Friday, January 29, 2021

Paris Hearts Bears


Bears still on the brain. 

Bear wanted to see Cévé’s bear sculptures at Village Royal on 25, rue Royal, even if it was gloomy and rainy. One does not have a choice in these things. 

Across rue Royal Haviland Limoges had bears on the brain too.


In the metro station We are assaulted with Tediber incredible mattress posters. 

Paris’ empty cafes and restaurants have taken the Gobelin nounours/bears to their hearts and filled their empty windows with bears instead of people. It makes things cheerier. 

On one of my Paris stays I ended up on Bear Street/rue aux Ours. Was it karmic destiny?

 This is all before a certain Bear entered my life in 2010 and nudged me to move to his home town 2 years later.

 Did you know many top Paris cooking schools like Ritz Escoffier, Cordon Bleu and Lenotre have teddy bear mascots? Cordon Bleu’s teddy is named ‘Béchamel’. I learned a lot in this job...

Every Christmas Paris pharmacies have a penchant for polar bear in their windows. They are still up. 

All French kiddies have a doudou to drag around, usually a bear. The attachment starts early. 

My bear attachment continues 

With the January Paris Letter (in the post 📮this week). Thanks Empress E. for some news of a real bear cub, baby Giant Panda Xiao Qi Ji in his habitat at Smithsonian National Zoo c/o The Washington Post. Click for 51 seconds of the cutest thing you’ve ever seen 🐼

Paris January 21, 2013 in the 15th arron. when we first moved here. 🐼🐻❤️


  1. Great photo of that red bear in Village Royal, Carol. And...the little girl in red with her doudou. ❤️ I love that the French adore their redolent of childhood. 🥰

  2. Is there a place I can order a Rykiel bear like your Bear? Advise.

  3. Bear is 10 years old.
    SR is closed.
    Non plus

  4. What's not to love about bears. Just got my map (love it) and the notefrom Bear - give him a hug from me (and one for you too,Carol).

  5. love the newsletter this morning! Bear would love Toronto....10 degrees below zero, and snow! friend and I, masked of course, are going for an invigorating walk along Lake Ontario.

  6. Umm...its 57 degrees here today
    But Very drizzly

  7. Sybille11:45 AM

    bears are everywhere in Paris - once you start looking fo them. Enjoyed Bear’s birth story. He’s entering his pre-teens, prepare yourself!

  8. Thanks for the lovely video of the baby panda.

  9. Ha! Love the spelling of “Tediber”. Bears, even in the Metro.
    The large bears in the café chairs do cheer one up.
    Loving your bears, Carol.

  10. Bear had to be over the moon -- did he think the celebration of bears was just for him? I bet it was!

  11. My first bear love, German yellow named Timmy. Bend him over and he cried. Still have him but he doesn’t cry anymore.🧸😊

  12. Such a fun post! Seek and you will find..Bears, birds, pastries. Your good karma follows you-or maybe guides you..your Bear confirms that💚🇫🇷🐻🐼

  13. Marietta2:38 AM

    Paris in the snow could be almost anywhere..except for the red stop signs.

  14. Bears are beloved everywhere:)I love Bears in cafés there..and of course your Bear.

  15. I am so looking forward to the arrival of the bears letter!

  16. Love the bear in café chairs!

  17. Bears seem to be a cheering winter/Christmas tradition.
    You don’t see them much in summertime.


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