Saturday, September 29, 2018

Walking shoes etc. are In!

THANK YOU PBers for all the fab walking shoe suggestions! Yesterday Carol said, I love KEENS...but you won't pass for a Parisian wearing them!
Not true at all. Look at the Fashionistas for Fashion Week. Can you get clunkier than this lace-up pair with the uneven plaid hemline?
A Japanese couple here for Fashion Week dans le rue..
What they were wearing on top
Are these Doc Martins?

Very IN now
New Balenciaga slipons...only around 65€ I think.
Gold high tops for walking the dog in the Tuileries
Faire la course in the supermarché
Fabulous cookbook author, COCO JOBARD yesterday was going to get new walking shoes at AU VIEUX CAMPEUR (80 bd.St Germain).. She swears YOUPI are the top, the Mercedes of walking shoes! Who knew?
Look what this stunner outside HOTEL COSTE on rue St Honoré has on her feet
Oui, c'est vrai :-O Names, names?
Course pas toute Paris is wearing sneakers or variations there of for Fashion Week...ahem. 
More pics in my Instagram STORIES.
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Bonne week-End PBers!


  1. merci Carol pour la photo de mon pied !!!

    parlons chaussures !!

    hé ! hé ! YOUPI…. means…..génial or joy !!
    it is not at all the name of the walking shoes
    anyway u gave the good adress for the best walking shoes
    for sure it is not at all glamour !!!

    1. Oh idiot moi :((

      Names,Sweetie darling Names SVP!?

  2. Thank God. I've been worried about my shoes like crazy!

  3. My favorite comfortable shoes that come with some style and are good for wide feet are Klogs and Alegria. They are also have very good arch support.

    1. Thank you YvesFey
      I'm going to be very busy trying on shoes for a while..

  4. Carol C12:01 PM

    Love it!!! What a great compendium of walking shoes!!!

    Let us know what you get!

  5. Rob and Bonnie12:09 PM

    When researching walking shoes two years ago for our “grande randonnée” from Mont St Michel to St Malo, a salesperson at REI recommended Salomons, Ultra GTX. I also have wide feet, and a high instep, and boy would my feet ache by the end of the day. Not anymore! I now have 3 pair of the same shoe (1 for VT, 1 for home, and 1 for yard work��). And surprisingly, they don’t make my big feet look like boats!! Love them!

  6. GwenEllyn12:10 PM

    Very clever! You may have a book in this one! :)

  7. I also am always looking for the "right" shoe. I need them for running, hiking & walking. Above all, they need to be comfortable & supportive.
    Nike may be outdated, but I've always found them to work very well.
    You want to look current & good, but in the end, it's all about movement & the great benefits of going forward on your feet!

    1. I'll try anything. Though the rubberband (Arcopedico)shoes I have, ar so far perfectly comfortable with the ActivGel inserts. Maybe if it ain't broke...?
      Qui sait? Thank you for so many good suggestions PBers!!

  8. Kimberly1:25 PM

    I am enjoying your Paris Breakfasts postings and got a kick (no pun intended) out of your walking shoes photos! You might like to know that a GREAT brand of walking shoe is KURU ( The company is based in Utah and you can order the shoes online.

    Their shoes are designed for everyone, but are especially focused on people with plantar fasciatis and/or other foot issues...and they are just amazing shoes. My husband and I are big travelers/walkers and I think that this brand is one of the best I have ever found. Many other brands like Keen, Clarks, New Balance, Ascics, Saucony, etc. are wonderful, but right now, KURU is my go-to brand!

    1. This is all great but how do you order new shoes online you've never tried before?
      I'm heading to Utah next trip clearly.

  9. I'm In Paris this week and have noticed that the girls who are wearing these lovely examples have the gait of lumberjacks!

    1. This is absolutely true!
      Very observant Vicki 😄😄😄

  10. Beverly D10:53 PM

    My walking preferences with my “weird” feet include Keen “Newport H2”, Mephistos, and Brooks GTS running shoes (the current model is the GTS 18, for this year and there will be a GTS 19 very soon). All these shoes are wide enough for bunions and hammertoes and have a good arch support. I’ve traveled the world in my Keens, including Paris and other parts of France this past April.

  11. Walking is the absolutely best exercise - especially for older joints. It always amazes me the things that you see walking on a route you’ve been on with a car or bus a zillion times. And, HOLY COW, you get to walk in one of the most beautiful, inspiring places in the world!
    We love our SALOMON ULTRA GTX.
    They are French too
    Have you thought about purchasing a personal step tracker? I have a Fitbit, Bob has a Garmin. It’s a good way to keep track of the miles you’re putting in.

    1. Whoa They have a store I think on 129 bd. st Germain!
      Mille merci

  12. Kathleen2:17 AM

    too have a wider foot and bunions to deal with, and a pretty high instep. Fitflops are naturally wide (their M or B width are fine for me) and their thick, rubber sole is supportive and cushioning. and they're very light.

    i have worn Arcopedico shoes for years. i wore their Scala mary janes to work for eons and now i'm running around in L15s all the time. the black ones aren't nearly as scaly as they appear in the photos. i could walk for days in the Scalas but there's not enough padding under the ball of the foot in the L15s for long-distance walking. i've just done two long trips in the U.S. with these two pairs of Fitflops and i'm convinced. they're a great walking shoe.

  13. I enjoy your email posts and recently noticed that you mentioned having wide feet. I just wanted to share information about shoes that I have found to be great for walking. You can find the company online at Apropos Shoes. They are made in Boston and they are about $50. I have wide feet and I find them to be very comfortable and they are cute too. There is nothing like a great walking shoe.

  14. Anonymous12:43 AM

    I see no one has mentioned Birkenstocks. I know some people think they are ugly, clunky, but they do come in wide sizes, many colors & styles. I wear many of their styles & have for decades. I Walked all over Paris in them cobblestones, museums and cafes. My feet never hurt. They are very comfy with the soft insoles.I think they are really house shoes in Europe. But in Oregon they are worn everywhere, year round. Good Luck. Fan from Oregon

  15. Cara Black2:38 PM

    Those Balenciega Slip-Ons are $750 at Nordstrom’s
    Are they really 65 euros in Paris? Then I want!!

    1. Whoops! I think I dropped a in 550€

  16. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Custom made orthotics to fit in your shoes. 3rd time I have written this and lost it all, so brief. Oh too hard to 'prove I am not a robot' !!!! Gwendoline in Australia


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