Saturday, June 24, 2006

La Cuisine De Christiane

Back to Christiane's amazing cuisine (kitchen) in Anglet. It was designed by a Bordeaux cuisiniste at a Boutique Bulthaup named “Futur Intérieur”.
This is some sort of built-in pressure cooker !? No microwave I'm sorry to report. The “cuisiniste” does not approve. So I had to heat my morning chocolat chaud in an old fashioned pot on top of the stove :( In this blurry photo note the plastic-protected photos over the stove. What a hoot :)
Again the light (lumiere) in France can not be topped.
Everything looks like a Vermeer still life to me. Yet to be painted...


Parisbreakfasts said...

I forgot to mention all the Marriage Freres tea tins on the window sill of the 1st photo!!!

Anonymous said...

This super-high-tech kitchen looks to have stepped right out of Jacques Tati's, Mon Oncle -it's a '50s film but still the shoe fits. Try

Anonymous said...

J’ai envoyé la nouvelle version à Monsieur Vincent Grelier, le cuisiniste de Bordeaux, qui est un esthète.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had this kitchen !!! specially the gorgeious sexy ruby colour kitchenaid mixer...ahhh

C x

Luis Colan said...

this is a hit carol. We are all drooling over this kitchen. It is an awesome little space...I wish my kitchen had as much charm!


Parisbreakfasts said...

Well I'm glad you all like this kitchen...I tought it was pretty amazing. I was surprised that in such a modern futuristic kitchen you could still find beautiful still lifes-I'm always looking for something to paint I suppose :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful kitchen! I'm in awe.

simon said...

It must be a french thing. My friends kitchen is so similar, and the light (textures) through the window is living art.

She said " Here in Paris you don't need much to have much"

She is right.. :o)