Monday, May 19, 2014

Paris Pink

Sunday was the perfect day to ride your pink scooter and wear pink.

Or sit on the curb and eat Berthillon strawberry/fraise ice cream.
Yes big clunky pink baskets/running shoes are not only OK to wear in Paris, they're de rigueur
I'll take these Robert Clergerie pink flats for a mere 370€.
The perfect Spring outfit for Paris - a pink Chanel suit.
Or drapey frock on rue de Cherche Midi at Maja. You choose.
I chose a strawberry macaron at Pierre Hermé but they knew I was thinking pink and gave me Infiniment rose...
Coco Jobard is thinking pink roses when she bakes macarons.
Everyone is thinking pink roses at marché d'Aligre. Mother's day is next weekend in Paris.
Cara Black aka Aimée Leduc gave me a private mystery tour of Ile Saint-Louis on Saturday.
A door opened and we quickly snuck into this private courtyard full of pink hydrangeas(?). More to come on our jaunt.
Pink fluffy powder puffs from perfumeur Caron on Avenue Montaigne
The peonies have at last come in !
Why not a pink tea at Dalloyau?  

If you're into stationary or first edition French stamps le Carée d'Encre is ze place at 13bis rue de Mathurins 75009
Pink chaise with perfect green cushion.
Pink cheeks and a little dog are essentials in Paris (he has pink ears even if he is on wheels). 
I spent Sunday roaming in Paris with Susan Abbott's sketchbook group. More to come on that, but it doesn't hurt a bit to have a pink cover on your sketchbook - easier to find if you leave it behind in Diwali or a restaurant non?


  1. Paris, springtime and pink. :-))))) Thank you again for a lovely weekend tour. I think the mystery flower found in the courtyard while trekking about with Aimee LeDuc might be a rhododendron. They're in bloom now, too, back here in New York. Cheers! CarolH-NY

  2. Yes, those are rhododendron. Lovely pinks...

  3. Anonymous10:01 AM

    We love your blog and thank you for your illustrations that you did for us. Here are some of Bella's adventures (Bella the dog) in Paris!

  4. Carol, what a delight to Think Pink! I loved every single one of these photographs. There was something about the picture of those powder puffs that took me way, way back down some memory lane. I particularly thank you for including those puffs.

    I could go on and on, but will leave some space for other commenters. xo

  5. hello hello
    love your pink post
    the flowers are called
    rhododendrons :))

  6. Lots of great shots of "pink"
    The hydrangeas and peonies are my favorites :)

  7. I am putting a pair of pink running shoes on my list. Who knew you could be comfortable and fashionable at the same time?

  8. Beautiful theme and collection of images ~ the photo of the two little ones enjoying their ice cream cones is precious!

  9. Those 2 kids: Amazing catch! Fun to see your latest pinks, love the flats~ the baskets, not so much. Definitely curious about your experience in the sketchbook group.

  10. I just love roaming around with you in Paris. In real life and online. Next time I'll be sporting my pink baskets. Stylish AND comfortable.

  11. The flowers are rhododendrons or azaleas. (same genus)
    The Blueridge Parkway is lined with these bushes. They must be in full bloom now.

  12. I think I need a FLOWER IDENTIFICATION class !
    Indoors with flip cards.

  13. Think the flowers are rhodendrons---rhodies!---instead of hydrangeas.

    Love your pink, pink, pink PB today!

  14. Girl, those big pink flowered bushes are rhododendrons! State flower of WV and one of the great flowering bushes of spring along with azaleas, camellias and another which is particularly fragrant, daphne. Hyndrangeas are summer flowers.

    I am enjoying your life in Paris.
    How is your French coming along or were you fluent already?
    Is it possible to live in Paris on the cheap?

    1. I can never remember the names of flowers...there are too many!
      Yes and yes my French is coming along.
      I will never be fluent in French je pense...
      yes it is possible to live cheapish in Paris depending
      Food for sure if bought at the marche.

  15. I always hated pink but since last year when it started to pop up everywhere in my garden (roses) I started luving pink and all the shades in which it comes. Hug AM

  16. All that pink has me thinking spring! And those macarons -- oh, to die for! Love the pink tennies, too. Now THAT looks like the comfy way to see Paris on foot!


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