Friday, June 30, 2017

Olga Picasso at musee National Picasso

I was inspired by the exquisite drawings at the Olga Picasso exhibition at MUSÉE NATIONAL PICASSO...impossible not to make doodles in my agenda...
Do go up to the roof cafe for a look at the handsome resident sphinx by the way, though you might skip the pricy ham and cheese.
This is a don't-miss exhibit on in Paris until 3 September.
Over 350 pieces..drawings, paintings, letters, photos -a veritable gold mine of information to Picasso and his first wife, Russian Olga Khokhlova's life during 1917-1935.
They met while Picasso was creating sets and costumes for Diaghilev's Ballet Russe production, 'Parade'.
She was a star ballerina. He was smitten. They married little more than a year later. Their son, Paulo, retrieved his mother's personal cabin trunk after her death in 1955. It was full of French/Russian letters, old photos, ballet slippers, almanacs. A testament to a woman who left her family behind in war-torn Russia in 1915, not knowing she would never see them again.
Clearly a charming, sophisticated raving beauty.
Beauty and the beast?
Picasso frequently drew her elegantly dressed in furs.
The drawings particularly blew me away. What a master draftsman Picasso was. Not one line is nonessential.
Yet these are so evocative of their relationship. Their love. Her sadness missing her family all those years.
Not to mention the other women(young girls) who came into their life.
Their son, Paulo was born 3 years later, providing another adored subject to paint and draw.
Father and son.
A somewhat Matisse-like drawing but they were all in each other's pockets.
I love the mess of his studio. But what a wonderful drawing it makes! Wish I could do something even close with my messy studio.
No mess at all when Olga is included. Do NOT miss this exhibition at the Picasso Museum.
Run, don't walk if you are in Paris now or before September 3rd to 5, rue de Thorigny, 75003. You'll thank me profusely. What to wear to the exhibit? See below. Something 'arty'.
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Bon weekend.


  1. Love her outfit.To bits.
    You could draw that messy a heartbeat!
    Lovely educational:)

    1. 😀😀 I am definitely considering it M
      Yay! I dont have to clean up!!

    2. PS I think she's wearing Comme des Garcons
      I took a good look fore and aft...

  2. Thank you for capturing this, as always with your posts I feel I’m actually in Paris and therefore not missing anything….your sketches and pictures are so intimate and right on…love your work!
    happy 4th! from NYC…

  3. Would "kill" to see that exhibit! Is that you in the last photo??? Hah!

    1. I wish...especially the instant long hair.

  4. Gorgeous pictures that make me want to see this exhibit NOW! And actually, I rather like this period in Picasso's art -- it's REAL. And women look strong. I like that!

  5. Bonnie in CA1:48 PM

    This is spectacular, Carol. I am learning SO much through you! Thank you.
    Bonnie in CA
    PS I hope you do a sketch of your studio. ��

  6. Will miss this exhibit by 2 days so thanks, Carol, for showing me some of it. That outfit is perfect for the occassion of visiting Picasso's exhibit.

  7. WineWalker5:08 PM

    This is wonderful. Wish I could be in Paris before the close. I also love the messy studio.
    what a show!!!

  8. I love the pencil sketches, Carol. Great selection - lots to look at.

    1. THANKS Paul!!
      Actually I'm drawing with my new calligraphy pens...all part of practicng.

  9. Lois Bender11:52 AM

    Just fabulous!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ellen H9:44 PM

    One of your best newsletters, thank you. I got a bit of an education here.

  11. Barb S2:37 AM

    Another stellar Paris Breakfast. You take a nugget like Picasso'wife Olga and polish her with her husbands drawings

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