Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mon Petit Valentin

Jeudi 14 fevrier Ma petit cho

There is something about anything petit that wins the heart/♥
Well this ♥ is easily won over by these petit feve of Hugo et Victor
I discovered that Guerlain has a plus petit version of their La Petit Robe Noire. What's not to love?
Maman et bebe ensemble

Petit striped Sonia gloves/gant = tres adorb

Pierre Herme has a well kept secret petit boite of bonbons de chocolat

The price has remained the same for ages petit10 euros and the flavors are as divine as ever

Another tiny treasure from the petit Limoge boutique next to Angelina

I've been thinking I'd like to paint petit plateau de petit dejeuner again.

 I used to paint all the time. I miss having those breakfasts in Paris. If you have a good shot of a petit dejeuner you want painted let me know.
A petit pup of the day




  1. Love breakfast---my favorite meal. Love all things miniature, too. I need to go walk by the Limoges shop next to Angelina. And perhaps bring home a Mont Blanc...

  2. I didn't see any petit Mont Blancs in the window...ahem

  3. Thank you for keeping me in almost constant touch with -- so many things. My own creativity, Paris, beauty, things that other amazingly creative people are doing (e.g. Rachel Khoo) and your own ability to pay attention and bring that attention to things worth noting.
    You make my day.
    (I learned about you through Vivian Swift.)

  4. Having trouble posting a comment, so I'm just testing this one hoping it will work !

    1. I will never get the sex right of those p'tits though :)

  5. You too:)Hope you are wearing your RED pin:) And scarf and lipstick:)and glasses:)Oh and ballerinas..and Bear? A little scarf also.
    I favor little things too..that small robe cute.
    I've been watching Robin Wright on House of Cards..she wears the petite robe noire perfectly.
    But I think all those characters could use a Red Riding Hood pin..RUTHLESS.

  6. Ok it's working now so this was what I wanted to comment.. Love your petit(e)post. I too love the use of the word petit, comme mes petits-enfants est tres adorable, mes ils sont pas petit en hauter. just trying writing some French haven't written any for a long time so please excuse my grammar. 'et en plus j'adore mon petit dejeuner' as my other half always prepares it for me :-)

  7. Small, pardon, petitl is beautiful, indeed!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Carol!

  8. Totes adorb indeed! Happy Valentine's day to you too :))

  9. Saw this & thought of you!

    1. I passed their windows yesterday -
      All black macaron towers - bazaar IMHO
      Didn't get it at unfun and funereal
      . Almost Victorian...

    2. Looked nicer in the article. Too bad. Slaves to fashion week!

  10. Rick Steves has a travel podcast and some time last Summer he did an hour about Paris with Olivier Magny of O Chateau, who gave a wonderful description of how when and why Parisians use the word 'petit'! Look for it. You will love it. As I love your posts.

  11. Adorable post! Love the little pup.


  12. I love your sketches, nice to see an extra one thrown in!
    My favorite photos are the Pierre Herme chocolates.
    I hope that you had a great V Day!

  13. What gorgeous little petits! Those PH petits look divine. Lovely post as ever.

  14. Petit has all kinds of advantages. For example, as I write in the chapter "Small Is Good: Les Petits Plaisirs" in Joie de Vivre (in case there are some newcomers who didn't see Carol's earlier post), here's an excerpt: "Do you wonder why the French aren't fat? Here's the answer: portions are petites.
    And why don't Frenchwomen get drunk when they imbibe at a dinner party? Because the glasses are never filled to the top as they often are in the U.S. Filling a glass up to the brim is a definite no-no!
    OK, got to go spend a lovely "petit moment" with my petite three-year-old granddaughter!

    Harriet Welty Rochefort

  15. Patricia and Eric12:02 PM

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and dearest Bear.
    We cannot express enough our gratitude to you for your lovely, creative, brilliant blog.
    Our beloved Paris comes to us each day through you.
    We are so grateful!
    Thank you!!
    With love and a thousand mercis,
    Patricia and Eric

  16. Well, here's a children's book for you: Le petit livre rouge, de Philippe Brasser, published in 2008. It's one of my FAVORITES & it covers petit & rouge for you! Sounds like you're going to be getting back to painting!

  17. sorry, the author is Philippe BrassEUR...

  18. charmante...Carol, I just received Danny Gregory's new Illustrated Journeys, and saw your beautiful things in it--nice profile! Congratulations!

  19. Anonymous1:01 AM

    The above painting of the little bird and croissants has been framed and hung nicely on my wall! :)


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