Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bergdorf's Bleu et Blanc

31 Mars 2007, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Just about 2 months ago Claire had me over for Sunday petit dejeuner.
Her new grandson, Tado, had been babtised the day before and she asked me to paint a watercolor.
It's tradional to give guests at the babtism a little momento - This pale blue box of draggee / almond candies was the gift. I tried several different setups using C.'s blue and white china. In the end they looked too complicated, even with yellow bird.
While combing through some pictures yesterday I found these Bergdorf Xmas windows from 2005.Full of blue and white china.And manikins having a tea party.I couldn't resist...showing you even if it is May.


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    OH MY...I cant beleive I am saying this but I LOVE all this blue and white today. The Pictures are fantastic. This from ME the Pink lady. ;-)
    You out did yourself today!
    Cris in OR

  2. First peak at your painting, and I went "Oh, my goodness, Carol's done it again!". Take my breath away, that is. White and blue really becomes you. :-)

  3. Lovely post showcasing my favorite color combination in the kitchen! I'm writing this as I sip some Jardin bleu tea in a dainty blue chintz-design cup :-)

  4. I LOVE that blue painting. You are a clever girl. Blue and White is so restful you have done me the power of good today. Thanks

  5. Anonymous1:20 PM

    My Grannie collected blue and white too...
    I have a few of those lovely pieces

  6. Anonymous4:04 PM

    fun to look as always.

  7. Anonymous4:06 PM

    This is so lovely. Beautiful. I love the shadow underneath the ribbon.

  8. I LOVE painting blue and white things MERISI
    Or should I say I love Cobalt Blue pale and will jump at any opportunity to use it.

  9. I often sneak in on your "breakfasts". They are really lovely. Give me the lust to paint. So now I will let the laundry stand there, unfolded, and act on the spur of the moment...

  10. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Ooooh--it's Grandma's "Blue Willow" pattern--a set my grandmother gave me, with a matching tablecloth...always makes me think of her when I see blue/white. And always love that combination. Nice job!

  11. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Your friend is going to be very pleased withher requested painting.
    Tado will never be blue, and certainly his cup will runneth over.
    Perfect Carol!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous.
    Their windows are divine
    Your postings elegant and itis always a pleasure to come to visit!


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