Thursday, January 06, 2022

Last Christmas windows, Lapérouse Cafe


Yes you read right. I was running to buy stamps as usual and noticed Printemps still had up their Christmas windows!

Is it too late to show you?


And probably they will go down end of the week…

The theme is busy Santa’s elves chicly dressed in blue velvet and gold stars. 

Elves usually wear green…never mind. A little late Christmas cheer never hurt anyone 😊

As I rounded the corner I discovered 

A new cafe Laperouse in Printemps decorated toute en bleu.

Isn’t it lovely? I’m a busy elf myself doing Galette des rois research for the January map. 

When the sales person offered me a gold crown 👑  along with an individual (small) size galette (this never happens) how could I resist?

Some days are full of surprises.

When I got home there was a porcelain fève/charm inside the galette! This just never happens!!
A Big merci to the Galette des Rois gods 🙏 I really needed another mini feve to add to my collection…hmm. More galette drawings coming soon on Etsy.


  1. Wow, Carol, you scored big time with a crown & feve and all those wonderful windows. It's never too late to look at Christmas shop windows & today is the 12th Day of Christmas so it's appropriate they are still up. Now it's time to take down my Christmas trees. I love those feves.

  2. C'etait trés charmante ta histoire. Merci beaucoup. Moi, j'amerrirais gagner une fête quelque jour.

  3. In these troubled times you light & pick us up. Always a joy.❤️

  4. Yes never too late for beautiful Christmas window displays- thank you. Congrats on scoring PR extras at the cafe too.

  5. I agree, it’s never too late for beautifully decorated Paris holiday windows! And an individual galette des rois with a fève?? Wow! It was your lucky day. You have a wonderful fève collection, Carol.

    There is a Café Laperouse at the newly renovated Hotel de la Marine. I didn’t know they had more locations…marvelous! Enjoy wearing that crown, Carol!

  6. sarah nunan8:16 PM

    Lovely pictures and sketches! I bought a few Faves at marche du puces two years ago - they are fun to search for!

  7. Oh, Carol! Those feves are just wonderful! You were so lucky! And it is never EVER too late to show me magical Christmas windows, either. These are especially appealing to me! I'm glad you were in the right place at the right time.

  8. Jerry Anne12:06 AM

    It's NEVER TOO LATE for wonderful Christmas windows. Thank you.

  9. Oh hurray 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️
    So glad you don’t mind a last shot of Christmas :))
    I wish I’d shot at night with no reflections
    Leçon learned 😊

  10. Barbara12:17 AM

    Beautiful, charming, lovely post! Never too late for Christmas Cheer!

    What a wonderful time! You deserve it!

    Bonne annee!!

  11. Awww…thanks Barbara 😊

  12. Mary in Oregon12:20 AM

    Never too late for Paris Christmas Windows! LuckyDuck to receive a Galette des Rois WITH A FEVE, Too!

    Happy New Year, Carol!

  13. Laura C12:51 AM fun!! Lucky you Carol!! Bonne Annee 💖✨🎉🥂🎶🍾

  14. Reminds me of the fun we always had on Le Jour des Rois with French students....we'd have a galette (a student's brother was a chef) and bury a
    fève in it, and have a paper gold crown made for the winner, who was supposed to host the following year's party.
    I miss teaching....

  15. Jacquelyn12:54 AM

    Holidays end when we choose? Today is feast of Epiphany!
    Another close to The Season
    So, merci for your holiday extention....much appreciated.

  16. Yes the French are very good at starting and ending a holiday season!

  17. When/if we/I come to Paris I'd like to meet you....I'll take you to tea at Lapérouse's new cafe! : )

  18. Fun to have our weekly trip around Paris, Carol.....merci, merci

  19. Felicitations pour trouver le feve en porcelaine!
    Merci pour la petite“fenetre” de Paris!

    Bonne Annee

  20. Score on the new addition!Beautiful windows and great great fèves.

  21. The crown is beautiful! Happy New Year to you and all your readers.

  22. Your photos are such a wonderful delight! It's never too late to share elaborately designed Christmas windows in Paris! There is nothing like Christmas in Paris. And it certainly was your lucky day! A promising sign for a year filled with abundant happiness!


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