Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Mother’s Day, Giverny, Impressionnistes

I’m going to the
Orsay Impressionnistes exhibit today.

Red tulips with small sketchbook of tulip drawings
A visit to Giverny 
to amuse you till the Orsay report is ready

Green Doorstep of Monet’s house in Giverny
Are you thinking yet about Mother’s Day gifts 🎁 coming up in May?
Illustrated Paris map of flower shops
Paris florist 🌸 letter would be lovely.

A garden view at Giverny
Garden view from Monet’s veranda
Monet’s artist studio
Giverny is 45 minutes from Paris. 
Go to Gare Saint Lazare. At Vernon take the shuttle bus outside the station on the right (10 minutes - 8€ R/T) to Monet’s house
More details here.

Monet’s sitting room in Giverny
I usually don’t go inside. Too crowded. 
Monet’s blue tiled kitchen
But it’s beautiful & serene.
Window view at Monet’s houseThe vieout the window are like Impressionnistes paintings 🖼️ 
Person wandering in Giverny gardens
Seeing the gardens from the house gives you a different perspective.
 Illustrated watercolor map of Paris parks
Paris gardens letter for Maman peut-être/perhaps?

Floral Walkway in Monet’s garden
 Arrive around 2pm when the tour buses have fled the premises.
Flowered aisle in the garden
Not so crowded in the afternoon.
Pink cherry blossom branches hanging down
The flowers change monthly. check Giverny’s schedule.
Pink teacup with pinkribbons
Think pink for Maman?
Black and white old photo of Monet
Monet surrounded by his gorgeous blooms.
A Monet letter from Paris 
could be a nice reminder of a visit to Giverny 🌸

Pink building with green shutters at Giverny
Giverny has one of the loveliest gardens don’t you agree?

Monet painting of waterlilies
Wish I could paint 🎨 like Monet. Who doesn’t?

Photo Paris letter envelope with souvenirs of Paris
You can Subscribe or renew Paris letters 

Woman holding a Paris letter reading
And get a personalized small bonus watercolor.


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Lovely seeing Giverny in the springtime sun with no crowds. Lucky you.

    1. Anonymous6:48 AM

      It is all a matter of timing ⏱️
      The tour buses arrive early!

  2. Bonnie L8:56 AM

    Wonderful tip to go to Giverny late afternoon! Merci, Carol. I went to Giverny as part of a bike tour…we rode bikes from the train, picnicking along the Seine. Lovely experience. I would go back in a heartbeat. Next time, late afternoon, bien sur!

    Your Floral, Impressionist, Park et al letters are gorgeous! They will make lovely Mother’s Day gifts. ❤️

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Thanks Bonnie 🌸
      Giverny is one of those last minute trips it’s easy to do from Paris 🎀

    2. Anonymous12:21 PM

      In 2007 my sister & I, her daughter & my 2 daughters did that bike tour also. It was lovely, a highlight of our 2-week stay in Paris.

  3. When I was there you couldn't take interior photos, which just killed me in the kitchen! I'd return in a heartbeat but till I can, this is a fine visit!

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      They changed that rule thank goodness 🙏

  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Visiting Giverny was a dream come true! The house is lovely and you can imagine having a meal in the yellow dining room or having tea in the kitchen area. It was as if the family just left and you have stepped down into the living room to see if anyone is still there. I have been to this area two times and each experience was slightly different in that the flowers had changed slightly. The pond across the way and the plantings are also spectacular. Thank you for bringing back lovely memories; I have revisited via books these days.

    1. Anonymous11:21 AM

      They change the flowers every month 🌸

  5. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I once got there early, when they first open and got to see the October dahlias all to myself. Then the tour buses arrived !!
    Love your springtime view of one of my fav places.
    Thank you so much for gracing my walls with your lovely watercolors!

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      It’s amazing Ann
      I stayed for a week with a painting group, ART COLONY GIVERNY & Caroline Nuckolls. The gardeners would let us in at 7 am. No one was there and we could paint.

  6. I've visited a couple of times, and Giverny is always lovely!

    1. Anonymous4:58 AM

      I must hop on a train and visit Giverny soon!!

  7. Barb Tingley6:39 PM

    Thank you Carol for the tour of lovely Giverny. I had no idea it was so close to Paris. Always wanted to go. Next trip, skipping Versailles for Giverny!

  8. Thanks for the Giverny trip! Lovely to see the spring flowers. When I went there it was summer, I followed your advice and went in the afternoon and it was great. My computer background is a photo from this garden and it’s lovely, a nice distraction from doing work, ha ha!


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