Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Paris Lockdown Sunday


Are you also sitting around wondering, wringing hands, tearing hair? Me too. Sunday in Paris was overcast. 

I went out for my 1 hr walk to see the new oyster bar on the Ile, Poget & De Witt

They are producteurs from Marennes-Oléron. Every oyster in-store they raised lovingly themselves. 

Add to your list if you’re a seafood lover. 

Flower shops are open. 

Food shops remain open during lockdown with regular hours. 

The stands are full of Spanish mandarines, classic sign of winter in Paris.

Some restaurants are open for ‘click and collect’.  Art stores, are ‘click and collect’ I found out the hard way yesterday... 

Get on line for boulangeries. 

For distraction I’m drawing cats😺 

Mary sent me ‘Agatha’, resident house cat at Shakespeare and Co. ❤️ Please consider buyIng online a book, book bag or subscribe. They are struggling and need our support 📚🐻❤️


  1. Paris in the rain on the Ile - is that your Quai? I see Notre Dame in the distance. I think the colors are prettier under Paris grey clouds. I love the rain & I love fish & of course Parisian cats (thanks for the plug!)

  2. This is wonderful, Carol. Your photos bring us right back to Paris. Bravo et bonne chance to Poget & De Witte for opening during a pandemic. Lucky you to have them in your neighborhood. People are using up their one hour allotment waiting in line at Boulangerie de la worth it! Glad to see flower shops are open. We need flowers to brighten up our lives right now. And, clementines will always be winter in Paris to me. ❤️

  3. Flowers and mandarins. Very Parisian! A lovely glimpse into life across the way, thank you :)

  4. I love Paris in the fall. Let it rain! I'll just get out my parapluie so I can get to all of those enticing shops.
    Agatha looks at home among the books. Many years ago while browsing Shakespeare & Co. and having a lengthy conversation with the owner (whose name escapes me now) my sister and I were invited to one of his soirées. Regretfully we didn't go.
    Keep 'clicking and collecting' while staying well.

  5. Ricardo magazine has a recipe that looks good for oyster lovers(not me).Huitres avec mignonette de légumes a l'érable..

    These elections are something...

  6. I take my oysters straight up...à la nature.
    Ne touche pas mes huitres! Berk!!

  7. Such a sucker for cats of course, and these are just wonderful. Love seeing the photos of dear Paris and wish we could be as diligent as you in not just locking down but actually following the rules after the lockdown goes into place. Our numbers go up and up and people still have parties and skip the masks. Or at least a lot of them do. I'm getting ready for my own personal lockdown after the dentist and a couple other things like that.

    What is it about Patrick Allain? I take photos of that every time I visit. I don't know why.

    And the mandarines? Sigh!

  8. I'm with you on the oysters - never understood why someone would want to cook one and that new spot looks great. The picture with Notre Dame is a stunning shot, it has an aura of despair. Hugs to you & Bear

  9. Jeanie we follow the rules bc there are €€€ fines if you do not.
    135€ 1st offense...sans mask etc. And it goes up from there.
    Of course there are work-arounds. You can go out a 2nd time and rewrite the document with diff times etc.
    But Covid is virulent here so I’m avoiding doing that if I can help it.

  10. I love your photos & commentary. This morning's post had, under the photo of the huîtres shop, some beautiful pottery (orange pitcher, bowls that say "apero"). Do you know where I can order those?

  11. I really like the apero set! and I must have taken, over the years, 20 photos of that flower shop and the produce market. I would like the new fish market very much too. Sigh.

  12. I knew everyone would want that Apero set! It maybe one of a kind in that closed junk shop.

  13. Courtney1:38 PM

    I love your PB posts!! Reminds me of better days when we felt comfortable to fly to France. I am curious about one of your photos in today’s post, the one with people in line for the Boulangerie. Is the tower crane in the background, the crane for the rebuild of Notre Dame?

  14. The crain certainly is for ND. Wish you were here to explain what they are doing Courtney.

  15. KarenM1:58 PM

    love the photos - love seeing the City as it is and the people in it! Thank you!!

  16. Lynn S2:00 PM

    Thanks for this, Carol. I’ll browse their catalog. I love cats. Did you ever read waiting for Gertrude? It is absolutely delightful.

  17. A nice distraction from the ballots. In times like this we need beautiful things to look at to keep sane.

  18. LOL I would need all the camo I could get on an oyster;)

  19. CarolL9:32 PM

    We Americans enjoy the glimpses of life in Paris. We can’t be there but at least it so enjoyable to get a view of the latest!
    Thank you PB!!!

  20. I did my part, Carol! I purchased several gift items from Shakespeare & Co. even though I have yet to step foot into the shop. Next trip to Paris! The converstion to USD was a bit higher than I expected, but I'm glad to help!


  21. Thank you Paul !,
    You will be glad once you visit. A Paris landmark we can’t lose!!!


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