Friday, June 02, 2017

Jardins Jardin aux Tuileries, June letter, La Grand Jatte

Only in Paris' parks will you find the iconic, olive green metal chairs. Instant recognition. The annual JARDINS JARDIN is taking place in the Tuileries this weekend.There are garden events all over France in June. More giant flower pots

At this expo there are the usual plant venders. But there are also stunning, ingenious garden ideas to get you thinking anew.

I wouldn't have minded taking home some organic herbs for my roof.

Sculpture Cloé Leray of Fontainebleau makes joyous metal garden delights. A big step up from your usual garden elves.

Supermarché Franprix has a relaxation area - sit in the shade, read garden books and munch on their tiny cocktail tomatoes and perfectly ripe apricots.

These strawberry pots on display are sitting atop other pots

In this curious conservatory structure. Walls of variety grasses are hot too at the expo.

Another 'stand' made only of giant clay pots. Spectacular!

A 3-story construction of just plants with a terrasse included. I should have climbed up.

Delicious free tastes of sugar-free smoothies. Get the green apple, kiwi, spinach concoction.

You can not have a garden in France without some kind of Champagne glass holder, even if it is a mere pitchfork stuck on a planter. It simply isn't done darlings.

Still under the influence of Georgianna Lane's Paris In Bloom, I'm drawing a map of her favorite Paris parks. But what to do for June's PB letter? While researching Pissarro, this wonderful Seurat (his post-Impressionist contemporary) popped up - 'La Grande Jatte. I knew I'd found my June letter art.

A really fun way to discover what makes a great painting great is turn it into a coloring book image. Then build it back to the original color by color. I started with the largest area first - yellow.

The minimal touches of very bright red draw your eye around the picture. So far so good.

After adding the bluish purples I wondered if I should stop there.
The mass of velvety green was OK but I started getting nervous. Who did I think I was messing around with Serat's masterpiece?!

I bit the bullet and plunged on. Hope you like it.
Coming back from the Jardins Jardin expo I spotted these Parisians lunching on the iconic green chairs in the garden. A modern-day Seurat if ever there was one non? Consider a visit.Thank you for reading Parisbreakfast. If you'd like to receive Paris breakfast letters and mapin your mailbox, stop by my shop. 
                              Bon Week-end a tous!


  1. Love this post as the Jardins expo looks like lots of fun, beautiful basil & tomatoes in your pictures. Now I can't wait for my map.

    1. I am madly finishing the Paris parks map this minute!
      Tick tock tick tock..

    2. Yea! They are a highlight of my month.

  2. I love that we were preparing to leave for Paris about this time....

    I did love that spot very was my Sennelier day..picnic in the park day.
    Beautiful scene you have painted.:)

  3. The your Tuileries photo and your version of Seurat's park capture that ever-present quiet haven of serenity only parks can provide in a vibrant city like Paris.

  4. I wish you would come back again Monique!!

  5. I have been reading Paris Breakfast for YEARS, I believe since you started out! Have always LOVED!!!!
    I think this one today is one of your BEST! Thank you for showing a work in progress!

    1. THANK YOU AnneK,
      Maybe I should show the process more often.
      I always need feedback!

  6. I LIKE IT!!!,! A Lot!!!!!

  7. I think you messed around with it just fine! The colors are fabulous.

    And thanks for the wonderful garden ideas. I think I might just go outside and stack up some flowerpots -- upside down and rightside up!

  8. Carol- I love this post because it reminds me of one of my favorite Stephen Sondheim musicals, SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE. Did you ever see an iteration on Broadway when you were in New York? I've seen it several times in NY. The finale of the first act always brings me to tears. You can find clips on YouTube and even the entire musical if you search Sunday in the Park with George (1986). Be sure to catch the first act finale.

    1. I did see it in New York and adored it. I never in a million years would have considered doing a watercolor iteration of my turned out to be such fun! Thanks for the reminder Roseann. I will search on youtube.

  9. GwenEllyn12:04 AM

    You inspired me!

  10. Gwendolyn in Australia4:55 AM

    Your Seurat productions are wonderful

  11. Fabulous painting Carol!! Paris looks lovely.

  12. I love your sketches next to the paintings :)

  13. I must have a champagne pitchfork! Perhaps I could convert my pitchfork...I don't use it that much these days....

  14. Kirrabelle5:39 AM

    Looks simply Fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing ❤️


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