Monday, September 09, 2019

Map of Paris, Les Bouquinistes des quais map

PBer Bonnie was surprised I had never done a map of les Bouquinistes /booksellers along the Seine(sent out last week btw).

But I only started sketching them this summer. Plus chatting with bouqiniste B.near Pont Sully (who appears on the map 5x - find her).
Call me a copycat but I bought her men's denim jacket at the monthly 1st-Sunday Vide Grenier at Jussieu last weekend (a mere 5 bucks). Most of the open air booksellers have a command of many languages. 

Marquis de Ravel AKA MATHIAS even speaks Chinese. His terrific figurative sketches are on offer as well as his specialty, French history books. 

He mentioned that my book readers reminded him of Le Petit Prince with their flying scarves. 

Paris' bouquinistes used to line the Pont Neuf back in the 1600s. 

During the French revolution when the great mansions were vandalized their libraries often ended up  on the outdoor shelves of the bouquinistes. Looking at the old photos and today, not so much as changed.

This is an element of the old Paris anyone can enjoy by simply by strolling along the quais of the Seine between 10 and 6 pm. And its free to browse. In 1992 UNESCO designated the booksellers a world heritage site. Say, "Bonjour" as you would inside any French shop before browsing or taking pictures. And buy a book bag (5€). They lead rather eclectic lives being outdoors most of the time yet are quite friendly. 

Lots of fun stories to tell too. B. told me she and her friends used to walk right inside any of the big houses on the Ile Saint-Louis other side of the bridge. There were no digi-code plaques back then to deter them. 

The September Paris letter went out in la poste today. Hooray🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼fingers crossed (Please Mr/Ms US Post person) may they 💌 arrive during September without a hitch 🤞🏼🙏🏻🤞🏼 Thanks for reading and sharing Parisbreakfast. Paris letter and maps subscriptions + watercolors are in my Etsy shop. With love💋from Paris🐻📚


Bonnie said...

L❤️VE! your new denim jacket! I have to admit that when I first saw Parisiennes in denim jackets I was shocked. But like everything that they wear, they make them look so chic. When I returned home I resurrected mine from the back of the closet!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Love at first sight. I had to have one!!!
Lucky to find one in good shape for a pittance too.
Brit brand Cooper

Rob said...

Nice to see that even bears are participating in la rentrée...back to school!
Wonderful September Map, Carol!

RP said...

Are you selling originals of the Bouquinistes with Notre Dame in the background? The second to last image. Thanks.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thanks for asking Robin,
I will do some in the future for sure,
Right now I'm going to Maine to paint for a week starting tomorrow.
Soon as I get back 🎨

Blaine said...

Your drawings are awesome.
So whimsical and playful!!

Judy said...

LOVE Les Bouquinistes map -you put me right there!

ArtistLady said...

You've even captured the birds and dog reading, Carol. :-)))) What fun.
Your blog always makes my day!

Jeanie said...

The bouquinistes are one of my favorite parts of Paris. I wouldn't miss going by them for the world and always end up with something, even if it's small. I love your interpretation of them! It says it all!

Carolyn said...

That water color of the book stand with the fabulous people is just over the top!!

La Table De Nana said...

I always feel young in a denim jacket..fitted or em.
I too love all the red've been having fun:)Have fun with DD:)