Tuesday, June 13, 2006

rue Vavin 75006

If I go out my front door on 33rd street in NY, walk 3 minutes I can catch the N train.If I went out my door on rue Vavin in the 6th arr. walked 2 minutes I could be inside Jean-Paul Hévin's chocolate shop.The display cases seem lite from within.On the opposite wall there are giant Royal blue tea tins as in many chocolate shops in Paris. Most chocolatiers have their own distinctive brand colors. Hévin's colors are a combination of Royal Blue and a soft Marrón brown.
Here I can buy lunch - a salmon quiche and a framboise petit-four. Plus deliciously intense chocolates. I walk across the street and buy an ice cream cone from Amorino. A few steps further down and across rue d'Assas and I'm in the Jardin du Luxembourg (nicknamed Le Luco).Before I go catch the N train in the morning I have a cup of chocolat chaud from the Royal blue tin.
Add 2T of Hévin chocolate powder + 8T of hot milk.
= My 'madeleine'


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    my daughter and i are taking my 2nd only trip to NYC in august. any place you would suggest? when i was there last summer i found Mangia cafe for lunch. it was good.

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I love the picture which combines your watercolor with the real things! I had to stare for a moment before I realized it wasn't real but your art, it was so realistic!
    A question: have you ever had a problem taking pictures in stores, or do have a special arrangement because of your assignment? I never encountered much trouble but I always tried to be "surrepetitious" about it.

  3. YES! Anita and I'm rotten at being surrepetitious - most of the time I get blurr. Like the J-P Hévin tea tins. Even if I've get permission I get blur from nerves. Somehow at P.Hermé no blur? Too many people to care & I just relaxed & took exactly what I wanted. Thanks regarding the painting..it makes it more fun to throw things around it :)

  4. Also Anita, I take a lot of window shots before I go in...that way I know I've got something & I can get the mood of a place

    Laurie - I love Fauchon's on Park Avenue at 55th st. The Payard Cafe on Lexinton & 73rd is very French.Le Pain Quotidien is always fun & casual & they're all over the city.

  5. I love those blue tins.

  6. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Hello sweetie (as in "chocolate")
    Soooooo haaaaaaappy to see that you are once again on the airways, as it were. The site is lookin' REAL GOOD! Sounds like you had fun in Paree...and I love your art.
    Well...you already know that.
    s.j. boy

  7. Anonymous7:18 AM

    some Parisians are dreaming about HELL's kitchen and ONE new yorker regreats heaven's chocolatier....


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