Monday, July 02, 2007


Watercolor of a Paris croissant Last Friday Merisi asked me to bring on the croissants 🥐 
And I served up Paul Bocuse. So today you get croissants.
Pile of golden Parisian croissants This pile of golden, perfect croissant pur beurre 🧈 are from
Single croissant on a plate Again Dalloyau's lovely croissant. Now I spy a lone almond sitting on top. Was it indeed an almond croissant peut-etre?
Croissant in a Paris cafe The arms-out-straight croissant from AU CHAI DE L'ABBAYE.
The controversey of "the arms" has been resolved by both 
Kris and Jen .
Case full of croissantsIn addition, Kris says,
Crescent-shaped croissants (hence their name) are croissants ordinaires, and you can eat them with butter.
AND you don't cut it open or slice it or anything,
No, you take a bite. Then you slap a bit of butter (I prefer "doux" or unsalted) on the bit where you've bitten,
Watercolor painting of a single croissant
Watercolor croissant 🥐 
And then you eat that, and so on.
The straight ones are croissants au beurre,
Watercolor illustration of breakfast at Paris cafe
Petit Dejeuner at cafe Saint Regis letter 💌
And you don't add butter to them.
You just dunk them in your chocolat chaud, or cafe au lait.
Half a croissant with confiture Are you confused?
No need.
Any reasonably good cafe will serve the arms-out pur beurre croissant.
As well as some very nice Normandie beurre,
if you must put butter 🧈 on your already buttery croissant.
Illustrated letter of breakfast at Cafe le Deux Magots
Les Deux Magot Paris letter
This half-eaten one is from Cafe Deux Magots.
Oh and don't forget to listen for the correct "CRUNCH" of your croissant.
They even discuss this at length in the new film, RATATOUILLE! Click on this picture and watch the croissant movie!Again Francois Simon and the Figaro testing team are out there helping us to find
And PIERRE HERMÉ is the winner 🏆 
This man can do no wrong.

Overhead view of cup of coffeE on a place mat This is my morning croissant 🥐
Just an imprint on a plastic placemat from China
Found in the $.99 cent store!
I shall wait for October in Paris to take a bite of the REAL thing👏


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I love croissants--
    Thanks for the lovely blog

  2. OK, my Parisian here is arguing that ALL good croissants are "au beurre" and that it's just a shape difference. I see that more testing will be required. Yet again, I must sacrifice myself and force myself to eat lots of pastries for the good of the blogging community. :)

    I am inspired along those lines of self-sacrifice by our noble heroine, Carol, of course.

  3. P.S. I have posted about the glaces at last, Carol! It's too bad ice cream doesn't last long enough to paint. :)

  4. I just love coming here for breakfast in the morning...with the "touch of Paris"! Brings back wonderful memories of my trip to Paris a few years back. Great pictures!

  5. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Oh my Lordy, Carol!
    How did you now that I really needed a croissant today?
    I shall rush to finish my work and then I will be over at your place and devour all of them!
    Thanks thanks thanks, you make my day, I have nothing but odd works to do,and not a crumb of decent food in the house.
    Running off to work and then, wait,
    I'll eat every last little crumb I'll find in your posts.

  6. AH HA!
    It seems Madame Blame it on Paris wants to take up the baton or whatever of the
    Croissant Ordinaire
    Croissant Pur Beurre
    By French law the Ordinaire containing margerine, costs a few centimes less that the Pur Beurre.
    That's a fact.
    More on the subject at David Lebovitz.

  7. OOH. Sébastien will be made to know he's eaten margarine. Of course, he did say "all GOOD croissants"... :)

    Rats. You have stolen my excuse to go eating croissants all day. If only I painted, too! :)

  8. Just in time for my breakfast. Instead of eating I now just view your blog. Saves a lot of calories that way. Besides what better way to start the day than an imaginary trip to Paris.

  9. This is such a wonderful post, a feast for the eye, a craving builder par excellence, the highlight of my day! And your painting is godesslike. I can smell the croissant all the way over the ocean to Vienna (ah, remember that fragrance when your rip that poor innocent thing open? Move over Madeleine, here comes Carol's croissant, Proust would agree!

    I can't get over the notion of margarine in the plunderteig! Oh, plessase, wienerbrod only with pure butter in the dough, for croissant's sake. I am so glad the Parisians reserve the original crescent form for the one and only real butter croissants! I would hate to have to cause another revolution over croissant ingredients. :-(

    Now that my eyes have feasted virtually, what do I do with my very real lusting after an honest croissant? Croissant hotline? Hear me?

  10. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Bonjour Carol,
    delightful post, gorgeous photos...
    And slight lapsus: I only conveyed links about the making, JEN commented on the cutting/eating of the croissant.
    Rendre à César...
    And I was stunned to see the background place mat of your chocolat chaud because I have the same one from a similar source!

  11. Love the way you watercolour your croissant. hope I will own one of your soon. big boys oven

  12. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Nothing in the world quite like a buttery, flaky croissant. We eat them for sandwiches at lunchtime, too. I'm definitely not a purist. For breakfast, I like ANY kind, slathered in butter, with homemade jams and marmalades and peach/apple butters, and...

    anyway, it's all good! Your painting is lovely, as always.

  13. Anonymous3:16 PM


  14. I dunk mine in coffee. Now I'm going to have to get one out of the freezer and slowly warm it up. You always make me hungry.

  15. Love the croissant watercolor- and allthese pictures.....make me so hungry. Made me remember Paris and all the croissants I ate there....with coffee. And I second you on the unsalted butter. The best....keep em' coming!

  16. Anonymous2:48 AM

    I had "un pain au chocolat" this morning and reading this post makes me feel I should have had "un croissant".
    At home, we warm croissants up ... and I am the one who dunks mine into my black coffee (alike Di!).
    My children prefer "pains russes" (also called "pains aux raisins") and "chaussons aux pommes".
    My husband is very easy-going. Eats anything.

    PS - the shape of croissants has nothing to do with ingredients (butter or margarine)

  17. My favorite croissant in Italy was huge and chocolate-custard-filled and dusted with cocoa...


  18. I want a bite of all of them~which one do I taste first? Enjoyed this post very much!

  19. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Well, just because the 'data' may be old, or be somehow tainted...I feel it best(my duty really) that I should perform my own 'taste test' of croissants when I get to Paris in September! I shall start with Pierre Herme! And I lonely eat the pure butter ones. I don't get the point of the other ones. If your gonna be a a grizzly! :)

  20. One of my favourite treats!!!!!
    Mirisi posted some of the make a fine pair today!!!

  21. Fabulous!
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  22. Anonymous8:16 AM

    As a child I liked only plain croissants, but became more adventurous as an adult and added Almond and Chocolate to my repertoire.

    My parents used to make croissants. This post is a happy memory for me. Thank you very much.

    I think I'm up for a croissant,but now I have to decide what kind.

  23. As a french ( sorry for my english!) I am delightful when I read your post...and thank you so much to explain how to eat croissants ( au beurre bien sur!!) No more crime will done!!!!

  24. Oh my god.


    The beautiful many. Love your painting as well. Aww. AHHH! MRAHRAH!!!

    I miss the shattering crunch of a freshly baked croissant. :(

  25. For me it's 140 Boulangerie and their almond die for! But I don't mind taking P.H as a sub!

  26. Hey Carol, I must say the paintting you have up for this post the best I have seen of your work. I hope this is a very recent piece. Love the way you have zoomed into the composition and the way you take into account all four edges of the paper. Colors are light and beautiful. Good job gurl!

  27. It can't get any better than THAT!!! I LOVE this post! I just found your blog!! Wonderful photos!! -Leesa


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