Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bronte -> Pistachio -> Pozzetta -> Parigi

One of the BEST words in the world...
Yesterday, Merisi, just back from a week in Italy, commented,
First time in my life that I had 2 ice cream cones with 3 flavors each in a row
and was left wanting for a 3rd one...
NO NO NO Merisi!
There is ONLY ONE FLAVOR gelato you should eat!
And that is Pistachio di Bronte!
Any Gelateria worth it's (rock) salt get's it's pistachios
from the Sicilian town of Bronte.
Did you know it takes TWO YEARS for a pistachio nut to ripen?!!!
Here's what GROM has to say of Bronte's pistachios:
The operation is almost acrobatic: balanced on blocks of lava and holding onto the branches with one hand, with the other they pick the pistachio nuts one by one, dropping them into a canvas bag tied around their necks.
In a day’s work, they manage to pick 20 kilos of pistachios at the most.
WOW! This is definitely S L O W F O O D !
The best gelato shop in Paris, POZZETTO, is located conveniently on
39, rue de Roi de Sicile 75004 (king of Sicily street)
Did you know gelato was invented in Sicily?
I once got to spend a week at a fine Sicilian vineyard, REGALEALI.
I was supposed to be sketching the harvest but all I did was eat gelato...
For some unknown reason Pozzetto is following GROM's bad example
and has placed hats/lids on their ice cream bins I take deep offence at this :(
I always like to study over the menu and prices before I go somewhere...
Then there's no sticker shock and to make sure they have PISTACHIO!
A stolen shot here of Pozzetta's interior kitchen...shhhhh
I dragged up and down this street before before I noticed Pozzetto's shop...
I changed my mind when I tasted the PISTACHIO!
Here's a map so this doesn't happen to you...
I don't know which I love more - maps or menus..? But aren't they the same thing? Do you think I should run off to Italy on a 3-day-pistachio-gelato-research trip?
Would you be willing to foot the bill? :)


  1. Do you want to come along on my Gelato-Pistachio research trip?
    Shall I lead a tour???
    PLEASE say YES!

  2. I take issue with Pozzetto being the best! But you should definitely go to Italy for a research trip! :)

  3. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I would love to come along with you.....but on one condition. Let me lead you to terracina and Caffe del Duomo first. There Ingrid Germani makes a gelati pistachio right from paradise. She uses pistachio from her grandmother's corp on Sicily.

    I was in Terracina last week, eating Ingrid's gelati pistachio every singel night. I have blogged about her ice cream several times, last time was yesterday:

  4. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Sorry, my link is not working, but you should find it if you go to my blog and scroll down........ and when you do, don't skip reading today's story about a meeting with an amzing man........

  5. If I had the money to foot the bill for you, I would, just for the pleasure of seeing some watercolors of pistachios. The best I can do for now is to go try Pozzetto, he he...

  6. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I am first in line! Pistachio is the best! And hazelnut. As well as coconut. Of course chocolate too...I guess I better stand in the back of the line, because I would EAT all of them and nothing would be left over to research ;)

  7. YESSS POZZETTO!!!!@#!@

  8. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Oh my goodness it would be amazing to go on a gelato research trip with you! I wish I had the money right now to do something like that. But it is a great idea for you to lead food tours! mmm I'm salivating over my imagination. :)

  9. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Ohhhh my. You've left me so incredibly hungry for gelato!

  10. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I go for anything Pistachio ANYTHING -pesto, with pasta, Torrone and of course PISTACHIO gelato!

  11. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I love Amorino Gelato in Paris and did not know about Pozzetto until very recently. It is on my list for Sept..and we are staying right around the corner....I'm not sure yet if that is good or bad!!!!! Of course I will have to be taste testing...and it may take many trips back and forth to decide between the 2. Nocciola is my fav!

  12. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Mamma mia !!!!!!! you know the best addresses in Paris than I do. And I am sure they did choose the street to set up their business in purpose.
    Last time I had the best Ice cream in the world was in Sicily,

    so I'm going to run to that shop and let you know how it feels ..

  13. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I read about this place in David Lebowitz' blog and went to Paris two weeks ago fully planning to hit it. However, the d*** airline lost my one and only bag, so all of my plans shifted around that catastrophe and I didn't get to go to Pozetto's! Waaaaaahhh! I almost want to sue the airline.
    But I'm glad to see your post because it lets me know that Pozetto's is worth trying for again sometime.

  14. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Can't spell -- I meant Pozzetto's.

  15. NAN
    Here's a secret only for your ears and eyes.
    You didn't miss out that much bypassing a certain Gelato shop beginning with the letter P. IMO.
    Just go to Italy and your heart's desire will be replenished 24 hours a day with a flavor to go with it!

  16. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Perhaps Pozzetto is the best gelaterie but the very best ice cream store is Berthillion on the ile saint Louis. You should try it on your tour :)

  17. We worked hard to make sure we had gelato every day that we were in Italy. The best was from a small gelateria in the piazza of San Gimignano - it had won 'country's best' for a number of years running, and deservedly so in our limited-experience opinion. Best flavors that day for me were chocolate-blood orange and passionfruit!!!

  18. I have been in Paris for 3 weeks and consider it my personal mission to find, and of course eat, the best pastry and ice cream the city has to offer...... I have spent a fortune running to laduree and erik kaiser and Lenotre, and so many little corner patisserie shops that I can no longer zip up the pants I wore on the flight over. Pistachio is definitely my current favorite flavor for ice cream...... but I am sticking with Berthillon......... Their pistachio is wonderful........... much more of the earthly taste of pistachios plus bits of the nut. Pozzetto's strikes me as bland by comparison ........ I am surprised it's a blog hit....
    As for pastry.............. the Caramel Macarons at Pierre Herme are beyond belief, OMG!!!!!....OMG!..... I have requested that I be fed them on my death bed ...so I die happy.............


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