Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Best Galette des Rois Ile de France


Bear 🐻 loves doing galette research every January. Early Saturday morning we went to find the Best Galette des Rois (King’s Cake) in Ile de France according to the soc of Boulangeries

I’ve done it before. Its always an adventure visiting the hinterlands of Paris where few tourists venture, me included.  

La Fabrique aux Gourmandises is in the further reaches of the 14th. Its an excellent boulangerie. The line was short at 9:30 am. Much longer when we came out. 

Bear made a big study. 

The winning boulangerie gets to keep the smaller cup. The grand trophy cup is passed on to next year’s galette winner. The golden winning decal stays forever on the window or on roof. La Fabrique won best croissant in 2019 (see facade shot). 

These feves are unusual (the hidden porcelain charm in each galette) - portraits of the boulangerie chefs.

It’s very unusual to get a feve and a crown with the smaller size galette. 

It was instant love when Bear saw Cyril Lignac’s little bear charms. Guess who gave in to 🐻. 

Back home a stop in Boulanger de la Tour to taste test galettes. 

Outside, the street cleaning guy was ‘leché vitrine’ de la Tour’s pastry window. I said,”they’re good aren’t they?” He said, “j’aime le tartelette citron ❤️“ I said I preferred Pierre Hermé’tarte, “plus de citron.” He said, “trop sucrée ici?” I nodded yes. I asked, “ever tasted de la Tour’s viennoisserie? Jamais. Stay here” I ran inside to get him a Pain aux raisin (the best in the city imho).

The last 4 days I’ve been eating, 

Sketching and painting galettes. And putting a bird on them 🐦 Back to finishing the December map💌📮 XOXO 🐻😃


  1. Sybille12:13 PM

    Beautiful pics!! Galettes everywhere...flat ones, puffy ones, square ones...galettes de sud...Picard, too...lines of peeps...Bear ogling, did he get a galette??

  2. Great post today with lots of history, Bien sûr! Bear always knows best, oui? That gentleman will always remember your kindness with his pain aux raisin. I hope to taste a Galette des Rois someday🇫🇷💚

  3. Looks like extensive research went into the Gallettes. The pastry looks so flakey. Hope Bear got a feve.
    I am enjoying the inclusion of birds in your last two watercolors.

  4. Yes ‘extensive research’! T9o much research Ga...

    I will put some crumbs in yr next letter instead of giving them to the birds 🐦

  5. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Bear, as always, is adorable, and clearly knows what he is doing. Love this post---such a treat and balm. Missing Paris hugely. xxx, Patricia, Minneapolis

  6. You and Bear do the very best kind of “research”! All the best galette patisseries, except one, are in the boonies. Who knew?? Worth catching the bus for, imho! Those bear feves are beyond adorable. Enjoy your taste testing...if you ever need an intern, keep me in mind!

  7. I'm so glad Bear is such a thorough researcher! But every researcher needs an assistant so I am glad you are close at hand!

  8. One of your very best! Thanks SO much. You have an inexhaustible supply of great ideas.

    Happy New Year, Carol!

  9. Lèche vitrine in Paris is a fantastic occupation, especially with the high prices of many goods. Then you’re able to save enough to share the delicious pastries with someone very deserving. I’m sure you made that man’s day!

  10. Sometimes Its nice to give back to the workers in Paris
    They do a good job!

  11. Your research to find the BEST galette does sound perfect! As a 5 January baby, I love these as my birthday cake

  12. Bear lover12:31 PM

    Ohhh...I’m so jealous!! Galette de Roi taste testing...doesn’t get better than that! And you’re getting the best of the best. Love your fève collection. Especially the bears!

  13. I thought that was a bowling ball trophy until I saw the close up on the Society de Boulangers web site. Societies like this one keep standards high in Paris. Wonderful!

  14. I love that you went back in to get the street cleaner a treat
    We are so blessed

  15. So kind and generous of you to treat the street cleaner - a true random act of kindness, of which we need more. I would be happy to assist Bear with his research any time I'm in Paris.

  16. you drive me crazy with all these treats!!!!!!!!! LOL!!

  17. Paris workers - bus drivers, street cleaners tend to be awfully nice.
    ‘They deserve a break today’ non?
    Yesterday on the bus I ‘kindly’ asked a women to please cover her nose..as I was heading for the door.
    She said “Merde!” back to me.
    When I got off the bus, the driver waved to me ! :))

  18. You are so lucky to have Bear help you. And, I'm glad you gave in to him.

  19. This was fun.
    Makes me want to spend a few months exploring Paris.


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