Thursday, October 28, 2021

2021 Salon du Chocolat

 More food for thought. Last night was inauguration of the 2021 Salon du Chocolat🍫🤸🏾‍♀️ Yes, that’s 🐻 Bear’s head checking out the Coté d’Ivoire solid chocolate elephant.

Is this an otter, woodchuck or…? Mystifying 

Other chocolate 🍫 animaux

Naturalemente a bas-relief homage of Napoléon Bonaparte by Jean-Luc Decluzeau showed up toute en chocolat 🍫 

Always an abundance of colorful cocoa beans on display. I always want to take one home. You can’t and they quickly lose their lush colors.

Speaking of lush colors and flavors the domes 

Makes me think of this song by Stella Jeng, What’s your colors?

More pretty little boxes full of goodies. I was soo tempted by the colorful packaging.

Beautiful chocolate bar designs created by Jamaican art students. There were many new chocolate companies at this year’s salon. Some didn’t realize they should have free samples the 1st night…hmm

Still we tasted plenty of chocolate like these pretty Belgian samples from Millesime. No one went home hungry.

A new company for the Salon, Grain de Sail, from Morlaix, Brittany. They bring their chocolate by boat from the Caribbean. i.e. the boaty motifs. Very mellow, intense chocolate and priced at 2,35€ (vs. 8€ for most 100 g bars at the show). I can highly recommend👏

Beautiful chocolate 🍫 pastries from Sucre Coeur, in Montmartre of course.

There’s always a colorful spice company onboard at the Salon with lovely Fragrant smells. 

New this year glossy pomme d’amour/candy apples in exotic flavors.

I always end up getting a baguette sandwich of foie gras + fig jam from Groliere as a savory change of flavors.

We were there from opening time at 7, till they threw us out after 11. I didn’t feel a thing. I was in a state of chocolate ecstasy. If you’re in Paris, the annual Salon du Chocolat 🍫 is a don’t-miss!on now through November 1 at convention center Porte de Versailles Hall 4 in Paris, 10am-7pm. Take the 12 train🍫🍫🍫🍫❤️


  1. I don't even particularly like chocolate and I would adore this salon! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Carol - this was a wonderful 'escape' into a dream world of chocolate! Thank you.

    One thing I noticed in your copy, however, was that there were odd symbols that showed up in some words of some your sentences; not sure what happened with the programming, or if it is just my browser issue but I wanted you to know that.

  3. A chocolat lovers dream bien sur, but your baguette sandwich is what really whips my appetite. Thanks for the visit, Carol, how much did Bear eat?

  4. Only in Paris could there be a gigantic chocolate elephant! I love chocolate..heavenly post. I think I will watch CHOCOLAT & have some chocolate covered raisins.🍫

  5. KImK those are emojis that you’re not getting. Dont know why that is. Are you in Canada Kim?
    SUKI Bear has a bearish appetite He went for the honey in a big way.
    JEANIE…The salon is full of eye-candy.

  6. Good Luck with the chocolate covered raisins!! :))

  7. I hope you were your usual abstemious self. As ever, I’m impressed how you manage to be at so many events, you paparazza.

  8. SuzanneS3:21 PM

    Those cocoa beans are gorgeous! Didn’t realize all those colors!

  9. WOW!!!! So impressed Carol..shared on my Facebook wall! Thank you for sharing with us😋😋💕🥰

  10. Thanks for taking us along to the Chocolate Salon, Carol. I feel like I saved a gazillion calories by visiting the Salon vicariously! The chocolate bar wrappers are so pretty and creative….everything looks yummy! ❤️

  11. Linda M11:28 AM

    For chocolate lovers only!

  12. Not so..there were wines, Champagne, foie gras and cooking equipment as well :))


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