Friday, October 29, 2021

Pasticceria Cova, Pont Neuf


Yesterday I set out to find a good, warm duvet maybe at Ikea(nada) or BHV. You might think just one day after the chocolate salon I’d be off sweets for a while..hmm

I didn’t find a duvet (do you know where to find a good one?). Instead I ended up with a slice of Panetonne in my hand from new tea salon, Pasticceria Cova at 1, rue du Pont Neuf.

All those pretty pink boxes 🎁in the windows. Who could resist? Move over Ladurée. Born in 1817, Pasticceria Cova is one of Milan's oldest pasticceria and caffès

I made a big study of all the windows/leché vitrine. Luxe patisseries are simply mad for Halloween. Its a more high-end holiday in Europe me thinks. 

No candy corn or Good n’ Plenty’s over here.

I decided to venture inside. Why not?

The gelato counter looked exquisite. Another time. 

Such glossy teapots.

Lovely pastries and parfaits

The apricot jam looked so tempting. Just the name…marmelatta di alibicocche.
They didn’t seem to mind me wandering around 
Shooting everything insight😊 I finally settled for a slice of cake.
The chandeliers are stunning. 
I’m definitely coming back for breakies. I hope you do too. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast! If you like this post please support it by buying my Paris letters and watercolors. Or pass this on to someone who might enjoy it. Happy Halloween and Happy Weekend dear PBers!


  1. Suzanne S2:04 PM

    My kind of shop.

  2. Mine too Suzanne…
    Luxe, calm et volupté.

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  4. What a great new find..looks so elegant.
    No duvet help but do tell the cross streets in the first photo. Deja vu.

  5. Such a beautiful shop, Carol. Ahh, they are from Milan. I would love to try their coffee. The menu is very appealing for breakfast or lunch. And, their website (merci for the hyperlink!), is delicious!

  6. Looks really beautiful and delicious, another one to add to my list. Thank you, Carol.

  7. Linda M9:46 PM

    I have enjoyed your work for a long time!

  8. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Love Cova! It’s going on The List…fab for breakfast, lunch, or goûter. Great discovery,

  9. Sibille10:10 PM

    Their website says something about LVMH…do you think they own it? That would explain being part of the Samaritaine complex. Anyhoo, love their packaging…products and shop. Bon samedi

  10. They are next door Sibille
    Perhaps renting space?

  11. You are correct!
    In 2013: Why has a French luxury group like LVMH acquired an Italian café?

    For LVMH, it is very important to own our own shops, but also to invest in the environment that surrounds them. In the Middle East, for example, where they’re creating gigantic malls, it’s important to offer customers high- quality stopping points, places where they can pause, meet friends and so on. When discussing with the owners of these malls, we’re able to bring a broad concept that encompasses fashion houses, watch houses, Sephora, and now a café like Cova that adds a touch of class. I’ve nothing against Starbucks but I think it makes more sense to have a Cova next door to our family of brands.

  12. I look forward to stopping in on my next visit. Thanks!

  13. Your photos of this amazing place are just so wonderful. Wish we could have pastries there. I’d love to buy the Pasticceria Aviva watercolor

  14. Désiree10:59 PM

    Everything looks so yummy! I guess I will go make lunch now.
    Black used to be the primary color in France many years ago. Since it is now navy, perhaps it is because they never used to wear jeans, which are navy blue, and now many of them now do. Just a thought.. Desiree

  15. Desiree, Denim fabric comes from Nimes and is not a very dark blue.
    Further color investigation required !

  16. Oh, how lovely thos cafes are! All details are so sweet.

  17. J'adore Parisbreakfast!! C'est superbe... and makes me smile when I see it in my inbox!

  18. Looks like a lovey place! Love the cakes, teapots, etc. Please show us breakie next time!
    Good luck looking for a duvet......


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