing!

  10. Carol,today's post is absolutely awesome!
    I love Caillebotte(Rainy Day is my favorite) and the way you showed reality of the present with the magic of his paintings is wonderful.
    Thank you!
    We are so fortunate that his work was discovered and later shared by his family.

  11. Oh wow lucky you getting to go see his home and Art. I got to see an exhibit of his work in Los Angeles CA years ago. It was wonderful. Didn't he collect other Artists work to help them out? Seems like I heard that there. Fun post.

  12. Saw an exhibit of the Caillebotte brothers (the other being a photographer) at the Musee Jacquemart Andre a few years ago & loved it - I was not familiar with either of them until then. Looks like you had a glorious day.

  13. Beautiful paintings - I really love his work.
    Nice to see your great photos of his house & the grounds, too.
    And your island view :)

  14. I love his work! So jealous, adore your then and now photographs...

  15. The estate is lovely, great place to grow up...very serene..

  16. Marshall11:50 PM

    This is so fabulous!

  17. Carolyn1:57 AM

    You are so amazing!!! Love your photos shown with Caillebotte's paintings. Looks like a great outing...added to my to-do list including the stop at Le Train Bleu. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY :))))) Go on a boat cruise tonight under that full moon!!! Carolyn

  18. Love this entry since we have a grand Caillebotte here at Chicago's Art Institute.
    Oh, and BTW, I do believe today is your birthday, so have a fun filled day!
    Stef L.

  19. Carolyn I8:54 AM

    Wonderful!!! I am going to pack my sandwich and head to Caillebotte's house, then stopping at Le Train Bleu on my way home. Just following in your footsteps. Hope you left some crumbs for me to follow!

  20. Happy Birthday, again, Carol.

  21. Happy Birthday, CarolG! :-)))))
    ArtistLady CarolH-NY

  22. Love Caillebotte! Too bad his candle burned out at a very early age. What a wonderful outing to take by train. Very helpful that they mark each step to take in finding your way. Very nice post. In case I missed it ...... Birthday Greetings! Hope you had a great day.

  23. Anonymous6:43 PM

    The Art Institute of Chicago has just completed cleaning of Paris: Rainy Day and it's been transformed. I can't wait to see it as it's one of my favorites. The process is described here:

  24. Foodwalker2:00 AM

    Love Caillibotte's water images. Recently saw an exhibit at the Legion of Honor with a good many of his paintings.

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I get your blog in my email (love it) but cannot comment there so here I am at your page. I just love going along with you :) to all the amazing artsy, inspiring, educational, beautiful, happy places in France. Love your everyday shots on - colors, people from the back:), people with dogs, ha, florist shops - love their detail to displays, chocolate shops, yumm, the way you adventure out of town gleaning your info from posters on the bus, daily newspaper, etc. and the wonderful artists eye perspective you have. I ALWAYS smile when I read your blog - THANK YOU, MERCI! judi

    1. Thanks so much Judi!!

      So interesting to see how you see Parisbreakfast. :)

  26. Bonjour chère amie,

    Comment ne pas aimer les oeuvres de Caillebotte ?... Un grand merci pour cette visite au Musée. Nous avions la chance de pouvoir vivre une belle nuit dans le musée de notre choix et aujourd'hui tu m'en offre une autre avec ce très joli billet.
    Un grand merci !
    Gros bisous ♡


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