Friday, June 09, 2006

La Vie En Rose 2

Chocolate Bouchee in Paris, 9"" x 11",
You see no end of PINK in Paris.
Particularly in shop windows (vitrine).

Patisserie shops love to throw PINK around liberally like Gérard Mulot and Dalloyau. Pierre Hermé is the king of PINK in Paris.
Fauchon is another king of pink and even gives you a pink receipt when you make a purchase.
 The cows have come to Paris. You can vote for your favorite Vach'Art here.

Is there so much PINK because of the constant grey skies (ciel gris)? Is PINK added into the mix as a cheering factor like ginger in a recipe? Of course it was the week before La Fête des Mères and a long weekend at that -- much to be happy about.
Me, I went next door and bought one pink Peony bud (la pivoine). I painted it in WN Permanent Rose over the next 7 days as it opened and bloomed.


Catalina said...

oh no! pink is everywere now! because flowers (roses, etc) and strawerries and "cerises"

Anonymous said...

I love pink! (although Fauchon pink is a little bright for me). I love the pink cow, and your watercolor is gorgeous!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Very pretty in Pink, I love it, pink is light, easy, gentle and giving!
I'll take any pink cake, well actually anything pink I'd take it!!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Anita- I heard that Fauchon just switched from pale pink to that deep fuschia...I have no idea why brands suddenly decide to change their established colors - very annoying :( Your mignardises look exquisite btw :)
caty - yes Paris was full of the whole range of reds & pinks right now =lovely for me. I never get such a strong color feeling in NYC...except St. Paddies day...hmmm...
Corey - I didn't know I loved Pink that much till Paris this trip

Anonymous said...

Very true! I saw a lot of pink in Paris patisseries windows!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Bea - I think PINK is a constant all the time in Paris. Anyway all colors look more intense there because of the predominant neutrals in the city - the buildings and on Parisian's backs IMO

Jill Smith said...

My colour is orange or red but after seeing pink yesterday l am slowley coming to like pink, love your pale pink as l have red hair and it goe's better with it.
I just wish we could order these beautiful cakes onlin even if they came a day late.
All l have is supermarkets cakes and l miss Paris hot bread and French custard cakes.