Thursday, July 05, 2007


Do you love Paris?OUI!Do you love Food?OUI!Do you love RATS?
No WAY!!
Well you will, after you see Ratatouille.
I promise you will love REMY, the protagonist and creative life force in RAT. 
The cookery details are quite athentic in RAT.
Note here the professional lemon zest graters...
French Laundry chef,
Thomas Keller and Anthony Bourdain were consultants..

The filmmaker, Brad Bird was kind enough to give us a bunch of videos on the making of the film and how they all determined so many indepth details on life inside a Paris restaurant, on speaking French, on haute cuisine.
Most of all, Ratatouille is about the creative process.
The New York Times review puts it right: Written and directed by Brad Bird and displaying the usual meticulousness associated with the Pixar brand, “Ratatouille” is a nearly flawless piece of popular art, as well as one of the most persuasive portraits of an artist ever committed to film. It provides the kind of deep, transporting pleasure, at once simple and sophisticated, that movies at their best have always promised.
And here's what the French have to say about RATATOUILLE!


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Wow! I am going to go see this Baby!

  2. Anonymous7:37 AM

    It on my list. We have been watching the trailers with such excitement for the past few weeks....Glad you liked it!

  3. You mean, from now on, when I hear "Ratatouille", I'll have to think *rats*?
    Do the bake croissants, too?

  4. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    This is the FIRST time I've successfully embedded YouTube videos in a post!
    I hope you enjoy them.
    I could watch them forever.
    I HAVE to see this movie again...

  5. i saw the first trailer some months ago and i instantly knew i had to see this movie.
    thanks for the other movies too.

  6. Anonymous8:45 AM

    How sweet! I've been wanting to see this movie, Carol--it looks adorable. I'm heading up to Cambridge Mass to see my son for a few days, and he says we'll head for a movie or two--I'll have to suggest this one, although I'll bet he will already want to see it. Thanks for the previews...;))

  7. I agree, Carol, it is fantastic. We both absolutely loved it.

  8. Ah- yes - we saw it on opening day...stellar!!

  9. Hopefully they have the English version with Japanese subtitles and not a dubbed version playing at the end of this month! I really want to see this one.

  10. Can`t wait to see this!!!!

  11. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I just loved it!
    Fun to see these bits again..

  12. I've got to see this even though I hate rats but I do love Anthony Bourdain.

  13. Well, I still don't love rats but I do love Remy and this movie! It's a joy except it made me miss Paris!

  14. wouahhh, we don't get to see it in Paris until August 1st (but it's my birthday so it's kind of a nice bday present). Still though, I want to see it now!!

  15. I need to go see this soon~thanks

  16. Anonymous2:11 AM

    I never ever imagined I could go for this film... but your enthusiasm mad me think about it.
    Now shall I be able to see it in English? I think that the dubbed version must miss something.
    I'll have to see to that !

    etymology: did you know that "ratatouille" comes from French verb "touiller", which is the colloquial verb for "mélanger" (= to mix)?

  17. Wow..I hate rats but I have been watching the commercials and this looks wonderful!

  18. Hi Carol,

    Gald I stumbled on your website from David McMahon's! My daughters and I lived in Paris for almost 8 years, so we are ALMOST Parisians... they are more so than I am, but we really and truly love Paris, our most wonderful memories of them growing up were there! Thanks for a wonderful site!

    And yes, we also enjoyed Ratatouille! Made us feel rather homesick. We are in Montreal now.


  19. Anonymous8:45 AM

    We went to watch this to help alleviate some of my homesickness. I don't know if it helped those feelings, but it sure made me feel good...and hungry! Much, much fun!

    Meilleurs voeux!!


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