Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dans Un Verre D'eau 2

I fell for this carafe d'eau last year and still yearn for it. It belongs to Angelina's. This trip only increased my love for the everyday things of Paris. Not just French glass that has me smitten. Those grey overcast skies that everyone complains of,
create the most beautiful lighting.
Low contrast lighting that makes for soft shadows with a hint of blue to them. Edges are softer too and more difuse.

I met this carafe at Fauchons for afternoon tea.

At L'as du Falafel, this bistro glass - I did bring two of these home last year.

I was passing café Dome in the Marais and spotted these simple drinking glasses on rue Saint Antoine.

I love these pastel cups and saucers and they look perfect on the deep Burgundy cafe tabletop.

Even though I paint all day with water, I still can't get enough of it.

Every other morning I rushed out at 6:45 am se jeter à l'eau - to throw myself in the water of the Piscine Saint-Germain. The pool is only open to the public between 7 - 8 am. The rest of the day belongs to les scolaires.I was trying keep ahead of all those chocolates and croissants gaining on me. I lost, but it was a refreshing battle.


  1. Carol, I miss you, come back to France. Okay, wait until I come back in September!!
    All this everyday glass, only yuo would see it as art and then lead us to see it as such!
    You amaze me, I am a happy lark to know you!!

  2. It's the lumiere Corey that makes everything look lit from within..to my eyes anyway :)

  3. What am I saying..to your eyes TOO!
    You're La Reine Lumiere.

  4. what a charming blog and a wonderful sensitivity to form. I'm so looking forward to reading/seeing more through your eyes.


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