Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Moleskine de Voyage #3

Carnet de VoyageLike bubbles in a champagne glass, lovely old things keep surfacing from the closet I'm still cleaning out. Stacks of sketchbooks, old macaron wrappers and now my travel Moleskines. I never leave home without a Mole. It's my religion. It's my addiction. Is there even a choice in the matter?

Carnet de VoyageI love the Moleskines with the graph paper. I'm always hoping/wishing those perpendicular lines will get my truly illegible handwriting/scrawl to straighten up. Man! even I can't read this. It's one thing when you scribble down an idea in the dark, but we're talking full daylight here!

Carnet de VoyageI also love the way the thin graph paper takes watercolor too -- kind of cheesy but it works for me...

Carnet de VoyageIs there a better friend to take with you to a museum ? Moleskines legitimize you while you sketch in front of a Renaissance masterpiece. I did these doodles at the La Nature Morta Italiano exhibit at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, 2003.
Someone brought in the catalog. He'd spent the entire summer in Tuscany. I freaked, ran out and got on a plane and got over there PDQ. And it was worth it. The most excessive, robust, rich still life painting you can imagine with Caravaggio as the highpoint.

Carnet de VoyageDoes anyone else cover their Moles with stickers? I've got "sticker madness". I can't stand a naked Moleskine. And I have a special passion for those French chocolatiers/pâtisserie stickers they paste down on anything you buy. They are complètement fou (nuts) with stickers too.
There's always an array of sizes and shapes. I wish I knew the French word for sticker. Merci Jennc informed me that the word is "Autocollants"

Carnet de VoyageMalheuresment, these stickers do not have the same shelflife as the Moleskine Notebook. They have a habit of curling up and falling off eventually. I wonder if my affection for these stickers is the same as travelers who pasted stickers all over their trunks and luggage? My Mole is my "trunk" full of travel souvenirs...


  1. sticker = auto collant

  2. hey wait... now that I think on it, I think auto and collant are glued together: autocollant.

    The "stickers" you like are gommettes.

  3. You lick gommettes! Liking them is optional.

    OK, I'll stop spamming your comments now...

  4. Hey Jennc you can spam all you want! :)
    Merci've no idea how I wanted to know that how do you ask a patisserie vendeuse may I PLEASE have one of your...stickers? Non, impossible. But now I have the correct word,
    Grand Merci!

  5. Ooops I meant to say also - no need to "lick" them at all. they have a gummy back and go on automatically..they fall off automatically too :(

  6. i love that you put all those stickers from the stores on the journals! they're adorable.

  7. Anonymous11:48 AM

    thank you for sharing your Moleskine obsession with us. I too have quite the collection of Moles, a journal, a daybook, a travel one, several random ones. I just wish I could paint and then I'd have lovely illastrated ones like yourself.

  8. OMG! I'm gonna spam again because after rereading my other comments, I realised that I was still not clear...

    "Gommettes" are those things you lick so that they stick. Like stamps in north america.

    "Autocollants" are stickers that are self adhesive. You pull off the backing...

    Sorry for being unclear.... ahem...

  9. OH dear...back to the Blogger editing dashboard. Best to be precise. Gawd if I said the wrong word in Paris patisserie..I don't even want to think of the consequences. Merci Jennc :)

  10. this is my new favorite. What can I trade you for a copy?

  11. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Paris Breakfast
    I love your sketch of the egg and confiture you put on here recently--I am busy planning my trips but I am going to bookmark your site so I can get a daily dose on the road! Keep those coming--I love them!

  12. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I just love these things you do ... thanks for sharing! I like to stick things on the cover of my Moleskines too. Usually I use "spray on glue" (don't know the english word) - it's the best... even for stickers.

  13. I love your "trunk full of travel souvenirs" I do the same, so great minds think alike!!! Your champagne glasses are gorgeous...keep painting, but more importantly....keep inspiring us all!


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