Thursday, February 21, 2013

To toss or not to toss...

Jeudi 21 fevrier Moving Day!
To toss or not to toss?
That is the question, when you're packing up and shipping out(to Paris today).So many articles tell you to separate from your old 'junk'.
Going through old photos and remembering Bear's birth date - sweet!
What about souvenirs from auspicious occasions like Paul Bocuse's MOF luncheon in Lyon?
Toss or keep?
And that tiny bikini from Brazil you're pretty sure you'll never wear again? Toss it?
Maybe because of all the macaron research you've been doing since? So hard to throw out macaron 'trash' isn't it?
It's hard to leave behind old favorite books too...
And old valentines by old artists who thought to honor you with fishy idea why
Do you throw out the sweet note Julia Child sent thanking you for her drawing?
How about your kindergarten report card?
'Carol doesn't like the drudgery of cleaning and she needs constant reminders to finish her job'.
How did she nail me so well back then...some things haven't changed much.
I admit I felt great pleasure kicking my old junk down the stairs! Out with the old and in with the new.
I better get back to finishing...
Or I won't make my plane this afternoon
Tick tock tick tock
Talk to you from Paris


  1. Oh I find this bittersweet!
    I would hate to toss treasures..I did last year..and I still have momentary regrets..
    After 40 yrs of lie as a family..couple....those stairs would be full of bags:(

    But I know you are on your wonderful journey..

    Love the report cards..:)

    Bon Voyage..Belle Vie Carol!

    Can't wait to read and see about it all.
    I like you:)

  2. Don't toss Julia Child's note! Omg, such hard decisions to make, I hope you've been able to keep some stuff in storage. That report card is astonishing - that teacher had your artistic talent nailed right back in kindergarten!
    Travel safely & looking forward to Paris reports. Bonne chance xx

  3. NOOOOO!!! Don't toss the note from Julia Child or the kindergarten report card, you'll definitely regret that. As for the rest, perhaps you can donate some of it instead of tossing? Have a wonderful time in Paris! xo

  4. I totally agree with Claudia...NOT the Julia Child note!!
    a bientot~Suzanne

  5. Julia Child's note!?
    This is a treasure!!
    Keep it! Keep it! :)

    And keep the Brazilian bikini, of course... or what will you wear when you are back here? ;)

  6. Bon voyage Carol!

    As you complete your current clear out, remember not to deny your future biographers important materials....

    May your next Parisian installment be even more fabulous than all that precede it. xo

  7. I love the kindergarten commentary... and all the rest! Wishing you wonderful adventures in Paris!
    Gina L

  8. Don't make me crazy -- you've got a bunker somewhere, and archive for all those treasures, bien sur.

    What a great adventure you're on. You are the one in a million who knows how to LIVE OUT LOUD.

  9. Having gone through a major home/life "purge" a few years go, I have one word for you: TOSS. I took truck loads of stuff to the thrift store. I gave away truck loads more. And I tossed even more than that.

    And I don't miss a thing.

    Going to Paris again? Keep!

  10. Bon Voyage and safe travel, Carol

  11. I am so excited for you, Carol. I haven't been around much but I am keeping up with you:) (Never throw out a note from Julia!)



  12. LOL..I meant life as a family..But it let me read your report card again:)


  13. OMG!!! Do I understand you are MOVING to Paris- not just visiting????

  14. How did I miss the fact that you are actually making the move??? I know I've been distracted but really. Congrats on this marvelous news I know it's going to be fabulous. Can't wait to hear your adventures full-time from the other side. Bon Voyage!

  15. Decisions ! decisions! Just take what you can fit in a file size box, which has to be your kindergarten report & Julia Childs note. I thought I had been ruthless when we left England but after 23 yrs I'm still throwing stuff away.
    Bon Chance Carol & 'a bientot'

  16. ;)) have a nice trip Carol ;)))thank you for all your posts xoxo Anita

  17. I am so envious right now! I hope you saved the note from Julia (frame it) and tossed the rest! Bon voyage!! Jeannine

  18. You are one brave girl, Carol!
    I wish you with all my heart that Paris will embrace you and make up for what you had to leave behind, and much, much more. You earned it.
    Warm hugs,

  19. I'm needing to toss and this post is a reminder to do so. Those size 6 jeans are never going to fit and what am I doing holding on to old ticket stubs? I've decided to scan in my tax back up early start to spring cleaning!

  20. Oh, Carol, how exciting! I love it--go for it! You'll find all sorts of new treasures in your new place. Have a wonderful time...xoxo the bikini has me cracking up. Love it--save that.

    1. Yes I saved the bikini...still waiting to get back into it hahaha

  21. Noooo! Not the note from Julia!!! If you're determined to get rid of it raffle it off here, looks like lots of ladies would love it. But I can't believe you're serious about not keeping it.

  22. Packing and sorting are definitely not the fun parts of moving. I know - I did it last year! I threw out a ton of stuff, and still have far too much. Oh well! But it's all worth it once you get to your new home. Can't wait to read about your new adventures.

    PS Love the picture of Bear's birthday!

  23. Great post: the opening sketch, Bear, the letters, & ahem, the bikini!
    It must have been an emotional ordeal to toss so much......
    Have a safe flight!

  24. Roxane11:27 AM

    Congratulations on your move! So exciting...looking forward to more of your wonderful posts directly from Paris!

  25. Your "trash" would be my treasure! Such beautiful memories and items. Wandered here by clicking through a couple of other people's blogs and so glad I did. I'm going to dig into your older posts now.

  26. Looking forward to your posts from Paris. Please let us know how long you plan to stay, how you found an apartment, and everything else! Some of us have to live that dream vicariously through your posts.

  27. Nikon...Soon u become Ruthless! :))

  28. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Did I miss something- did you make the decision to move to Paris???? I just moved and books were the hardest thing to figure out what to leave behind and what to keep - they are friends....Jeri

  29. Anonymous5:36 PM

    So know we could be friends! My husband made a great batch of macarons last week for our French coversation group. Bon voyage! So jealous! Cyndy. AKA Coco

  30. Anonymous5:39 PM

    You are moving to Paris?! How exciting! Please come visit us in nyc from time to time- I love your nyc posts..... Bon voyage Nancy

  31. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Carol, I enjoyed your blog immensely today (especially the report card...hope you kept it.) What incite your teacher had! Bon Voyage! Hope to see you in Paris this May!!

    1. Thank you Mary
      The kindergarten report made the grade...a good reminder :)

  32. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Now you have all those items on your blog so you haven’t thrown them out. I have friends who photograph magazine articles with their
    ipads and then they don’t have to save the paper. You could photograph your items.
    Just want you to know you are not alone. I look around me at all the things I have and wonder what I should keep and what
    should go.
    Have a wonderful time in Paris. When I read your posts I feel like I am there. When are you writing your guide book?

    1. Exactly my sentiments Elaine...why I put them out there

  33. Toss it all if it's holding you back in any way; that's my moto! Bon Voyage and take lots of photos. :)

  34. Sell the note from Julia Child as memorabilia then spend it in Paris. :)

  35. Anonymous11:49 PM

    I’ve spent the last 4 days sorting through boxes of miniatures to see what I can part with (on ebay) and what I have to keep. Next up is the collection of 100 or so boxes of books in the attic. Most are novels, most I don’t even remember reading, and will never read again. Thank God for the church rummage sale. And thank God for my iPad. I can read as much as I want and don’t need to store anything in my house!!!!!
    Safe travel, you lucky woman!
    All the best,

  36. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Bon Voyage! I love life changes. Just went through a big change too and know about tossing away the past! and beginning with the new. We sold our fabulous and wonderful art filled brownstone--with a chapel in our garden and my little Paris room-- and wonderful old bathtub with its cawl feet. Put lots of stuff in storage to go through and archive and also toss away--and moved into a smaller apartment with plans to move to Paris also. Thought of you as I had tons of Laduree and other fabulous shopping bags from various pâtisseries etc which a friend happily took. I did save my collection of macaroon boxes--keep my jewelry and things in them. The strand came and boxed up 25 boxes of books and an art book store dealer took a bunch too but I couldn't part with my Paris books-- and my collection of Feves but in a short time--more will be gone and we will be moving again to Paris (and I hope to find a bath tub there). Hope our paths will cross sometime.

  37. I'm a major minimalist/editor so toss everything, often even when would be of benefit to keep.

    But am always impressed with people who keep everything from childhood on. A curated life.

    Congrats on your terrific move. So exciting!!

    1. I'm with you FH!
      Out out out!
      And then in with the new!

  38. Oh I hope you kept most of those, clearly the kindergarten teacher knew you...

  39. Rose the Rat Terrier and I wish you the very best for your new life in Paris! xxoo

  40. "Her love of teasing carries her too far at times and she annoys the other children." THAT is very funny. And I can totally picture it.


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