Thursday, August 10, 2006

L'obsédée du MACARONS

This post is for the MACARON-obsessed.

Others need not apply.

If you google the word MACARONS you get 427,000 entries here.

Fauchon MACARONS come wrapped tightly first in a clear cellophane bag and placed inside the box - so they never get damaged till you eat them...

This is one BIG obsession.

Read Kuidaore's entry from Pierre Hermés book here. These towering macs are in Fauchon's Paris windows.

La Tartine Gourmande has another beautiful MACARON post. The macarons again. For general vicarious wasting of time while dreaming of all things Paris, MACARONS included, try Dessert First's photos on flickr. You can buy this tea set at Lenôtre and have macs every single day. Or you could go off to Pierre Hermé's pâtisserie school to follow your bliss.

Even Wikipedia is obsessed with MACARONS...Again about that Paris MACARON contest - June 1st, 2007 is the next event's date. Jean-Paul Hévin won again in the chocolate categorie. Ridiculous? No obsédée.

Fauchon 3 Macarons, 2006, watercolor,10" x 12"
Correction: my translation of Hermé's MACARON description was way off - "Une fine envelope croustillante, une forme rounde, légèrement bombée, de belle couleurs chatoyantes et un coeur moelleux..." - Chatoyante means that they caress, chatouille, that is to tickle the eye with their colours...Coeur moelleux means the center (le coeur, le coeur de la planete for example) Au cœur de ce projet, at the center of this project…
With all this MACARON research I'm almost over my obsession.

I just have to try out the macs at La Maison du Chocolat. I'll report back soon :)


  1. have you tried these at Payard? My Mom loves them!

  2. I am going macaroon shopping tomorrow! You can't stop me! I feel compelled by a force greater then nature!

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I remember those macaron plates at Fauchon! Wanted them so badly...I make macarons at work but only one color - I wish I could do a bunch like they do in Paris! I love your watercolor - such a lovely composition!

  4. Anonymous9:45 PM

    wow... i wish i were in your shoes! all your images are lovely and your watercolors are so perfect. Good luck in your quest!

  5. oh bless you for all the macarons! my favorite is pistachio. mmm.

  6. Anonymous7:48 AM

    More charming watercolor sketches here, PB, and gorgeous photos and great info. I'm being swept up in a tide of Paris Breakfast Obsessions and, I have to admit, I'm really enjoying it! Chocolat, macarons, Kremer pigments, David Dewey---so, dites-moi, where're we going next?

  7. Laura - I'm still stuck with Macarons..very tough. I have 2 boxes full from Payard(thanks to CIN) and La Maison Du Chocolat. I'm thinking of becoming a specialist "Macaron" painter permanent.
    Pinknest - what is a Pinknest? I don't have any pistachio in this batch :( Cassis, Vanila, Caramel, Chocolate and some other unidentifyable colors like violet from Payard..I love Pistachio too especially in gelato.
    Anita - which one color are you making? Bet it's chocolate..Thanks :)
    Cin-I'll let you know how the Payard ones are soon. Their shapes are a little funny-more individual I guess..
    Lady K-I'd like to be in your shoes getting macs in Paris rather than NYC...

  8. Goodness, this blog just keeps getting yummier and yummier.
    I love macarons, Laduree has some interesting flavors in addition to the usual chocolate, pistachio and cafe.

  9. Wow - this post is fabulous! I am visiting Paris next month, and plan to conduct my very own macaron taste-test!

  10. Anonymous11:35 PM

    mmmmmmm I love macaroons!!! I have never seen such variety! My mouth waters. Are you sure you don't need a "subject disposal technician"??? (smile)

  11. Astoundingly beautiful photos! There are no macarons in Oxford :(. Thanks for letting me know about the competition!

  12. you make my taste buds water! these are my favorite cookies, pistacho is the best, though the color is less thrilling. As always your paintings are parfait!

  13. oh carol, what an INCREDIBLE post; i'm swooning at your beautiful water colours which manage to magically capture the euphemeral beauty of a soon-to-be-eaten macaron! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous... :)

  14. I'm loving your mac posts!

  15. I just linked to your lovely post here:

    Sam from Maquette blog


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