Wednesday, November 25, 2020

31 rue Cambon Advent calendar, sauce à la Canneberge

 I’d planned to visit 31 rue Cambon, Chanel HQ 

To make sketches for the annual November Advent letter

But with the Lockdown, I went to Google pics instead.

 Here is another good BBC Chanel documentary worth watching if you’re a fan. *There is no sound on occasion because of copyright infringement. Never mind. Its still a worthy watch to understand this complex, immensely innovative woman. 

The November letter went onto the French yellow poste truck yesterday. I caught him at 4:50 pm just as he was about to leave.“Outra mer? (Overseas)” I said and he threw me my own crate. “J’ai la chance 👍 :))”

People ask,”do the French ‘do’ Thanksgiving?” Yes they must because Monoprix has goodies. Carrefour’s journal has sweet potato-pecan pie recipes.  

And Marks & Spencer has turkeys. 

And Hooray🎉! a very nice, rather tart sauce à la canneberge, my fav!

Hmmm, they even have canneberge sandwiches. 

This year I got the real yen for a turkey dinner. Meredith and I ordered online, but the cranberry looks a little triste non? 

I went back to M&S for a big Winter supply...all for Bear of course. Its going fast. 

You can send your cat or dog to 31, rue Cambon for the holidays if you hurry. Bonne Thanksgiving PBers 🙏 Please stay safe 💋🐻 Xxx Carolg


Dorrance said...

OMG...that is was before, but color adds so much!’s so festive...and having Bear(s) in there is genius...he adds a ton of whimsy...DELIGHTFUL

Bonnie L said...

Oooh! I wish Bear was shopping for me at 31 rue Cambon! Any color, any size, I’ll take it, Bear! This is a beautiful, wonderfully festive Advent Letter, Carol. Bravo!

Glad to see Thanksgiving being embraced by the French. Although they do not share our historical Pilgrim origin for Thanksgiving, anyone can adopt and embrace the desire to give thanks. Especially in 2020.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Carol and Bear❣️

BL said...

Lovely festive post, C!

La Table De Nana said...

beautiful calendar!

Ga From Dekalb said...

Thank you Carol for such a charming post. Love seeing Bear doing his Christmas shopping!
Many years ago I had a delightful Thanksgiving dinner at Willie’s Wine Bar. Hope it is still there.

Happy Thanksgiving🍗

LynnS said...

Will Bear share in any of the food?

Parisbreakfasts said...

Are you kidding Lynn?
No way José!
But he may go into hibernation soon zzzzz

RuthS said...

And you stay safe as well! I almost never leave my apt!

MarilynS said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. We have our small turkey. Shortage of small turkeys. The farmers who raise turkeys did not know how the virus would affect Thanksgiving. A lot of large turkeys to purchase.
Happy Paris Thanksgiving
Take care

BetsyL said...

Thanks Carol, Happy Thanksgiving to you & Bear!

JudyJ said...

Have you tried Susan Branch's cranberry recipe of mixing them with a jar of orange marmalade?
So good and so easy.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Yum! Here you can get divine chunky Clementine confiture from Sicily!

Jackie said...

Mme C
You really did it ! Reputation & The Secret World are spot on! Re Chanel. I have a Secret since it came out. I use to make couture garments long ago.

Jeanie said...

So you DO have Thanksgiving! Enjoy -- I hope it is very happy. And love the calendar!

LoraL said...

Thank you for the Chanel documentary! Loved it

KH said...

Thank you for the eternal joy you bring to my inbox, Here in Hampshire UK - I wish every other email I received was as lovely as the visual treats from you!

Charlene said...

I enjoyed the Coco video very much! Thank you for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving

Claudette said...

My sister is beyond thrilled with her Chanel advent...which she received this morning....on her birthday.
Thank you for sending such a beautiful keepsake.