Monday, September 17, 2018

Patisserie Frederic Cassel - Fontainebleau

A quick trip back to France to visit patissier FREDERIC CASSEL in Fontainebleau and his atelier ( when I was in the midst of my train painting phase).
Think ORANGE when you think of Cassel. Toute en orange like this fab chocolate box replique of the chateau in his salon de thé on 21, rue des Sablons
You can liesurely eat his pastries here ensconced in orange.
In Frederic's bureau inthe new atelier. Take an orange chair svp.
Frederic signing his delicious new book LES FRUITS ROUGES DE MON JARDIN.
Et voila. He grows his own red fruits and was recently on ON VA DEGUSTER, 29 july 'Petits Fruits Rouges! Do listen
Some of frederic's fruity desserts in his patisserie on 71-73 rue Grande
His fraisier...reason enough to go to Fontainebleu. Forget the chateau! Though there will be a not-to-be-missed chocolate salon in november at the chateau. I'll remind you absolutement.
Looking inside the orange 'Roussillon'
Les chefs full of Chantilly cream in the atelier.
I said to Frederic, "You are the king of Fontainebleau!"
He said, " No I am the Napoleon". He has a chocolate Napoleon in his window to prove it too.
Ten years ago I came to see the chateau (about a 20 minute train ride from gare de Lyon) amd to visit Frederic's patisserie. It was a Monday when all French pastry shops are closed, but I took this picture. On the train home I sketched his macaron tower.
Frederic Cassel is president of the reknown RELAIS DESSERTS and led the team of chefs that won the World Pastry cup in 2013.


  1. How does he not weigh 200kg with so much yumminess all around?

    1. That is the French secret is it not? At least he tastes.
      Some pastry chefs are like haricot vert...I dont get it?

  2. Janine6:48 PM

    I want to fly to Paris and eat all the Patisseries.

    1. I will be doing exactly that Janine tomorrow nite.

  3. Lynn C6:52 PM

    What is in the orange cans. I would never be able to move after spending a few hours eating.

    1. French chocolate shops always have tins of tea
      I should have said. Tea and chocolate go well together.

  4. Lynn S6:55 PM

    Bear is drooling. Me too.

  5. Jane G6:57 PM

    when I see orange I think of BHV.

    1. Think Hermés, le Bon Marché.
      And many French chocolatiers Love the color orange !

  6. I’m with Janine - let’s fly to France and eat the pasteries, especially the ones with berries. Plus I love tea as well!

    1. Take tea with chocolate 🍫🍫🍫...or dessert.

  7. Mary C6:20 PM

    My name is MaryCassell from England now living in Australia..
    I hope we are related ! Those desserts are beautiful to look at ( and to eat, I would imagine )


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