Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fou de Patisserie 45 rue Montorgueil 75002

I swore no FINANCIERS would pass my lips for at least a week. Ha!
On Friday while strolling down rue Montorgueil temptation beckoned. A new concept shop - the brain child of exquisite pastry magazine, FOU DE PATISSERIE has just opened at 45, rue Montorgueil, 75002.
The delish journal is famous for its step-by-step recipes from la creme de la creme of French patissieres
Now you can find examples of their pastries in one place. Their names are on the door: Pierre Hermé, Gilles Marchal, Hugo & Victor, Jacques Genin, Christophe Adams, Fabrice Gillotte(no relation sadly), Philippe Conticini, Cyril Lignac, Jonathan Blot, Boulangerie BO.
One-stop shopping.
A brill idea. New York never saw a cheesecake like this.
Love the idea of a grey pastry.
The little ettiquettes (price labels) have no prices. You need to read the menu for that. Many are one price - 5,90€ and up. This is la creme de la creme of pastry chefs.
A very pretty little shop.
Row upon row of perfect desserts. Doesn't this remind you of the old automat concept?
A classic shot of the original automat from photographer Bernice Abbott.
If only someone would open a real pastry automat in Paris! Wouldn't that perfection? You could even find Champagne lurking behind a glass door like above. Course forget the nickel idea...
I picked up a copy of the magazine, and went out the door. Then I looked back (like Lot's wife) and spotted the financiers in the window (2€ each from Gilles Marchal).
Natch I turned around, went back in to buy one. 
The Verdict?
Jill Colonna's financier recipe makes lighter, crisper on the outside financiers. 

By the way at the start of rue Montorgueil you can buy your Financier molds at Déco Relief.
The end of a perfect day. 
Cute dog on the Metro and lovely dusky sky at Notre Dame.


  1. O.M.G. What a great concept! It's like a mini version of Galleries Lafayette. You could stay nearby and never want for anything.

  2. How wonderful! You beat me to it, Carol. So want to pop in to this shop - got visitors and have an excuse of 2 birthdays this weekend, lol. I HAVE to get here now. Hehe, thank you for the kind words on the financiers!

    1. It was lucky chance and walking out early of horrid High Rise film at Les Halle's nearby

  3. Looks like so much stop shopping for anyone wanting a bit of everyone's.
    That is a woderful compliment for Jill..Is hes a little Pomeranian? They are so cute.

  4. Fantastic.
    The automat pic brought back memories of midtown dining....and! Fun that you included those.

  5. Bonnie in CA12:43 PM

    Brilliant to see The Automat again. Thank you for the fabulous memory, Carol. Your blog is a joy.
    Bonnie in CA.

  6. Margaux12:45 PM

    What a treat to spend a moment with you in Paris. Now I am going to go eat Indian food with my son and family in a small restaurant in Balto.
    Wish I were there for dessert.

  7. Lot's wife? You are so funny. I have been in financier heaven, now if I could just get my camera to cooperate.

    1. Madonna, never look back at a pastry. It's fatal attraction.

  8. Someone had a brillant idea - can't wait to check it out next trip. Those eclairs from L'Eclaie de Genie made me want to hop on a plane right now.

  9. Jane G.2:33 PM

    OMG! an Automat of French food and drink!

  10. Resembles the automat in the Doris Day movie, "That Touch of Mink."

  11. How on earth do they get those guys to give up their recipes?

    1. They don't. The pastry chefs are supplying them with the pastries.

  12. How could any one just walk on by a patisserie like that ?
    I'd be there everyday.

  13. Could you have a dog where you live?

  14. Carol, the temptations of the luxe patesserie are tremendous, but so is the nostalgic pull of those Automat photographs.


  15. I think rather than financiers, those little fluted, very dark pastries are caneles.

  16. I love the photos, Carol.
    The second shot with the warm light from the store spilling outside in "the blue hour" and tossing in those vintage shots was very creative.
    Gorgeous post.

  17. The last, shot, too :))


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