Thursday, August 17, 2006

Macarons on the Mind...

I think I'm having "separation anxiety" about leaving MACARONS to go on to other topics. This is the last MACARON post till I hit Paris for the Salon du Chocolat...just some silly stuff. I'm desperately trying to clear out my closet of old sketchbooks, wine reference, travel stuff, old clothes. An Ex once said, "When you're throwing out old things, don't look or you're lost!" I looked! and I found the parchment sheet + the bag + the photos + the crumbs from Véritables MACARONS de St-Emilion that I mentioned in my 1st macaron post. YAY! It's been lurking my Bordeaux wine reference box since 2003. Memories of my 1st French MACARON and still a few crumbs left. Ahhhh....
It seems that everywhere I look now I see MACARON shapes...I set up this still life in Paris with Arnaud DEL MON TEL MACARONS.
But don't they look an awful lot like these French pillowcushions from LivingStones?
I wasn't tempted in the least to buy any of these crazy colored MACARONS at Bon Marché.
But they remind me of these crazy colored Frisbees...
And these Yoyos...

Cherry/Macs, watercolor, 12 x 10"

I'm not going to stop painting MACARONS anytime soon. That's for sure. Maybe I better get back to cleaning the closet...who knows what other treasures lurk within :)


  1. Aren't you a bit obsessed? I have it with chocolate so I don't blame you... :)

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Trope! I spy some trope! Maitresse has made us both a bit trope batty, but you, with your macaron obsession, are battier. I'm going to start calling you Ahab. Still, this last macaron painting is the best, I think, with its sublime cherries and its slightly expanded palette. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

  3. Laura, I'm just a natural born troper. Can't help myself. I only realized I'd done it again while in the swimming pool. I'm a visual troper I think TANKS :)

  4. Anonymous6:25 PM

    you're hilarious! Well, there are worst things than to be obsessed with macarons - like being obsessed with them and not having any to eat!

  5. Oh, I totally agree with you...those primary-colored macarons do not look appetizing at all. Those colors should be saved for taffy and Skittles. ;)

  6. Anonymous9:51 PM

    mmmm I am fantasizng that I am biting into one of those chocolate macarons and its so delicate it crumbles on my lips and that marvelous chocolate creme fill mmmm . . . ah . . . this site is edging on cruel and unusual punishment!!! (yet I keep coming back) Thanks!

  7. I think I'll go stop by La Durée at lunch...

    I seriously like the still life you set up with the green tea things and the chocolat macarons. Lovely harmony.

  8. Thanks JennC - that's your devine soft Paris light = makes everything look ethereal IMO. I couldn't get enough of it- I took million of photos..well 800 total, not all still lifes true. But my one little window was on a court and you had to stick your head out to see a patch of sky. Go figure...I've tried to dupe it in NYC=NOT!! :(

  9. I went to Ladurée like I said.

    O.M.G! Heaven!

  10. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Do you think if I"m really really good this year that I might get one of your water color paintings for Christmas? They are so beautiful.

  11. hi carol, i am so lapping up every single last one of your macaron-centric posts - it is an object totally worthy of grand, no-holds-barred, passionate, borderline-pathological obsession (but then again, i would say that ;)) thank you, thank you, thank you, for making my day!

  12. Firstly, I love your blog. You have so much talent! :)

    I'm a huge fan of macarrons and there's one place (yes only one) in Manila that makes them well. It's a place called Bizu. My favorite is the lemon flavored one.

    I have yet to try one from the Bon Marche or Pierre Herme.

    I will definitely be coming back to visit! :)

  13. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Incredible macaron wanna-be's you spotted!! And that parchment sheet---- to die for!


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