Sunday, January 30, 2022

Valentines ❤️ Day ideas ?

This week I went out researching
 Valentine letter ideas but let’s face it, I’m too early.

Only the perfume companies are ready. They probably plan years in advance. Chanel has this lovely, light, delicate new red No. 1 L'eau Rouge Body Mist  made from red camellia water.

has a rather suggestive poster out in bus stops for his três originally named, Flower.

My local corner flower shop is thinking Valentines maybe❤️ They have bevies of pink, red and white cyclamens. I bought a pink. They said it only needs water 1 X a week 🤞🙏

I went looking for reds in the Marais and bought this ❤️ Heart-shaped cookie, which isn’t red at Pain du Sucre.
They also had a raspberry and rose 🌹 pastry which I admired from afar.

Belgian Pierre Marcolini always has his caramel-filled little chocolate hearts❤️ every year. You can buy just one and try it❤️

Which put the mad idea in my head to run off to Brussels, home of Belgian chocolates, for ❤️letter ideas this week!

But…and a big but. All Thalys trains are canceled until 13 Feb 😬 Wouldn’t that have been fun 😊

I put up some other Valentines if you’d like to receive lovely early bird ❤️mail 💌📮 from Paris.

Meanwhile, Monoprix is ready for the year of the tiger 🐅 on Tuesday.

Meanwhile Prada has a popup if you want to wear Emily’s bucket😊
Meanwhile, yesterday I went to rue Montparnasse to do Chandeleur/pancake/crepe research. 
And meanwhile I painted some ‘bonus’ watercolors for new letter subscribers!
Stay warm dear PBers, those of you who are digging out from 2-4” of snow ⛄️  hourly ❤️💋🐻🌹
PS if you have any good ideas for a Valentines letter put em in the comments (as anonymous if Blogger is stubborn). You could win a letter from PARIS! ❤️💋


  1. I am impressed with all of the choices available in Paris for Valentines Day! But then it is the city of LOVE!
    Your photos are marvelous and those water colors are so soft and lovely.
    That crepe you had looks delicious . Does it go well with buttermilk?❤️

  2. How about Cupid for Valentine’s Day. Kay in Virginia

  3. We started to see Valentine stuff almost the day after Christmas. How about old fashioned lacy valentines with white and red flowers, hearts and bows and arrows?

  4. Wanting a valentine for COVID shut-ins.

  5. Hmm…Paris is such a romantic city. Perfect for Valentines Day. It’s fun to imagine what we would do…IF we could be in Paris this year. Breakfast in bed in a Palace Hotel? Then a shopping spree…Chanel? Hermes? Chantal Thomass for sexy lingerie? Lunch…people watching at Café Flore or Deux Magots? Afternoon at Luxembourg Garden feeding the ducks macarons from Laduree while children guide their sailboats? Dinner at the Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower, sipping champagne as the lights of the city come on all around you? Then a slow cruise on the Seine on a Bateau Mouche? Returning to your room to find a red rose on your pillow…sweet dreams. Sigh…

  6. Candace4:01 PM

    Paris is the most romantic of cities….why don’t you sketch some of the special spots people LOVE in Paris?You know, the bridge of locks, the Vert Galant tiny park where it is perfect to romance, a private alcove in the Luxembourg gardens or at Butte Charmants……couples seem to love holding hands in Paris, and leaning towards each other over the cafe tables…..all very intimate!

  7. Maybe most romantic places in Paris?
    Locations of movie kisses?

    Can’t wait to see your map in any case!

  8. We could use some elegance & excess around here !
    I do my part!

  9. How about pictures of people wearing red: snowsuits, parkas, hats, mittens?
    Or red lingerie on display at Printemps etc.?

  10. Love the letter! What’s with the red rhino on the sidewalk?

  11. Seen on the walls of the Pompidou museum?!
    Qui sait 😊

  12. GA…Bretons drink buttermilk or cider with their crepes. Nice and tart too.

    Gee Bonnie…you need to become a travel consultant! Such good ideas. Such a romantic❤️
    I think I would make it an all-truffle day…

    Everyone else thinks Paris is the city of love. It really is the city of children. France has the highest birth rate in Europe. Everything is geared towards kids, which are the result of all that love ❤️ so maybe the same thing.

    Sukicart, the French appear to buy more chocolates, desserts, lingerie and flowers then actual valentine cards in my opinion…although la poste does put out a new stamp every year for Valentines..

  13. Judithm: send me an email 💌

  14. Your blog keeps getting better and better. I love you observations on fashion.
    À bientôt,

  15. How about a valentine greeting from your interior of home, the ins-and-outs of your set-up, the watercolor- art table, what you see from your window (there is a French painter who painted lots of interiors-cannot recall his name), Bonnard?

    Maybe the simple pleasures....what is on your bookshelf and I adore postmarks and postal stamps---anything new going on at the French P.O.?

    I love your stuff BTW!

  16. Well whatever you do, it will be grand!

  17. I think it's time to get my Valentine's Day stuff out -- not a lot but use it or lose it, right? It's so much prettier in Paris stores!


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