Friday, November 27, 2020

Nadia’s Initiative, The Last Girl


This morning, overstuffed with too much sweet potatoes like many of you I bet...

I tuned in as usual to Trevor Noah for a laugh and a thought. 

Instead I was moved by his guest, Nadia Murad, a 27-year old Yazidi survivor of ISIS genocide and violence in Iraq. 

She is a Nobel Laureate for her campaign to help her people.

I read pages of her beautiful book , The Last Girl. I had to buy it.
 There is a stunning art documentary on her, ‘On Her Shoulders’. Watch her speech at the UN. And her Nobel acceptance speech. 
I’m not usually political on PB but I couldn’t get her story out of my mind. I wondered what I could do. 

On Trevor’s site there is a link to Nadia’s initiative to help survivors of violence.  Nadia is a positive icon for all women who have suffered the trauma of  violence and genocide. 

Her poignant face inspired me to get out my watercolors and paint 6 portraits. Consider making a donation directly or buy a Nadia watercolor.  Proceeds (minus shipping) will go to Nadia’s Initiative.  We have so much to be grateful for. Last night in Paris...stay safe



  1. thank you for posting this really important we should all be aware

  2. Thank you, Carol, for this poignant column and a call to action we can take to make a gift, and a difference during this upcoming holiday season.

    BTW, I love seeing your artwork in the Metro, and in other places.

  3. PatriciaH12:15 PM

    Thank you so much for posting this.
    Very moving.

  4. Thank you for your attention and intention. I’ve been aware of the situation for some time—after hearing Amal Clooney and Nadia speak in an interview—and it hearts the very core of my soul. Thank you for using your platform to educate and motivate.
    May a million blessings come your way.

  5. Brava
    Well done with your Nadia post. Now, tonight is Nadia night. I am watching the documentary “On Her Shoulders.” How frustrating for her to have been talking for the past four years, receiving a Nobel prize … and yet still nothing has been done. Shame on us.

  6. Will pay attention to Nadia Murad now. Thanks, Carol.
    This is my mantra for the days ahead:
    Stay well,

  7. Jane Gabon5:42 PM

    Amazing story! I will make a donatiton!

  8. Nadia Murad is an inspiration. I hope that she gets justice for her people. I hope that she gets to see the perpetrators in a courtroom one day.

  9. Dorrance7:15 PM

    Good for Trevor Noah...he educates as much as he entertains

  10. I remember Nadia from winning the Nobel...and before that, she was on 60 a hide her identity because she felt shame over what had happened to her.

  11. She must have amazing inner strength to have gotten through become become an advocate...she is amazing.


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