Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What I ate on this trip...

When you travel half the fun is gastronomical isn't it? My stopover in the Frankfurt airport (largest hub in Europe) did not go without local eats bien sur. A double frank (the only way they serve them evidently) with a heap of saurkraut (free cos it was cold!..too early at 11 to get the hot water going). Huh? No Hermann's does not microwave their food. Purists.
There are many, many places to eat in the Frankfurt airport. Fear not.
I also got this super lentil/roasted salmon salad at the place above - MEYER DELI KITCHEN. Needless to say I did not eat a thing on Lufthansa coming over
Tragically i did not get any of the pretzels on offer. They have pretzel sandwiches too.
In Maine: lobster #1 at the old, hokie ROCKLAND CAFE on Main street. Most mainers turn up their noses at the caf. No moi :))
At ARCHER'S on the wharf steamed clams. Can one ever get enough clams? I was happy as a .... Thank you Christiane!
Lobster #2 at MCLOONS and probably the best of em since it was picked out of the sea 15-20 minutes before cooking. I even ate that white roll thing for nostalgia's sake.. So Maine no?
These 2 slices were a religious experience. A neighborly gift from RUSTICA'S on main Street. Only open for dinner btw. So croustillant the crust...that cornmeal bottom. They may not look like much but sheer heaven in my book.
Breakfast at the SALTY OWL. This pot of porridge put me out for the morning. I slept through the lecture. Too good.
I somehow resisted their tarts and scones. I will try to practice similar resistence in Paris patisseries. Testing 1-2-3
A terrific idea from the SALTY OWL I'm bringing this back to Paris. Lemon slices in water. So refreshing.
Last day of class David treated us to more delectable pizza from CAFE MIRANDA. Almost as celestial as Rustica's.
One cannot leave Rockland without a hotdog from WASSES and ice cream from DORLAND'S.
Now what to get in the Munich airport? I read Kafer is good for bratwurst and kraut...All suggestions are welcome.
Eeek...I forgot to show Lobster #3 CAFE ROCKLAND. And the clam bisque my hostess left for me. Nor the dozen mini cheerystone clams from McLOONS. Enfin a Plain vanilla from DORLAND'S. Do you shoot your travel food? Bonne manger!


  1. The pizzas look good to me! The lobster looks amazing but I’m vegetarian so not tempting. Hard to resist French pastries, don’t know how you do it as they all look so good! Bon voyage pour le retour en France.

  2. Fabulous photos! Good friends, good food and a kitty, how lucky can you get!

  3. Kathryn D10:50 AM

    I didn’t think you had time to do anything else. A woman after my own heart.

  4. When in Paris, I take a picture of every meal - but the food is such an important part of my love for that city. In Frankfort, I think you should definitely have bratwurst (and I prefer my sauerkraut cold)

    1. Ah ha! A sauerkrout expert. There was no proper sauerkraut in Muniche airport K terminal. Shocking. I made do. Frankfurt is the place!


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