Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thank You Chocolate & Zucchini !

An Orchid for Clotilde, watercolor, 5" x 7"
Yesterday I got to meet Clotilde Dusoulier and I was not wearing my pajamas.
Clotilde was signing her brand new cookbook, Chocolate and Zucchini: Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen at Dean & Deluca in Soho. 
Un Café au Carré, photograph by Clotilde Dusoulier  Photograph by Clotilde Dusoulier © I found the perfect picture that captured all the intimacy of a Paris cafe breakfast- I followed the photograph back to it's owner and discovered my first blog, Chocolate and Zucchini in October 2005.I found a new friend and a window into everyday Parisien life (while still in my P-Js).Most of my photos of Clotilde are blurry :(
It's one thing to steal a shot of a macaron cart in Galeries Lafayette, but it felt invasive taking pictures of someone I'd only met in my pajamas...
I did take this shot of another C&Z fan. Clotilde is every bit as refreshing, natural and charming as you would imagine from reading her blog. And her cookbook is every bit as engaging and addictive.
It's full of the same sweet, funny stories. Clotilde took all her own food photographs making her book much more personal. It's the perfect size for reading in bed too. We all got to taste the real Chocolate and Zucchini cake! The recipe is on page 166...
Thank you Clotilde for sharing your life with us, your wit, your special point of view. How many other readers were so inspired by you to start their own blogs?
Many I'll bet. Here's the funny thing...
Most mornings now, while still in my PJs, still over hot chocolate, I'm busy painting and writing Paris stories to tell you, dear readers. Some of you even think I live in Paris (I wish!) F
unny thing is that sometimes I get emails from you telling me how you read Paris Breakfasts over coffee while still in your pajamas...So thank you Clotilde Dusoulier!
~And have a GREAT BOOK TOUR :)


  1. It's so amazing the connections that we make while blogging and then how we come to inspire each other. I love C&Z as well and have made some of her recipes and blogged about it. I'm glad that you had such a wonderful time. Plus congratulations on you upcoming exhibit!

    And I got something wonderful and beautiful in the mail yesterday... Thank you! I'll be doing a post soon! And like the song says "It's delightful, it's delicious, it's de-lovely."

  2. I really do hope you are not in your pajamas when you read my blog. I am English therefore I always have on my tiara and evening gown when reading yours. And you are drinking HOT CHOLOLATE whilst I am sipping TEA?
    Hey, congrats on the Cafes Richard exhibit.

  3. Hi Carol! I've been reading your blog since you started, but I haven't commented in a LONG time... And when I did comment way-back-when, I hadn't yet started my own blog either. I'm still working on my own inspiration and which direction I'm going with my own, but for the time being I just write about what's on my mind...

    Thanks again to you for such an inspiring blog, for your beautiful work. I agree that Clotilde is also SUCH an inspiration, and I'm so thrilled for her book release and her blossoming success -- with much more to come! I can't wait to get her book myself... I love her recipes!

  4. THANK YOU Late Bloomer :)
    As Anali says, we're all connected.
    I like the Marcel Proust saying on your blog-
    "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

  5. What a lovely post honoring Clotilde. She is an inspiration; I always enjoy reading her posts and anticipate her innovative recipes. How lovely for you to have met her. 'Course, you're pretty inspirational yourself.

  6. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Carol, You are, as always, so inspiring in sooo many ways. Question: the watercolor book you recommend on your site is "no longer available." (Amazon) Could you share another book recommendation, s'il vous plait?

  7. Thanks Suzette
    The Watercolor Book by David Dewey is the one I reccommend and it is still on Amazon :)

  8. Congratulations on your exhibit of Cafe Richards cups. Your paintings of cups are always so lovely and delicate. I really enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  9. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Hello Carol

    I am the blond girl with the glasses that was behind you in the line at Dean & Deluca, and apologize for the blurred picture of you and Clotilde... Luckily someone else took a picture it seems. I was actually not sure the pics came ok, and then I came across your blog from C&Z. I am sorry!
    BTW your blog is great.

  10. What a sweet story about how you discovered Clotilde and C&Z. Hers was also one of the first blogs I found , along with Domestic Goddess and Orangette, and I've been hooked since. I was so thrilled when she got published and cant wait to get a copy of the book. :) It's so nice that you have met each other before, and then again now.

  11. Melanie I took that photo of the C&Z fan. I wasn't bold enough to get my picture taken with Clotilde, though I wish I had been...

    Christine This was the FIRST time we actually met. All the other times were at my computer. I suddenly felt like I was going to burst into tears..
    It's funny how you get to know someone vicariously and how important they can become to you...

  12. Anonymous8:53 AM


    I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and adore your watercolors & your petite glimpses of Paris. In fact, my Paris dreams look alot like yours!
    I just had to grin today -- I was in MY pajamas sipping coffee as I read your blog about C&Z!
    I think I was probably in my pajamas when I discovered your blog as well! (since that's my usual MO.)

  13. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Very touching homage to Clotilde!
    South Jersey Boy

  14. I'd love to see your exhibition of watercolors! ...of cups!...

    I'm in my pjs now. :)

  15. Anonymous4:44 AM

    I love your tribute to Z&C
    So beautiful and much more...

  16. Most days I meet you in my pajamas....and I think if we were to meet one day, I would wear my pjs...I drink my coffee in the morning being mesmerized by your art..
    Lucky girl to meet Clotilde. She gave me the blogging bug too!

  17. HELEN
    Maybe we need to have Bloggers Pajama Get-together?
    We can invite she writes + cooks in her PJs :)


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