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City-Pharma & Cafe Deux Magot

Some wise travelers know Paris is a Mecca for makeup and City-Pharma is their bargain land Holy Grail. At 26, rue du Four 75004
I met up with two clever ducks Cheryl & Debbie on Tuesday because they'd ordered the
6-pack of Paris Letters and wanted to pick them up while in Paris (instant gratification). 
(This is a repost from 2015 with additions)

They raved about the goodies they bought at City-Pharma & shared a bed-shot of their haul. Yum Yum
I pass the corner of rue Bonaparte & rue du Four dozens of times but rarely go inside. Have you been?
I’m always mystified by French cosmetic. I don’t put anything on my face but cold water 💧 & a dash of makeup, when I remember. Well that's changed. Fr girls don't put water 💧 on their faces because of the calcite.
It's best to go early as possible. CP opens at 8:00 🕗 everyday but Sunday.
Other customers seems to know exactly what they want and are busy checking off lists like Santa 🧑‍🎄 
The only shopping bag I ever filled to the brim was full of macarons...hmmm

I love gazing at French packaging.
Aren't these bottles pretty?
At last a product I know thanks to Veronique Marot who said I must get Bioderma Crealine H2O to remove makeup. I still have a few drops from the bottle I bought 10 years ago after my photo shoot with Carla Coulson and Veronique. Time to replace. City-Pharma has bargain bins, so I picked up Bioderma for 2,98. Clean off your makeup at night with this stuff & you’ll be like a newborn in the morning 
Everyone swears by Nuxe so I invested in a gift trial pack. Their ads in the shops say,  
"Je suis Prodigieuse"
Which rimes with religieuse (not so hot for the complexion :-))
Here's my haul. I was looking for baby powder and grabbed liniment instead(1,98). Most toothbrushes cost a fortune in Paris. 
At City-Pharma only 1,90€. 
Chewing gum too is pricey. Here just 1,98. 

One big problem with City-Pharma is the lines to pay. The downstairs line goes round the corner.
17 caisses (cash registers) up one flight 

And you can get prescriptions filled, but it's still super crowded.
While searching for non-existent baby powder I was directed to the back & down the stairs.
I discovered a short, fast line & a back entrance. Shhhh🤫
I convinced Cheryl and Debbie to go to a café for a coffee ☕️ a
 short walk from City-Pharma.
Deux Magots is one of my favorite cafes in Paris and they couldn't be nicer. Espec for a cafe crème, a divine croissant and jam.  Deux Magots is the perfect place to unwind after examine your treasures at City-Pharma
Uh oh 😦 Yesterday’s post The Paris Walk went out in the wrong format & you missed a lot of excellent info. Take another look please.


  1. I love all cosmetics..creams etc..French products are readily available in our pharmas.That Nuxe set was a deal.I like it don't love it.Like Caudalie mist everyone loves.I hate the scent lol.Most buy too much..not you..but yes moi.Not necessary.

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Yes Monique 🤣 I don’t buy too much…like zero
      But I like to look 👁️
      Like Chauncey Gardener said (watch)

    2. Anonymous10:30 AM

      You really know how to capture a ritual for many of us when we go to Paris! I love your drawings and photos and captions that tell a story and introduce trends or traditions to newbies and seasoned visitors. Merci.
      The professionals who work at these pharmas are often very helpful and will give you their opinions and diagnosis of problems you might have and then refer you to a product. I find it to be a fun visit a cultural museum!

    3. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Hmm…I never thought of asking for advice…Bon idée! 🙏

  2. City Pharma sounds like a fun spot. I'm like you -- only water for cleaning the face. But the prices sound very good. Even better? Deux Maggots! Now I'd be happy to wipe a dribble of that croissant off my face!

    1. Anonymous11:05 AM

      Oh you’re too funny Jeanie 😂 🥐

  3. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Love the cosmetic and skin care binge when in France! It is best to have a list because it is confusing at times. Nuxe in a small set is super. There are many items you can't get here in the US due to various regulations but can bring them home. Thank you for this post and another reason to travel.

    1. Anonymous11:09 AM

      That’s it. You need a list. You need to be organized…like visiting the art supply store - my City-pharma 🎨

  4. Bonnie L1:00 PM

    I don’t bring shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes et al, in my luggage anymore. I go to CityPharma the first day for essentials. Prices are great, and yes you must have a list. An employee will almost always take that list out of my hands and fill my basket. They are very helpful.

    When I had pneumonia while staying in Paris, I placed an order online (they have Vicks Vapo-rub🥳), and my honey went to pick it up. Everything in a bag with our name on it. Yup, I’m in the CityPharma fan club!

  5. Dorrance1:06 PM

    Yikes! You’re killing me with that Deux Magots breakfast photo! ❤️

    Where’s the link to your Etsy shop?!? Did I miss it? That breakfast watercolor is awfully tempting!

  6. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Carol- Have you considered doing placemat sized Paris watercolors? Then they can be laminate and actually used at placemats. Those I might need.

    1. Anonymous12:18 AM

      I tried it out once. It’s not easy to go into placemat manufacturing. If some company wanted to licence my images I would be delighted 🙏

  7. Mimi C5:50 PM

    "Yes!"to Deux Magots, but not so crazy about City Pharma. I have been in a couple of times for vitamins, and everyone there was very helpful. I don't buy expensive creams or other products. My cleansing routine is totally Clinique, very simple.

  8. Anonymous2:26 AM


  9. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Wonderful post. Love CityPharma! The staff is very helpful, and prices are good on French lines, like Caudalie, Roger+Gallet, et al. Lovely post! And wonderful idea to follow a trip to CP with a stop at Deux Magots..........


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