Thursday, August 24, 2006

Moleskine à Table

Remember when they used to say, take a book along when you go out to eat alone in a foreign city? Now that book can be a Moleskine. Moleskine to the rescue! The first place we went was for P'tit Dej' to the News Café on the corner of rue Vavin. Can 
you find the black and white dog in the picture?

Not only do you get street cred at the museum with a Moleskine along, but the Mole makes a fine friend to take out to dinner. Or to tea, or hot chocolate, or coffee, or anything. You may even get preferential treatment if they mistake you for a restaurant critic..qui sait? Here Mole is visiting Patisserie Aoki on 35, rue de Vaugiraud.

I certainly came home with huge bundle of choco samples from the Fancy Food Show in July, when I told them I write about chocolate on the NET. And you know I flashed my Moleskine about, scribbling madly to impress them with my street creds. Here we dropped into Angelina's, the Queen of chocolat chaud in Paris.

Remember when Filofax was king? I was seriously addicted to Filofaxes. In those days I was hooked on London too, so I had the newest pages before they hit US shores. The problem was, those finely ruled lines were so small. Meant strictly for orderly people, not me. It was a constant battle with those &^%$# fine lines. And I NEVER dared to paint or sketch in my Filofax. Sacrilege! Meant only for orderly activities like scheduling your minutes, your hours, your days, your life. The Moleskine on the other hand, lets you be YOU. It crys out, "have your way with me. Scribble, draw, collage, whatev." But I digress. My Moleskine's been everywhere in Paris even to Mariage Frères. And I have the stickers to prove it.

Another advantage of having a Moleskine along in a restaurant is, while you're waiting between the amuse gueule and the entré, you can, if you're in a generous mood, let your friends draw in it. They'll feel terribly grateful and creative and honored etc. Makes for a way happier meal, right Jean-Pierre?

Since my Moleskine got used to stepping out in Paris, I have to go to Le Pain Quotidien (Belgian) regularly in New York or her nose gets out of joint. She visited the Paris branch briefly so it feels homey to I have a choice?


  1. Hmm! I've read about Moleskin noteooks, but never bought one since I have drawers FULL of unused journals, before my addiction to computers. I obviously have to visit Wet Paint, an artist supply store, to check them out. In fact, the store would make a GREAT daily photo! Now, off for my daily latte and croissant. Live your blog. Talented woman!!

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    wow, i love the setting at Angelina's. So elegant yet comforting. And yes, when i go places alone [which is very often] i bring my Moleskine, to make notes in whilst i eat or sit on a park bench. they make a great companion.

  3. I draw too big for my moleskine - I like a bigger sketchbook even if they are a pain to carry.

    But I take my moleskine agenda everywhere. Notes, mini-scribbles, addresses, phone numbers, metro stops and directions. It truly keeps my messy mind organized.

    I embarass my friends by peeling off the labels of wine bottles where ever I go. I stick them on the outside of my moleskine until I can put them into my bigger collage sketchbook.

  4. Oh I love "your secret" Lady K..but wine labels are not easy to peel off. I can say that as a past professional. Do you carry along a kit or something? Interesting. Wven the bigger Moleskine is no good for you? Geee....I'm impressed.
    Angelina's yes a very swell place and best to go when it's not too busy, though it is fun to see what others are ordering and take pics
    Please get yrself a Moleskine toute suite Kate :)

  5. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I'm with Lady K, unable to draw in those tiny things. Well, yes, it is slender and chic and, in its little black dress, very Frenchish. Great post, PB.

  6. Great post and wonderful photos, I feel like I am sitting at the table.

  7. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Actually, I think your blog is
    quite funny, irreverent, upbeat, and entertaining. So there.
    Mr. Critique!

  8. O am in love with these cafe dishes. . .have alot of them around my kitchen. . .all mismatched.

    found you via farmgirlcyn and runaroundparis.

  9. I carry a A5 sketchbook everywhere I go.

    I don't always use it, but it's there, just in case. You never know when a good drawing/idea opportunity will arise.

  10. you would not want me to draw in your book!! Trust me! Though I love the glances, in your book, that you give us !!

  11. Oh, Angélina used to be my favourite salon de thé when I lived in Paris. It was delightful. What on earth am I doing in dreary London? LOL!

    Beautiful sketches! :-)

  12. great sketches - they have an urban cafe feel to them. I carry my moleskine(s) around with me everywhere. My husband teases me about the weight of my handbag - weighed down by 3 different moleskines for different purposes. whoever wrote (above) about peeling wine labels off and saving them - I'm curious too, how to do that -- in public -- without attracting a crowd. lol.

  13. I just noticed your mariage freres tea!!! I used to buy it in Hong Kong but the supermarket doesn't carry it anymore. *sob sob*

  14. Wine labels are easy to remove with a product called undo. Also goo gone will remove it. Just squirt a bit on the whole label and let sit for a minute or two....then start peeling off a corner and add a drop her and there as you peel....been saving wine labels for some time now...the corks are a bit lumpy for the moleskines.


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