Sunday, January 09, 2022

La Galette du Coeur, La Galette des Chefs, St Germain des Près


Every January, I look forward to the annual Saturday morning pastry chef soirée. 

It’s always held outdoors at Saint Germain de pres. Usually quite chilly and yesterday rain was predicted. 

But that didn’t stop dedicated galette seekers from showing up.

Its a chance to get your paws on some of Paris' top pastry chef’s galette des rois/Epiphanie kings cakes, all funds donated to the charity 

Every year there is a giant galette des rois made by major Paris catering company, Potel et Chabot . Take a look at their website. Wow!

This year’s big galette had a chocolate filling rather than the usual almond frangipane. Ki
ds get it free and grownups pay 2€. The translucent crown 👑 was made of a sucre/sugar a kid told me…after I touched it and got sticky fingers 😮

The variety of fillings and decoration on the kings cakes is daunting. 

These were the biggest gold 👑 crowns I’ve seen yet. 

There is a limited number of cakes from each chef or hotel on offer so competition can get fierce. 

Some interesting ‘lewks’ at the gathering…most toute en bleu marine with a some exception. 

This year a fève/charm dealer showed up. The bear 🐻 was calling my name but I resisted 😬

Every year they serve up steaming bowls of traditional garbure soup, a warming, hearty soup/stew from the Pyrénées.

These two gents
 will tell you (in French) how to make it yourself. 

Of course during the week I was running around gathering galette research, mainly at Lafayette Gourmet, since so many pastry shops have stands (Yann Couvreur, Pierre Hermé, l’Eclair du Genie, CinqSens Paris, La Glacerie, Chez Meunier, Dalloyau, Marcolini, Alain Ducasse, Jean-Paul Hévin to name a few). 

As hinted previously January’s Paris map is on the Galette Des Rois. Tadum as the French say. 
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  1. How irresistible…so many galettes des rois…so many choices! Did a galette go home with you?? The fèves are adorable, as is your Galette Map. Love the bears living it up with their galettes!

  2. Sybille11:46 AM

    It’s all BEAUTIFUL❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️

  3. Your map is great! 👏🏻👍🏻
    LOVE the bears🧸

  4. These big Gobelin bears are all still over Paris..
    I saw one in Vet’s window holding a bottle of champagne 🍾
    On rue Babylon in the 7th of course…posh

  5. What a fun event. All those galettes to choose from plus the anticipation of finding a feve. It’s nice they donated the proceeds to charity. The soup looks mighty tasty, too! Looking forward to that adorable map!🗼👑

  6. Michael12:59 PM

    WONDERFUL Post !

    Wish I was in Paris this week !!

    Bonne Année,

  7. Thank you Michael!
    I will do my best to keep sending Paris posts

  8. I would have loved to spend Sat at the event eating soup and tasting galettes (it would have been perfect for our 56th wedding anniversary). Thanks for celebrating for me, Carol, and making me smile today. Wish I could eat the map when it arrives. Hugs.

  9. That sugar crown is unbelievable. This looks like such fun and tasty, too. I think I would have bought soup to take home for dinner, though it looks pretty brisk right where you are!

  10. Oh Suki! I should have added some galette crumbs (there are many in pâte feuillette!) in your letter 💌 !!

  11. Miam! This looks like so much fun! It’s been 40+ years since I’ve celebrated my birthday (5 Jan) in Paris, when I looked forward to the traditional Galette des Rois.

  12. Fun event..Lots of work in your maps! They are charming.

  13. That lady in all leopard prints looks like an extra from Tiger King!

  14. Wow!!! So sorry to miss it... But I can almost smell the frangipane and chocolat with your pictures and comments.

    Congrats, dear Carol, your map is veeeery nice!!


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