Monday, May 21, 2007

Des Petits Chiens Blancs...

I saw a lot of little white dogs / des petits chiens blancs in Paris last trip...
Here's a Westie on the Metro.
This white doggie was sitting in PAUL SMITH's shop window...
Another mannequine dog, not exactly white, but I saw these window dogs all over Paris.
The French are completemente fou /mad for their hounds..
My sister told of her visit to the French national monument,
Mont Blanc.
A French tourist was holding up her doggie to enjoy the view as well! :)
And chanteuse Marie Laforêt, wrote an homage,
La Valse des petits chiens blancs
Un petit chien blanc

Et son Nicolas
Couraient joyeux vers les champs blablabla...

Another white doggie waiting patiently and on guard outside a rue Vavin Boulangerie...
I'm showing you this doggie purse / notebook and pencil case again just because...
Another return to an irresistable white doggie...
This is Vodka, the inhouse doggie at the hair salon M. sent me to, to get damage control on my bad haircut. More on Vodka tomorrow...
I know you expect to see French desserts first thing in the morning while still in your pajamas, so here's a creamy white tart from Gerard Mulot.


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I’d love to see a recipe for the dreamy white tart and yes I was in my pajamas looking at the puppy photos!
    Made me laugh.

  2. TERI
    True I gave you my so-called "recipe" for hot chocolate. But that's as far as it goes.
    High-end Paris pastry chefs like Gerard Mulot are way out of my realm of cooking.
    Truth to tell I don't bake at all :(
    I do paint...

  3. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I'm still in my PJ's and it's 10:45! I love it. I have found wonderful chocolate and tea boxes at my near-by TJ Max store. I even snagged a Maxim's box last year. It's the poor woman's visit to the exotic, I guess. Have you tried Coppers? Chocolate covered espresso beans. Talk about a kick. And they don't need any heating up.

  4. Too adorable! Little white dogs have a special place in my heart...thanks for finding so many!

  5. oh, sigh, just when I am on my diet, too!!!

    Good thing I love the dogs, they will have to do for now. The dogs are so well behaved in Europe, they can go anywhere!!

    Thanks for the dogs and the tart (!!) and the fun this early morning.

  6. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I love these little white doggies!
    So Paris in their way...
    And the tart down't hurt either :)

  7. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Oohh, I like the tart to the right...definitely has a coffee look about it. What is it? Gorgeous puppies, too!

  8. Anonymous2:21 PM

    My Gooness... I love it here... I am so glad I found you.. Your post about cherries brought me here...How delightful! xxo

  9. Give me the tart any day. I had a Bichon Frise that used to drink it's own pee. Seriously!

  10. Di
    It's quite a common practice to drink pee for medicinal purposes...
    Though I myself have never tried it out...

  11. such cute little doggies....oh, not to mention the dessert......

  12. I too sit here on a winters day here in Australia in my PJ'S (pyjamas) or Jim Jam’s as we call them, reading your posts on Paris """" just another shy! of dreaming, wishes of one day to see it all!! but through your eyes has been simply wonderful, thank you.

    Your blog is a delight (a little like that chocolat!!) ((smiles))

  13. Why do the French love dogs so much?
    Coincidentally, my post today is about a white dog!

  14. You made me go search for a little bit of Paris in Vienna! :-)

  15. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Did you see a poodle with a pink bow?


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